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Impact of Social Media In Travel Industry

Impact of Social Media In Travel Industry

travel impactWe all know that in today’s era if you want your brand existence than to have a profile on social media channels is necessary. We can find many brands on social media channels which promote their brands. Mostly all type of business brands are available say Retail, Banks, Service Industry and so on. They all have created a great impact of social media.  For any business Social media has a vital role to get progress on some extent.  Let us explore that what is the Impact of Social Media in Travel Industry.

According to the survey let us look at some facts and figures of how travel industry has impact of different social media channels.

  • Facebook has more than 845 million active users and has reached more than half of the world’s global audience. Every 7 minutes is spent online on Facebook around the world. From the researches we have found that 100% of Travel brands globally had a Facebook brand profile and 75% of travel brands have a Twitter profile.
  • 71% of travel brands have agreed that to some extent Social Media has played an important role to improve engagement. While 50% of travel brands have agreed that they have generated direct bookings from the social media channels like Twitter YouTube,Facebook, Flickr.
  • 20% of the travel agencies have globally cited that social media is their most successful marketing format
  • 42% of the travel brands are allocated more of their marketing budget to social media advertising and 33% of travel brands allocated more of their marketing budget to manage their presence in social media channels.
  • 61% of the travel brands have confirmed that they are expecting to increase their investment in social media over the next 3 months.
  • Travel marketers surveyed and found that using social media as marketing channel reduce the PR cost by 24%.
  • 85% of the airline respondents have stated that their company has a Facebook account
  • 79% of the airline respondents have stated that their company has a Twitter account.
  • 44% of the airline respondents have stated that their company has a YouTube account
  • 35% of the airline respondents have stated that their company has a LinkedIn account
  • 21% of the airline respondents have stated that their company has a Flickr account

Let us look at some mobile stats:

  • 20% of travel brands are using mobile for their direct sales, out of which 25% of travel brands are using mobile for building brand awareness.
  • More than 350 million active users currently access Facebook through mobile device for travel bookings.

Now for companies looking to preserve or improve their rankings, social media marketing activities is no longer an optional to them. Social media plays an vital role, it is necessary element of traffic driving success.

Let us look at some stats of traffic source through social media:

  • 51% of the travel brands have cited an increase in traffic from Facebook.
  • 39% of the travel brands have cited an increase in traffic from Twitter

    Travel Player

    A perfect strategy chart for Travel Industry Social Media Channels

Social media channel is the most popular marketing channel for the travel brands. Now a days it has become a trend to look for deals, info on various locations. These travel companies promote this info through social media channels. Some of best travel sites in India using Social Media Channels are Makemytrip,Cleartrip,Yatra and many more.All these travel agencies are  are very active on social media channels and have great fan following also. They promote deals, engage customers relating to travel information and travel deals like discount coupons, package discounts, flight discounts on social media. People search online for the deals and they get redirected through organic search directly to their social media accounts, where they can grab the deal, as they are the fan of the page, they directly know if there is some deals on their timeline and are able to grab it.

Some of the airlines using Social Media Channels are Jet airways, Indian Airlines, Kingfisher Airlines and many more.If you go and check their social media accounts, they have a strong social media presence and a great fan followers and a smart social media strategy.

If you have an excellent marketing strategy and you promote it in a right way to your target audience then you are definitely going to win the leads. Everyone travels at some or other point of time in their life. Hence taken into fact travel services can be used by Millions of users who are using social media. If you attract people with some brilliant promotional tactics then they are going to be your page fan for sure. Once you increase your fan following and then you post package deals, or any other good deal then chances increases of deal being getting clicked and converted into leads. Also If your friend sees a deal on travel package on your social media channel and visit and if he recommends to the other friends on social media than he is influencing others on decision making process to the travel consumers. Once customer use your service ask him about his experience through social media channel, lots of visitors can view feedback and in return it will build more trust on your brand and people will use your services. Eye catching photo, good reviews by your existing customers, recommendation helps in generate more deals and more business.

Travel deal promotion

Travel Company using Social Media for promoting deal

In Conclusion:

As you can see from this facts that there is an immense scope for the travel industry to grow through social media. It is now the time for the marketers to leverage social media to influence their potential customers for their buying decisions. Social Media marketing is very influential source and helps to get more traffic for travel suppliers.

Research data provided by eyefortravel.

Image Credits: Facebook, holidayandtravel magazine.

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