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Impact Of Social Signals On SEO

Impact Of Social Signals On SEO

Social Media is very powerful. Everyone is present on it. So businesses, big or small, are advised to be present on all the social platforms. Strong Social Media presence is considered as a prerequisite in the image building exercise. On Social Media, Information spreads like fire through social sharing and retweets.  In the absence of an ongoing digital marketing campaign brands rely on social media platforms to be in touch with their customers and drive traffic to their website.  One can drive traffic to the website through paid and organic searches. However, companies have to rely on organic searches and higher page ranking to achieve its goals.

In 2014 when Google’s Matt Cutts  said that ‘Social signals don’t directly affect SEO’ small and big business owners were stunned. This is exactly the opposite what Google had mentioned in 2010. However, industry experts say that what Google meant was that Social Signals has an indirect impact on SEO.


Indirect Ways in which Social Signals Impacts SEO:

  • Content Visibility: A lot of original content is generated on social media not just by the company or brand but also via comments, conversations and discussions. More the engagement, more it appears in people’s newsfeed. Content remains fresh in the mind of people.
  • Social Link Building Exercise: Everyone loves sharing content on social networking sites be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and so on. Links to the content helps search engines realise that the content is original and credible and should be ranked for keywords. This may also mean that while ranking, search engines may not consider the clout of a particular social media account.
  • Increase in Website Traffic: Social Media has an ability to drive quality traffic to website through paid and unpaid means. Google loves quality content. Company or brand can share content and link it back to the website. If people keep sharing your content on social media over and over again and even link back to your website then search engines would definitely recognise it. Google will eventually raise your rankings overtime.
  • Optimizing Social Media Profiles: Social media profiles have considerable impact in the search engines. When people search for brand names in search engines even their social media profiles are listed in the search result. People search about brands not just in Search Engines but also on Social Media accounts. There is a huge possibility that they may just log in on Facebook or Twitter for certain information about brand. Therefore it is absolutely essential to integrate your social profiles with the website. Natural and Organic links to the website is another positive impact for the SEO efforts.
  • Increase in Domain Authority: SEO is not just about using keywords for searches and building links but much more. Every year Google’s algorithm keeps evolving. There are different factors which keep affecting the page ranks overtime. Your page ranking keeps getting better and better when quality content is delivered consistently from multiple sources. These can be through blogs, chats, images etc.  As more and more traffic comes to the website from social sites, it reinforces the domains authority to deliver genuine and quality content.  May be Google is associating this social signals as “brand signals” which they like.
  • SERP’s: Most of the social media content when tagged properly can also be accessed through the search engines. Blog posts, video content etc are ways in which brands can associate itself with certain related topics. If you are consistent in your efforts, with regular use, you can even own certain hashtags and so on. The more people are able to find you through these means, the more you are able to control and propagate your brand image online.
  • Social Signals Impact in Future: At present Google may not consider social signals in page ranking but that does not indicate that it never will. In the past Google have included social signals as a factor in ranking. Most of the companies will prefer to have social presence as it helps them to connect with their target audience. However in future if Google decides to bring a change in the algorithm then these companies who enjoy a decent  fan following will benefit the most.
  • Bing: It is the second most powerful search engine after Google and they are very clear that they have incorporated social signals in their algorithm which determines search results. Unlike Google, Bing hasn’t changed its stance even once. This would encourage companies to incorporate Bing in their SEO strategy.

Thus Google – the world’s largest and most powerful search engine  may not come forth to explain in detail the impact of social signals on SEO but it is very clear that Social Signals are a very effective part of the brand’s entire SEO strategy. Instead of getting discouraged by Matt Cutt’s comments you should concentrate on building your social profiles, integrating it with your website and creating quality content worth sharing.

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