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Importance Of Data And Content In Digital Marketing

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With the advancement in technology, the trend of digital marketing has also advanced. Digital marketing is basically an umbrella term for the marketing of products and services using digital technologies, mainly on the internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other medium. Now, imagine that you wish to buy a particular product, you would definitely not want to be unsure about the product that you are going to buy so, as you try to search for your product amidst the vastness of the internet, you come across certain sites which are offering the product that you wish to buy and the most promising site for you out of all would be the one which has the maximum content and also offers complete information about your product.



The content and the data are now being termed as the Queen and King of digital marketing. Most companies have decided to shift their focus from what they were doing earlier to providing valuable and relevant content to people.


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Data is like air for marketers. Data has always been a crucial part of marketing. Digital marketing is moving up with the era of big data. As information shared increases almost every day, the data also increases significantly. Even though it is a bit challenging, several brand marketers have accepted this era of big data. Over time, marketers have described better content over data as the next big thing in digital marketing.


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If a person wishes to grow his/her business online, he/she needs to produce appropriate, regular and illuminating content even though it comes with consequences, but for consumers, it only gets better. They can easily get as much information as they are willing to avail about a particular product, commodity or service. Content is available across a variety of media. The realization of content being the greatest sales tool has finally dawned upon the marketers. For them, it is not a vehicle that is approached arduously rather it is something that should be treated like Gold. At times, it is not even about sales, it is about building awareness about your product or service. It is about explaining as to why your product is better, what makes it better and why it is exclusive. If your content is enjoyable and reliable, it will be remembered. Content is something that needs nurturing from time to time.


When it comes to data in digital marketing, well, bigger and better data helps company’s measure success along with customer engagement and it is more intriguing over the content.

According to marketers, data adds great value to the brand when used correctly. According to recent research:

  • 29% marketers believe that big data helps to understand customer insights and behaviour.
  • 18% believe that bigger data improves supply chain 
  • 16% believe that bigger data can be used to power campaigns and promotions. 

Not just this, bigger data helps in predicting sales. It doesn’t matter if the business is big or small, if you have good data, you can easily achieve your targets and make your business flourish. A recent study by Oracle suggests that companies are now investing more time and money on big data analytics to improve their market position. In recent years, better data has helped brands to treat their customers as individuals. Data and content has taken all over Social media as well with ever increasing number of tweets on Twitter, likes and shares on Facebook, 84% marketers have finally realized the importance of the above. With effective use of big data, companies can easily deliver economies of scale.


There are certain steps that you as a marketer should take with your data:

  • Get all your data in one place and in one format
  • Invest in cleaning your existing data
  • Decide on a data strategy
  • Review integrations to make sure they work properly

A better quantitative approach can offer a lot of benefits to a business:

  1. Traffic– Creating data visualization is a great way to attract traffic to one’s website because data visualization tends to have more power than mere content.
  2. Value– When a company or a brand shares fresh, accurate and exact numbers, an authentic value is what is being offered to the customers.
  3. Learning– When a company shares it’s facts and figures with people, it only enhances its own learning because of the views that it gets from the people which provide a fresh insight to the numbers which were assumed to be known better.
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