IKEA Designed Brand Success By Leveraging Digital Marketing

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About IKEA

IKEA is a multinational group of companies that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, home appliances and accessories. It was founded by Ingvar Kamprad who was only 17 years old at that time in Sweden in 1943.

As reported in “Bringing The IKEA Concept Worldwide” in August 2015, IKEA currently owns and operates 373 stores in 47 countries. IKEA is best known for its attention to cost control, operational details and product development.

Business Objectives

IKEA’s main and foremost objective is to offer a wide range of home furnishings items, a unique function and design, excellent durability and quality at a very low price so that the majority of people can afford them.


Digital Marketing Objective

In this busy world,  IKEA is facing some challenges to reach its customers. In USA market itself, the stores are widely spread but mainly in urban areas and this makes shopping difficult considering the busy schedule of people and location of stores being out of their way.

So IKEA digital marketing experts are constantly looking forward to find the next ‘big thing’ in this online world. So traditionally IKEA opted for Facebook and Twitter. This also did not help much. So IKEA recognised that it is time to explore gaps in the market for new and emerging form of digital marketing.

Approach & Strategy

IKEA Catalogue: IKEA is an expert in brand publishing. It launched its first catalogue in 1951. It is not just a normal product catalogue. It is a giant 300+ page book that’s printed in 38 editions and 17 languages and distributed across 28 countries. Actually the Swedish “Life Improvement Store” prints over 200 million copies of IKEA’s catalogue each year and it is literally double the amount of Bibles printed in the same time.

ikea catalogue

IKEA is very confident about its publication and it has launched this brilliant catalogue as “bookbook” very much in line with launching of Apple’s iPhone 6.

This video was published by the IKEA Singapore YouTube channel. But it succeeded in representing IKEA’s global brand as a humor. And it has earned over 12 million YouTube views for fun at digital elite.

IKEA marketing brains have come up with another brilliant and innovative technology THE 2015 CATALOGUE. This catalogue offers a very interactive online version in the form of an app with an augmented reality feature, known as “Place In Your Room” which virtually allows customers to try out IKEA’s furniture in their own homes.

But as you will see IKEA’s digital efforts have gone far beyond its catalogue. For its users,  IKEA also offers visual aids with its “How To Build” assembly videos.


The results were very astounding.

  • IKEA got recognition on Facebook with a minimum of 1.5 lakh fans on each of its country pages. USA page has the highest following of 3,411,985.
  • Twitter has a separate feeds for all its country specific pages. The following is also in lakhs.
  • Pinterest is the official ‘visual discovery tool’ for IKEA.
  • IKEA’s USA page has also entered Google+ recently and right now has the lowest following on its page.
  • The company placing digital at the core is now paying dividends with the latest sales turnover of 28.5 billion euros.


IKEA has really mastered in the field of digital marketing. It has also figured out where the different cultures and different people intersect. And combining it digitally has made IKEA a genius. It took a while for IKEA to understand what it really wanted to do when it started doing it.

IKEA has demonstrated that through a careful assembling of digital marketing strategy they can be the benchmark for many retailers and can ensure their store to be packed with customers….forever!!

Photo Credits: IKEA

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