Top 10 Reasons behind Growing Importance of Content Marketing

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As we have delved into a new year, it is must for digital marketers to know where they are headed in this year.

   Digital Marketing is going to be content driven, and for sure you will see great upswing in growing importance of content marketing.  High-value content will let online businesses enjoy the supremacy and reap great returns, but if marketers do not build in a strategy that continues building rapport with their target audiences in a well-target manner, they will for sure leave money on the table.

Why is Content Marketing Important?

It segments your audiences, targets them and influences them through customized lead magnets that can entice and engage them to get converted into your loyal customers.[Image1-Importance of content marketing-source-contentmarketinginstitute]

10 Reasons Behind Growing Importance of Content Marketing:

Following are the 10 reasons behind growing importance of content marketing:

1.) Content Marketing aids marketers make more money, generate more sales & pull in unexpected customers

  • This one sentence sums it up for me as if a marketing strategy does not help you make profit; you have to immediately change your strategy. Luckily, content marketing returns better than any other strategy. Small businesses depend on large sales, and Content Marketing is a standout amongst the most productive and effective ways you can do that, but only if you know how to utilize it accurately.
  • It is the main objective of every business to generate more sales. Search engines are showing signs of improvement at understanding what a person means from the words they write, so you need to concentrate on points and noting questions. By maintaining an active blog presence and making your social networking sites the go-to hotspots for all your services, you can pull in unexpected customers.
  • You can acquaint your business to individuals who did not ever know that you existed. This is one of the major purposes of marketing at large, and the most powerful medium that can do this effectively is content marketing. By picking topics that are on the psyches of your prospects and discussing them, you can attract those people.

2.) Content Marketing helps you build valuable relationships and it is cheaper than other forms of marketing

  • Content marketing helps marketers build valuable relationships with their audiences and make sales. It helps you gain the trust of people who get help from your content, and hence their credibility aids you have a loyal fan base that seeks knowledge from you and wishes to invest in you.
  • Content marketing is more cost-effective compared to most other marketing options, however it obliges you to contribute your effort, time, and a great deal of tolerance before you can procure its profits. By providing great content, and sharing your knowledge and experience through different mediums of content marketing, you automatically drive conversion without spending extra buck for that.
  • Content marketing can help build deals and boost sales by meeting prospects wherever they are at in the purchasing process and cajoling them forward by giving the knowledge they need to make their next stride. If you do this in a right fashion, you can convert them to walk them down on your path and increase ROI.[image2-Benefits of Content]

3.) Content marketing enhances your Brand Image and helps you make a Personal Connection

  • Businesses of various kinds can enhance their brand image by creating and sharing quality content. According to a research conducted by Kapost- for per dollar, content marketing adds to three times more lead compared to traditional online marketing like paid searches. Subsequently, building up a content marketing plan can be a pivotal game-changer for your business’ online growth.
  • Content Marketing is very powerful in establishing a personal connection with prospects. Content that has your own personal touch helps you have an advantage in the marketplace because there is no one who can create the kind of content you create. By producing high-quality content consistently, you can build the trust of your audience that will help you establish yourself as a brand and enhance your company’s brand image.
  • Importance of content marketing is hidden in stellar quality and it is must that you consistently produce content of great quality. Every piece you create, either builds your image or tears it down and that is why it is extremely important that you maintain the same quality and personal touch in your content. Give your unique identities a chance to sparkle.

4.) Content marketing enhances Customer Engagement & helps you beat your Competitors

  • Enhancing customer engagement is one of the most important reasons why content marketing is important. It not only includes creation and distribution of content but also acts as a relationship-building tool. If content marketing is executed properly, it can effectively build brand awareness and boost customer engagement. Additionally, importance of content marketing also includes its ability to retain the interests of prospects throughout the sales conversion process.
  • Content marketing lets marketers see interaction through comments, landing page activity and social media channels. You can use content marketing tools to get a very personalized view of how customers are using and moving through your content. I started this post by asking- “Why is content marketing important?” – It is so, because your audiences love it; it is cost-effective; it engages your customers, produces more sales, and helps you beat your competitors in a sustainable fashion.
  • Importance of content marketing is as if you have two companies with similar offering, your prospects will prefer engaging with the one that includes content in their online marketing strategy. Content makes your company unique, which helps you enjoy superiority in your industry in more powerful manner.

5.) Content marketing can work with any Industry, can let Non-Profits make Profits & can Attract People with Real Interest in Your Brand

  • Content marketing is one of the most flexible ways of internet marketing that can work with any industry. The power of content marketing in propelling brands forward is clear, as it is very effective in attracting people who have real interest in the solutions a brand can provide to them. It attracts people without annoying them and acts as their advocate; not only by putting forward their doubts on online portals but also by providing solutions to their doubts.
  • Content marketing can even help nonprofits raise more money and make profits. By addressing issues of your target audiences through quality content you can stay on top of their mind, which help you build a relationship with people who have interest in your kind of brand and seeking knowledge from experts. Any online business can truly win the race because of the information it shares through its content marketing channels.
  • If planned and executed rightly, content marketing can work for any industry. Generally, when we do anything poorly or halfway, we flop but with content marketing, it happens a lot. It is very important that you build a well-targeted and customized content marketing strategy to let it work with your industry, and if you do so, be ready to see great profits in first quarter of 2017.[Image3-Why is content marketing important-source- contentools]

6.) Content Marketing is very powerful in Improving your Customer Experience & growing Long-term Audiences

  • Importance of Content Marketing includes in its ability of improving customer experiences and ensuring long-term audiences. Great content gives brands something to talk about with their clients beyond complaints and difficulties, compliments, or inquiries. Tuning in to your clients is vital to making effective content. Each interaction you have with a prospect or customer can give you knowledge into the inquiries/issues they have.
  • Through content marketing, you can address those questions clearly and early in the buying process that helps you reduce the amount of complaints and confusions. Each piece of content offers a powerful opportunity to hook new people and grow your fan base. As such gathering of audiences grows; you will have a much greater base of individuals willing to share your content that is the huge advantage of content marketing.
  • Rather than beginning without any preparation as in traditional marketing, you can build on your own successes through content marketing with the way you want to. You can use follow up strategies with email nurturing and social media marketing that help you enjoy steady gains in your audiences. Content marketing is one of the most effective online marketing tools that place all businesses on equal footing.

7.) Content Marketing can help marketers increase Email Response Rates & encourage Virality

  • Content Marketing importance includes its ability to increase email response rates and encourage Virality of internet marketing campaigns. The email response rates can be effectively increased by keeping professional communication intact through efficient content marketing by understanding site’s audience and channelizing custom-fit campaigns. Serving audiences with content that is effective, error-free and impressive ensures better engagement and more conversions.
  • All the interactions that you have with a prospect or customer whether in person, in phone call, in email, or through other traditional marketing methods, you have to be focused on giving value, which you can ensure by giving something to them instead of asking something from them. Giving value is the base of content marketing as it increases positive words of mouth on social media and on other platforms that ensure effective Virality for your brand.
  • If still thinking about importance of content marketing, then think about the ability to share something with a certain number of individuals and being able to watch it go viral in real-time- this is just too good to be true kind of scenario that only content marketing can guarantee about. For effective content marketing, you need to create something that is highly interesting and entertaining, and then you are ready to see special kind of Virality for your brand that no other marketing channel can provide.

8.) Content marketing lets Online Businesses be Self-Dependent & reduces their dependence on External Sources

  • Content marketing is very powerful in lead generation and it guarantees conversions. While talking about[image4- Brendan Cournoyer-source-LinkedIn] content marketing importance, Brendan Cournoyer (content marketing manager at Brainshark Inc.) says, “Content marketing reduces the need to obtain lists of leads from external sources just to keep your sales funnel full. Instead, you create the content and generate more leads yourself.” This is for sure one of the most powerful feature of content marketing that lets it be the best tool of online marketing. 
  • Content marketing is one of the most effective internet-marketing channels that gives you more control over your message and lets you be self-dependent in your marketing maneuvers. This helps you make sure that your content is aimed at your unique audiences of potential customers, as it is the ‘you’ who knows your business much better than others do. It reduces your dependency on other external resources and helps you be connected with your audiences on your own.
  • You should create content around your target audiences as content marketing offers you great opportunity to stay focused on your message in best possible ways. It is very important that your messages be about giving value and not about boasting, chest thumping or self-obsessed. By offering a large amount of value to your customers, you influence them to sign up for more information that automatically increases conversions.

9.) Content marketing influences your Prospects’ Purchasing Decisions and elicits Favorable responses from them

  • Content marketing is very powerful in influencing purchasing decision of your prospects. It is also considered as single most powerful marketing channel that can elicit favorable responses from prospects. By letting customers understand that choosing your product or service would be the wisest choice, content marketing influences your prospects do what you want them to do.
  • According to statistics, around 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers prefer using content marketing to influence decisions of their prospects. Prospects respond more favorably to content than they do to other kinds of advertisements and overt selling. Content marketing conveys the message that you care about your audiences in the most convincing way possible, and it is very important that your content is highly informative and interesting and not outbound selling.
  • In eliciting favorable decision from prospects, content marketing includes different kinds of lead magnets that not only attract them but also persuade them to take the actions that you want them to take. By using effective landing page content, you not only entice them visit your site but also influence them make favorable decisions. You can turn your blogs into downloadable pdf or video or slideshow, and can recycle them in many other ways, and use them to influence purchasing decisions of your clients.

10.) Content marketing is reusable can spur creativity and is a natural fit for buying psychology

  • The reason behind the increase in the importance of content marketing is its ability to be reusable. The best part of content marketing campaigns is ability of its various elements to get reused. With content marketing, you get innumerable opportunities of creativity and especially with visual content such as infoguides, infographics, video content, etc. Creating great video content by reusing written content in graphic form is one of the best examples of the reusability potential of content marketing.
  • Content marketing offers marketers great scope of creativity and additionally, content can be re-imagined, repurposed and can also be reinvented according to the changing psyches of different kinds of target audiences. Content marketing incorporates so many powerful ways to increase your traffic and generate more sales from your reader base.
  • With content marketing, you just need to be a bit more creative. It is very profitable when you think outside the box while creating content and making marketing strategies by integrating psychology into your content marketing campaigns. Content marketing is very flexible in aligning naturally with the psychology of customers and influencing them to make purchase and boost sales.[Image5- importance of content marketing-source-bluefrontier]


With all these exciting benefits of content marketing, it is very important to ensure consistent delivery of focused content to demonstrate your expertize and increase visibility of your brand.

You need to be aware of the biggest content marketing challenges in to let your content be relevant, attractive, powerful, convincing and conversion-oriented.

On the concluding note, let us go through some key content marketing challenges that you may face-

  • Ability to focus on a narrow target audience and intimately understand all their buying challenges
  • Having enough time, expertize and resources to create powerful content your target is looking for
  • Developing customized content plan that produces right content on right time
  • Not understanding which kind of content to produce and when to produce
  • Efficient writers who can write content with great focus and clarity
  • Consistent production of high quality informative content
  • Measuring effectiveness of your content & related ROI

Building target-oriented content marketing strategy will for sure help you cope up all these challenges.

Have some other content marketing tips or suggestions? Share them in comments below.

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