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Importance Of Ad Placements On Facebook Page

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Facebook advertising is beneficial for all small or large sized organisations, corporations. Whether they are in budding phase or well established; Facebook Ads are well competent to highlight your brand and to achieve your target. Along with other important factors,where your advertisements are placed can make difference.Often this Ad placement factor is overlooked; with the focus instead being on factors such as size and advertising budget.But one should keep in mind that placement of an Ad can impact consumer’s perceptions of the brand.

Ad placements are the places where your Ad can appear.Facebook provides flexibility of selection of these places so that you can reach the right target audience and devices to accomplish your campaign goals. This is done by using an Ad placement feature in Ad set of Facebook .So depending upon the type of Ad and its design ,different Ad placements offered by Facebook are ;

1.Facebook feeds (mobile and desktop)

Typically called as News feed Ads. These are the advertisements which appear in feed’s of the user along with posts from family and friends.You can select either mobile or desktop Ad placement. These have their importance due to more visibility, scope to write more content ,these are likely to generate more leads. It facilitate interactions like like, comment,share. That’s why better user experience ,more creative.

However,these can be more expensive because of steep competition among marketers and ultimately leads to higher bidding. If you would like to increase engagement and can afford expenses , then one can go with news feed Ad placement option.

2.Facebook right hand column (Desktop,laptop only)

These Ads will appear on the right hand column of the Facebook screen. This placement is only available to consumers on desktop computers and laptop.These have their importance as these are used typically for selling purpose.They are stationary can’t scroll .They also appear smaller and look like a traditional Ad.You can target by location ,audience,interests.

These are cheaper as compared to news feed Ads.One can go for right hand column placement to have more appealing Ad.

3.Facebook log out page

This is biggest space on Facebook for advertisers where they can place their advertisement on Facebook Logout page.This placement is for big brands and for Facebook partners with large advertising budgets. This placement targets the people who log out of Facebook everyday .It’s very expensive option though.


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In 2012,Facebook bought out Instagram for $1 billion. You can create Ads for Instagram using Facebook Power Editor.This Instagram Ad placement on Facebook helps companies to advertise and share their stories in a visual environment.This option is available in Power Editor tool and API for Facebook Ads.To run ads in Instagram one will need the presence of Facebook page.This placement feature is not available for every Ad objective.But its truly an attractive way to advertise your brand in front of the right audience.

Instagram ad placement on Facebook

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These Ad placements allow brands to extend their Facebook Ad campaigns off of Facebook. In other words, one can run their campaign not only on Facebook but on Facebook ‘s own partner websites. Isn’t it great? It targets mobile phones ,mobile phone web applications ,websites which gives you access to the large number of audience in more places.Facebook Ads use the same tools to achieve results for your campaign.Most important thing is it targets large audience at affordable cost.

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So we have many choices when it comes to place Ad on Facebook .Marketers can choose these placements wisely. If you want more visually appealing or dynamic, cheaper Ads,you can go with right hand column advertising. However,if you would like to see increased engagement and ready to spend more buck News feed advertisement would be the right choice. To reach wide range of audience and for great visual impact of brand you can choose to go for Facebook Audience Network and Facebook Instagram advertisement. However, no single placement is just better, most of the time the smart choice is to use these placement options in right combination. This can help marketer to have smart choice to reach his goal based on- more creative visual appearance of Ads and to reach wider target audience ,to grow engagement and most important to satisfy Ad budget.

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