IAM Care Entrusted Inbound Marketing To Increase Its Leads Generation By 6 Times

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 2About I AM-Care:

I AM-CARE is a Swiss based start-up founded by Dementia Specialist Dr. Jordan McAfoose, Prof. Dr. Roger M. Nitsch and technology expert Jeremiah McAfoose and Danial douglas. With the help of clinical expertise and innovative technology company developed the first comprehensive healthcare program for dementia. Named as “I AM-CARE dementia”. I AM- CARE dementia is a privacy driven web base platform, which addresses a wide range of caregivers unmet needs, ranging from social networking to the most advanced health tools. I AM-CARE also helps you with health care control tools to organize your own health care activities. With these health care tools you can also connect and share health information with your trusted family members or friends.

 Business Objectives Of I AM-CARE:

Company’s goal is to work closely with world’s leading clinics and support organizations, to build care communities and extend professional knowledge and health tools into every household for a better health management.With help of their new inbound marketing strategy, I AM-CARE had following objectives:

  • To build the awareness of its online health care platforms.
  • To increase the visitors of website.
  • To generate more and more leads with the visitors and
  •  Increase the number of beta test members.

Strategies/Approaches Adopted By I AM-CARE:

With the launch of their new health care platform for dementia and Alzheimer, company wanted to get results quickly and for that they hired Versio2 (A Digital Marketing Company, Based in Switzerland ) for their inbound marketing campaign. Following were the strategies adopted by I AM-CARE:

  1. Buyer Persona Focus – One of the most important key for a successful inbound marketing is focusing on buyer’s persona’s needs, goals and challenges. Company prioritized the three month content plan on the most relevant person of the concerned family. The main objective behind this prioritizing was to educate the regular health details of the family members and closed one’s, which were related to the selected person.
  2. Branding of Inbound marketing channels – Company branded all marketing channels to fit the corporate identity and set up inbound marketing platform as a part of branding pack.
  3. Blogging – Company created a three months editorial calender, which contained 24 blog articles for over a two-months period. This was used for scheduling and using online agency management tools. The articles included major forms of dementia and it aims at supporting the day to day activity of caregivers.        
  4. Premium E-book – I AM-CARE also authorized an e-book named “You and your family”. This was used to generate and capture leads and was used further to educate I AM-CARE target audience.
  5.  Landing Pages – Landing pages were designed to capture name and email address of caregivers as well as to segment  leads, from people interested in dementia and those who are doing other queries.
  6. Workflows – Workflows were setup to look for the automated actions,that are triggered based on the leads behaviour or contact information. The purpose behind this strategy was to automatically move leads into pre-determined customer life cycle stages and trigger email leads, which moves them to the online sales process.
  7. Social Media Community management – This was set up to measure social media presence by branding accounts for linked in, Facebook and twitter. A community manager was responsible to monitor industry conversations. Apart from this an additional emphasis was placed on twitter activity, depending on where the lead was and it all was captured in advanced   social inbox tool.

Results Achieved By I AM-CARE:

With the help of successful inbound marketing efforts results started generating quickly. Now I AM-CARE was able to generate real data, leads, traffic growth and customer’s feedback. Apart from this following are the results achieved in numbers by I AM-CARE:

  • With new inbound marketing strategy company’s social media traffic grew by 185% from month of September to October.
  • Overall growth in total marketing reached by 141%.
  • Total leads from the visitors increased by 347%, which is more than 6 times from its previous lead generation.
  • Email opens increased by 296%.


Following are the learnings from this case study of I AM-CARE:

  • If you are looking for to generate results quickly, inbound marketing is the only solution for you.
  • Inbound marketing is the best marketing strategy for every organization to remain competitive.
  • With the help of this kind of marketing strategy and tool, you can better connect with your customers and grow your market.

Sources: www.googleimages.com & www.iam-care.com

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  1. Mayank

    Nicely presented case study. This shows yet again the scope and reach of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing not only generates quick results but if carried out carefully increases your conect with the customers and overall growth of the business.

    • Rahul Singh

      Thank you Mayank, yes you are absolutely correct.

  2. Indrajit Goswami

    Please see the results. You’ve mentioned September-October. Which year? Also see the learning. Is it not judgmental, to claim inbound as the best method? It could be one of the best methods.

    • Rahul Singh

      Thank you Indrajit, appreciated your feedback.

  3. Karun Takkar

    I have not encountered “Named as “I AM-CARE dementia” a seperate sentence anywhere…..

    • Rahul Singh

      Thank you Karun for reading my blog. You can find this name in the following URL http://www.iam-care.com/.
      This is the official website of I AM-CARE. In the homepage only you can find out this name.


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