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Identify 4 Social Media Marketing Problems Before They Eat Away Your Business

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According to a research study by Russell Herder and Ethos Business Law, 14% of marketing executives are unsure of social media, yet 70% expect to spend more. 51% of human resource personnel feel that social media has a detrimental effect on employee productivity and nearly half of them are of the view that social media is inimical for company’s reputation. Yet social networking is embraced as a prime communication strategy. 81% of people surveyed believed that social media can help in building relationships with clients and can even augment reputation and brand of business. According to the survey, Facebook is the most popular social media vehicle used by marketers followed by Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and blogs. Senior management of businesses used social media to know what customers are saying about the product/service offered, monitor competitor’s use of social media, keeping a check on what current employees are sharing and background checks of prospective employees. But an important conclusion of the survey was that senior management was more reactive rather than proactive on social media implementation in business strategies. 40% of organizations technically block their employees from accessing social media while at work. Social media can effectively be used as a crises communication tool but very few organizations have realized this. Corporations need to recognize that social media is no longer a stand-by thing but more of how businesses are conducted these days. It has the capacity to become the new mode of production and new means of operating the business. Social media needs to be integrated into organizations internal processes and an inescapable part of customer acquisition strategy.

Here are 4 common social media problems faced by all of us along with their solutions:


1. Flying Blind

Knowing your audience is the first step. Determine what will work and what will not. Where will you find your target audience. What is it that’s most important for your target customers. Ample research in getting well versed with target audience lifestyle and habits is a must. Entering social media platform without any insight into the target customers will surely leave you high and dry. It shall result in wastage of time, money as well as energy. Along with defining who is to be catered to through social media, organizations need to describe how are they to be catered. Guidelines for the marketing personnel in regard to the use of social media have to be clear cut. For example, marketers need to open and honest but at the same time respectful and avoid conflict in the online space when representing the business. Without clear rules and regulations on how social media channels and networks are to be used, it might result in chaos and worse might bring bad reputation to the business.

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2. Inconsistent participation

Brands- offline or online are built with slow but steady steps. Consistency is the key. It is not a one day task but a long term process. Any delay in brand communication jeopardizes the previous effort and might involve repetition of effort. Thus, nothing draws back a potential /customer than the inconsistency displayed by the organisation in its social media platforms. Most successful blogs are the ones which are posted consistently. The answer lies in getting executives solely for the purpose of building brands online, set aside adequate resources, tap the customer, engage with them on a continuous basis and monitor. Turn passionate community members into influencers and brand ambassadors. Vacation from social media platforms is a strict no.

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3. Digitally Unsavvy Team

There is a need to understand social media. Companies do not “do social”, they “are social”. This means that being savvy participants, marketing teams have to be passionate about the new and ever changing social media platforms and abreast with latest technologies and happenings in the digital space. There is no alternative to this requirement. What we need to understand is that we nowadays live in dual word-online and offline and both are complimentary to each other. Marketers cannot just be present in offline world and leave the other. Online world is very much part of the audience lifestyle and thus must be graciously accepted.

The good news is that one can learn to be social media savvy through training, participation, listening and engagement.

4. Data Paralysis

pic3Data should be used as to tool to reach at logical decisions which have the potential to achieve results. But a lot in digital space is determined by creative artists who are always on a look-out for something new to surprise customers with. Experimenting with novel ideas is not at all a bad idea and it might even surprise the marketers with its potential. Thus, there should not be excessive reliance on data to take bold decisions for the fact that data shall not be able to capture the nuances of creativity which is so essential to excel in online world. Marketers must be encouraged to take risks and come up with unique and out-of-the-box ideas. Besides, consumers in digital world are always looking for different and exciting experiences. Run-of-the mill campaigns, contests and events fail to draw huge audience.

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      Aparna   /   Reply

      World is moving towards a Digital era. If an organization lacks an insight about their audience, performance of the website, team etc. then its very difficult to survive. Before one decides to venture into this digital world, planning each and every aspect related to the digital presence is necessary. Good write-up on the basics of digital marketing.

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