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Impact Of Social Media On Your Business

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impact of social mediaGone are the days when traditional marketing like giving the Ads in newspaper, magazines, Television or Radio was enough to grow your business. Previously people use to search for the service in the directory but now world has turned into an internet friendly environment. People have now become internet friendly. People are searching for the services they are in need of on the net. They completely rely on this medium. The concept now has completely changed, it has become important to market your business on internet no matter your company is B2B or B2C. If you still think that your business has no impact because you are not marketing it on social media, then you are completely obscure.

Below are some points on impact of Social Media on your business which will completely change your perspective.

There are millions of users of all age group who access their social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube every day. Daily some or the other users are joining the Social Media sites. There is something or other for everybody. There are other part of users who cannot think their life without social media. The use of Internet has been extended so much that in the recent studies it has been found that now marriages are also happening through internet, many of them have found their partners through meeting on social media sites. It is a fact that  1/3rd of the women in this world is fond of social media sites who check it as soon as they wake up that is even before going to the bathroom. People who have joined social media sites can be your potential consumers, decision makers, influencers.

Most of the companies today have their presence on social media sites. According to the survey 81% of the B2B companies have accounts on social media sites. There are various case studies which shows that how the companies have increased their revenues by implementing social media marketing strategy. Big companies who are world famous they are also on social media network. As they know that to remain connected with their potential customers it is necessary to have online presence. Social media is one of the fastest medium to reach to the people. There are  other marketing mediums also but it  takes lots of time to reach people.

This can be proved by looking at this data:

  • Radio took 38 years to reach to 50 million of users.
  • Television took 13 years to reach to 50 million users
  •  Internet only took 4 years to reach 50 million people.

More than 25 million of contents are shared on social media sites each month

Here are some more interesting facts to know about social media sites

  • Facebook – Facebook has added 100 million users in less than 9 months. The number of minutes spent on Facebook is 500 billion per month
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn receives 12 million of unique users per day. Executives from 500 fortune companies are also on LinkedIn.
  • Twitter – There are more than 600 million of searches happening every day on Twitter
  • YouTube – 24 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. There are 2 billions of videos viewed on YouTube every day. There are so many numbers of videos that it will take you 100o years to finish watching all the videos uploaded on YouTube.

With this data we can see that there is a tremendous scope to expose and expand your business to the new horizons with these large set of audiences. You have great opportunity to get your customers through the social media.

Traditional media only depends on capturing audience’s attention, but people will trust more in the brands if they are being recommended by others. It is a mind-set of the people that they believe more on what others are recommending than just simply seeing an advertisement, so it is no more about up roaring on traditional media but also building trust with the dialogues with your connections, expand your network and social media can help to achieve all this.

The major benefits of using the Social Media Network to market your brand are:

social media purchase impact

People can interact directly with brands, they can raise the concern as people have an option of sharing what they like about your product, they can even raise a concern, give a feedback on your product They have an option to directly talk with the brands. Brands on other hand have a chance to answer their audience queries, acknowledging the feedback hence it increases the face value of your brands and also boost your sales. Social media is a platform to do marketing to get  your potential customers. It provides you the variety of options to market it where in traditional media you don’t have so many different ways.

So now if you don’t have an account on social media then you are definitely losing on your business. it is the time for you to take action, to create an account as soon as possible. Think over it.

Image Credits: digitalmediaactive, matarhumons

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