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Impact Of New Google+ For Businesses

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Google plus launched  by Google inc is a social networking platform  which has 300+ million active users  and the recent study declares that Google plus will surpass the Facebook by the later part of this year.

The ideation behind Google plus is not constrained to sharing pictures, posts and giving likes and grouping different kinds of people (not only friends) into your Circles(You can use circles to control who you share posts with. Add people to a circle, then share a Collection or a post with that circle so only those people can see it), Geo tagging(Google+ lets you embed location data when you share a photo- setting is turned off by default), and the ability to edit, upload photos to private cloud-based albums.It has so many unexplored features for all. you can even say it is just like a Facebook or like a Twitter or like this so and so sites. Don’t you think that way? That is why this topic impact of new Google+ for business is chosen to get to know what else can be done in Google +?

why google plus

Google+  started creating an impact especially on small and medium scale businesses  in today’s world with the recent enhancements on November 2014. Though it is claimed to be the second biggest  social networking platform, it is  misunderstood by its users or marketers and they are not sure about how they can use their Google + for their businesses.Google plus for businesses is getting much more importance nowadays and one who have not opted for it- seriously, it is the high time to enter a network and to explore  the recent updates.

The brand new aspects

Google+ Communities are the one  where you can create or participate in, focused groups of both individuals and companies who share a particular interest. Posts from the Communities you join can show up in your stream.Participating in existing communities is said to be the superb method of raising brand awareness, creating trust and getting direct feedback from customers. Impart Google+ Communities as often as possible. Join various communities related to your small business and share your updates in that community.By doing this you will grab the ability to show up your profile and business to as many Google+ users.


Collections –provides a way to arrange all your posts on the particular topics and providing an easy option for your  followers to choose what kind of posts they would like to look at.


Every business craves this terrific trait-“The SEO

Google+ easily merge with the entire Google products. that is why it is said to be “social layer across all of Google’s services” Also, it employs a substantial significance in terms of SEO and organic search visibility.Facebook may have the largest share but it does not support SEO by any means whereas one’s Google plus page really helps out.


By getting so many +1 for your posts in Google plus results in getting better visibility via organic search in Google (World’s NO. 1 Search engine)this +1 feature is like your facebook thumbs up(like) button on facebook.formating the posts before publishing really helps to boost up the post as the Google + provide us with lot of formatting options and always share the posts public so that there would not be any restrictions when a new users try to see your content and preferbaly use image and video as part of your content.

Always do not aim to hit the +1 button when you are reading other post try to repost else comment on the post which brings in more chance to build conversation for posts.


Google+ Publisher is one more feature which links  a Google+ Local page to your website. when a user asks Google for your business name or other brand signals they will end up  with “Knowledge Graph” of information about your company via your Google plus page with an display like below in Google search

Google+ local Business Page gives you another page that can be indexed by search engines that eventually increase the visibility for your business in your local area.

Google+ local business listings can appear in 3 places in the search results for Google:

  •                         in Google Maps,
  •                         in your paid ads
  •                         in the localized organic Google web resultsGOOGLE1

click this link to know more about the rules in google+local for business—>

Updated (Dec 2016) Rules for Google+Local for Business Listings

An ideal way to utilize Google Plus is to include an up-to-date address so that your business will get displayed on the maps page. As a add-on, start collecting many positive reviews for  your business so you will receive more attention than your competitors (These two tips are great ways to make sure your business is out there in the open and ready for the public to find)


Google plus explore tab is a unique way  to look into what keywords, hashtags, articles and topics are trending all throughout the world so as to engage your potential customers with the trending topics.

Google’s also moving toward integrating social and more visually engaging information. Hashtag feature of Google+  helps  business to identify the the  relations of several updates all around, as well as the connections between topics and objects.  It also have an  analytical insights that allow you to see key stats from your Google+ dashboard including how many views your business listing has received, how many times you’ve been viewed in local search and how many people are engaging with you.

Many marketing and SEO experts states Google+ for  both  SEO and communications tool,  whilst to certain extent the impact of Google+ has still some mixed reviews, overall what experts forsee is that Google will place higher weightage on Google+ making  a crucial part of any SEO or content marketing strategy. “Making it happen makes it happen. Wishing for it just leaves you wishing.” Eddie Harris Jr. If you’re ready to add a Google+ as a Social platform to your business and think you can make a big difference, get ready to set out for a change! click this video link to learn how to set up a Google+ business page to start with and tips to followed

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