IIFP Leveraged Google Adwords To Establish Itself In Online Market

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The Indian Institute of Financial Planning (IIFP) emerged in the last few years as a prestigious Centre of financial education in the country. It’s industry integrated curriculum, outstanding quality of faculty and an innovative teaching methodology have made the IIFP reachable to the students across the country. IIFP, which has today become one of the most prominent centers for professional financial planning (CFP) in India. It has pioneered the concept of Financial Planning as an alternative career path for students acorss the country. IIFP is backed by the Kush Education Society, established in 2001 , but was originally concieved in 2009.

Currently ,the most prominent course has been successfully running since seven years and is an innovative industry integrated one year full time PG Diploma in Advanced Financial Planning and Wealth Management(+ PG Certificate in Banking) .

IIFP today due to its increased online presence is successfully running an AICTE approved PGDM programme. The course was concieved as an innovative program and was named ‘PGDM PLUS’ – where curriculum of PG Diploma in Financial Planning and Wealth Management will be delivered in the first year,  with an added option of placement and week end classes to complete the PGDM.

The institute(IIFP) has expanded to different horizons to cater to a larger base of students across the country and is providing 3 different professional courses :

1. Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Financial Planning and Wealth Management – PGDAFP/WM
2. Certified Financial Planner – CFPCM
3. Bachelor in Business Administration(BBA)

5 Quick Tips for Optimizing the AdWords Campaign Used By IIFP

In today’s fast-paced world, AdWords account management is a tedious task for every account manager managing multiple accounts. One needs to go through the plethora of information available and plan . Improving account performance is a crucial and important task for achieving your marketing goals.The founders of IIFP, Gautam Rajgarhia and Akshay Srimal,  also had to go through the same process to achieve the same .

Following are some of the plans and goals which have to be achieved via AdWords Campaign which was applied by the IIFP founders:

1.) AdWords Performance Grader – The grader evaluates your Google AdWords account by examining essential AdWords metrics such as Quality Score, CTR, and long-tail keyword optimization. This is a great tool for gaging your PPC knowledge. Gautam felt that the following tool helped them to gauge the extent of their skills and data required to successfully launch the campaign for enabling students to apply for IIFP.

2.) Adwords Help Center – The Help center enabled Gautam Rajgarhia and Akshay Srimal to implement various strategies while also learning the system as well. All of the requisite information – Billing Information , Measuring Results and Managing Ads were available to them on one Dashboard.

3.) Keyword planning: Keyword planning is the most important task for AdWords account management. Knowing your product niche and target audience is very important before your campaign takes off. IIFP was able to target the correct audience within the country to enable them to get better results.

4.) Custom Ads Scheduling:The users of AdWords may want to schedule the ads on best performing times of the day or some best-performing days in a week according to the business requirements and goals. IIFP core marketing team had used the following strategies to increase their clicks

• Show your ads on certain specific days / time in a week.

• Increase / decrease your bids on certain specific time in day or week.

5.) Google Display Network (GDN) -For campaigns running on AdWords’ Google Display Network (GDN), advertisers will likely have various goals and results. For branding and increased awareness, ad impressions and reach will be the key metric to track. For sales and conversion goals, more targeted campaigns with higher click-through rate (CTR) and conversions will be the goal. The IIFP marketing head and co-founder Gautam Rajgarhia says that the GDN is one of the best features to increase the accessibilty and reach for a new organization or start-up.

Milestones Achieved

With the help of Google AdWords, IIFP easily established themselves in the online education market. A well defined AdWords account management structure worked well in getting targeted audience to their website. Apart from this, as they were new and wanted to spread awareness about their institute, they made good use of Google’s display network. Gautam says, co-founder and head of the marketing department of IIFP, ‘Google Display Network has opened a bigger window to project ourselves, as it was a good branding opportunity for a new start up like ours.’ Following are some of the achievements the IIFP displays proudly on their website:

# 2010 : Corporate training delivered to Bank of America and Pramerica Asset management.
# 2011 : Rated top finance institute by India today Aspire, 2011 january Issue.
# 2012 : Record number of companies (74) visited for on and off campus recruitment.
# 2013 : Association with top management collage for Financial Market Courses.


At present, IIFP has 33% of its marketing budget allocated to online advertising, all of which is dedicated to Google AdWords, 50% to print and the remaining 17% to other electronic medium. Even though print media worked well for them last year, this year Gautam attributes a good 40% of his business coming from Google AdWords alone. Going forth, along with text ads, IIFP plans to make use of image ads as well to get greater visibility in the display network.

As the institute grows with more students and more fulfilled dreams of these students, Google AdWords continues to play its role of providing the best advertising experience. IIFP also boasts of a 100 % percent recruiment and selection criteria on their website , all of this would not have been possible without the role played by Google Adwords in their marketing strategies and will continue to do so as evidenced by the numbers above.

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