Hyundai Motor India Scores Big On Social Media

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About Hyundai

Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is a  subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company (HMC).Hyundai Motor India Limited was formed on 6 May 1996. When the company entered the Indian  Market in 1996, the Hyundai brand was almost unknown in India. Hyundai’s first car, the Hyundai Santro was launched on 23 September 1998 and was an instant success. Within a few months of its inception HMIL became the second largest automobile manufacturer and the largest automobile exporter in India.  It currently has ten car models across different segments – Eon, i10, Grand i10, Elite i20, Active i20, Xcent, Verna, CRETA, Elantra and Santa Fe. 

HMIL Business Objectives

As a major player in the automobile sector, the company was keeping a tab on the market developments. The team at Hyundai noticed a shift in the customers shopping and preference habits. The company found out that the customers buying decision was shifting towards using online as a medium to gain information about its products and promotions. With the surge of the Internet, the target audience was becoming tech savvy as they have access to wealth of information regarding these products online.  The company saw a need to be present on the digital platforms and understood that Social media  was a key tool for  two way communication. 

Approach and Strategy

With a clear objective in  mind, Hyundai Motor India started their presence in the social space through Facebook in the year 2011 . The company came out with a well thought through strategy wherein they started sharing the content with their target group on Facebook under 3 major sections- informative content, promotional content & engaging content. Any campaign  starts with a clear objective &  measurables that needs to be achieved . Once the campaign is executed,  the results are measured & learnings are derived. In addition to its presence on Facebook, the company started building its digital presence on other platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and  Instagram. 

Model specific Facebook pages were created to give  personalized experience to the users. For instance, content specific to Grand i10 could be found out on the Hyundai Grand i10 page. Information on the car, promotions and contests were posted on the page that engaged the customers and provided them an opportunity to connect with the brand. Similar pages were created for i20 and other different offerings from Hyundai generating a good amount of interest among the customers.

An example of an engaging campaign on the Social Media is the launch of ” CRETA”.

Hyundai recently launched  compact SUV called CRETA. For this launch, the company decided to do a number of activities on all social media platforms. 

The company did a live screening while the CRETA was being launched. The link of the same was posted on bitly on every social media platform, that gave the viewers an opportunity to witness the launch live. The Hyundai CRETA was a top trend on Twitter for the whole day during its launch.

The company also hosted a contest on Twitter, where it asked the Followers to send in their reasons why the Hyundai CRETA is a perfect car for them. The company received an overwhelming response and the contest generated more than 15,000 tweets . The contest successfully trended on Twitter for over 4 hours.

There were contests on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The Reach on Facebook was more than an impressive 2 Million in just 15 days.

Another example of a campaign on “CRETA”

The story in the film brings together various emotions of a fan through an engaging story line. Hyundai CRETA as the official wheel of ‘FAN’  now  has a strong presence on Hyundai’s social media platforms. The company has tried to show  its various marketing associations  with films like these.

Result: Over 1.5 million views on YouTube.

There have been various such campaigns in the past that has given the company  rich data on their actual customers, a platform to connect  and engage with their current  prospective customers and also to showcase their products and services.


Hyundai Motor India now also has the largest fan base on Facebook in the auto category, with over 6 million fans in India within a span of 4 years. Even their YouTube channel in the car category is the most viewed with over 27 million views. The company has around 50,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram.  Calling it a result of their efforts to actively reach out to a larger cross-section of customer base and engage real time, the growth rate of Hyundai India’s digital presence has doubled in the past few years. Not just that, the quality of fan engagement, has been the highest in the digital space amongst any automobile manufacturer. The company continually monitors the Key metrics of any campaign through the Insights tool on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Hyundai Motor India now leverages the power Social Media has to offer.


The power of Digital marketing is immense considering the reach, engagement and the metrics associated with these channels. The insights available to a company helps them to create a bang for their buck! Hyundai Motor India was able to spot the shift towards the digital space and was quickly able to divert their resources towards the same.

Image Credits: Wikipedia Hyundai Motor Company

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