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IBM Report Suggest 20% Leap In Mobile Sales In US On Christmas

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logo ibmIn the festive season, people in huge number turn up to buys gifts for their near and dear ones. Especially, when it’s Christmas time, the sales are automatically bound to increase to a great extent and that is exactly what happened in the US.

According to the data collected by IBM, it has been witnessed that there is an increase of 20.4%, which accounts for 34.8% of the online mobile sales made on the Christmas in the US. It is a worth noticing fact that the Holiday Benchmark Data hub have figured out that as compared to the previous year viz. 2013, the mobile traffic comprised of 57.1% of the entire online traffic on 25th December –Christmas Day. This implies that there is an increase of 18.6% year on year. Despite the fact, the online sales went up to 8.3% over the similar period of time, last year.

The IBM report suggest that precisely 40.6% of the total online traffic was driven by the smartphones’ purchases, which is more than two and a half times that of tablets’ sale. The latter accounted for 15.9% of the entire online sales in US

Nevertheless, the tablets’ sales are still ahead in the race as people are shopping more of tablets as compared to smartphones. This is so because the tablets’ sale accounted for 18.4% of the total online sales, whereas, smartphones’ total sales accounted for 16.3%, thus indicating a difference if 12.4%.

Despite the fact that mobile shopping is the ongoing trend and shall continue to grow, however, there are a lot consumers who opt for the traditional way of online experience. The prime reason behind the same is that facts display desktop PC traffic to be 42.6% of the entire online traffic and 65.2% of all the online sales.

If given a look at the social media platforms, IBM analysed the following trends:

  • Facebook referrals enable to drive $89.80 per order, on an average
  • While, Pinterest referrals averaged $99.86 per order.

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