ICICI Pru Life Leveraged SEO To Enhance Non – Paid Traffic From Google By 30 %

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imagesAbout ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company:

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company is a joint venture of ICICI bank, one of India’s largest private sector bank & a leading international financial services group, headquartered in the United Kingdom.

From last decades ICICI Prudential Life Insurance is being at dominant position among other private life insurers in the country with variety of flexible products, designed for fulfilling the need of  Indian customers at every step in their life.

Business Objectives Of ICICI Pru Life:

ICICI Pru Life website had wide content, leading to navigation problems. The website was not user friendly as the users had to click several times to get a task done. In this scenario, the main objective of the company was to make the website user friendly, increase brand awareness & keep customers financially updated.

  • Creating social brand awareness.
  • Building confidence & trust by highlighting the strengths of ICICI Pru Life.
  • Making the website intuitive.
  • Focus on services and encourage self-service transactions.
  • Ensuring customers do not miss an advisor while researching / purchasing.
Strategy adopted by ICICI Pru life:

ICICI Pru Life adopted strategic changes in their SEO strategy & created a user friendly website that changed the appearance of products online. It was planned to keep perfect balance was between the education & attracting new customers and utility features for existing customers. The basic strategy was to provide customers with a great transactional experience on the website creating elevating loyalty & a positive word of mouth.

Results Achieved by ICICI Pru Life:

Results acheived by ICICI Pru Life are as follows:

A new process was created for the entire category to function online in a better way & the new website had exciting resulting numbers to be considered:

  1. Bounce rate reduced by 37%
  2. Non paid traffic from Google increased by 30%
  3. Page 1 rankings were achieved for search terms  like “insurance”,”life insurance” & “term insurance”.

In the field of digital marketing, it is very important to reach & engage with users through digital media. A website is the brand’s first face on online media so it is important that website should be user friendly i.e easy to navigate through the various sections of the website & proper categorization of content to increase the number of unique visitors on the website.

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