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Importance Of Engagement Magnets

Importance Of Engagement Magnets


With the increasing importance of Inbound Marketing in the present scenario, the importance of engaging a prospective customer is rising as well. Engagement magnet gives a reason to engage and its affectivity reduces possibility of any friction. If there is a website on which a product can be bought, there would be certain engagement magnets, for example, any extra service provided on the website which can keep the customer engaged. For example in the case of a website I mentioned earlier, an engagement magnet would be a video on the product or a sign up option for later offers. It is a method to build reach. The main question is how does one be sure whether to buy the product advertised on the website? Hence, certain engagement magnets are necessary. The importance of such magnets differs from industry to industry, however, in the digital world, it is a significant way to communicate with the customer. This concept can be explained on the basis of a few examples which will be talked about.

  1. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya is a digital marketing training company which offers online courses to people working, as well as freshers. The main objective of most of the people visiting their website is to enquire about the various courses offered by them. The Owner of Digital Vidya would want most of the people visiting the website to buy their products, which are the courses on offer, however there is a low possibility of the products being bought if on the website there is just a sign up option for course and no other details. This is where the engagement magnets come in. To engage the customer and attract him or her at the same time, a magnetic pull is necessary which could be in the form of videos on the various courses, blogs, webinars which could give more details to prospective customers, act in the form of additional services and at the same time, increase the reach and convert them into leads. Hence, the significance of such a pull can be understood. However, these might not act as a ‘pull’ in the case of a software’s website or some other ecommerce website.

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot is a digital marketing platform which helps websites attract visitors, and converting them into leads. If their social media marketing strategy is observed, one can see various blogs being shared on their Facebook page and videos as well highly contributing to increasing their reach (likes on their page), which could also lead to increasing visitors on their website. Hence, engagement magnets have to be paid adequate attention to, even when making a social media marketing strategy. On their website, even eBooks and softwares are offered. In the case of this platform, the engagement magnets are different, hence to an extent it about role play. There are no fixed engagement magnets, hence these magnets are identified on the basis of how they would help their main product advertised.


In the case of, which has ever since been gaining popularity when it comes to finding your bride or groom, even they need various engagement magnets such as personalized services offers, a link to download the mobile application, testimonials of various couples who met on the website, youTube videos on trending stories. All they need is a sign up option, however certain other pull factors can be observed as well which could increase the number of users. A sign up option via Facebook details is another such strategy as, it shows their availability on Facebook where their visibility would increase.

On the basis of these examples, it can be observed how on different websites, there are roles played by various pull factors. A free trial option available on a website which promotes antivirus is an important pull factor as they are not giving you details on the product that they are offering but they are also giving you an option to use it for a month or a few days which could be a possible factor in lead conversion. This pull referred to as a magnet is helping to attract the attention of the visitor in different ways and converting them into leads. Even though it is seen that a website might attract a large number of visitors on an everyday basis, however, from reach to lead conversion is a long journey which the website owner or the company owner needs to anticipate and have its engagement magnets well in place in advance to make sure that lead generation is happening and increasing on well on an average. Hence with time, the number of engagement magnets on a website increase with time, For example, a new company would not be able to have many testimonials and videos on the success of its products hence it would be different engagement magnets, but as the company becomes older and its products are increasingly used, its number of engagement magnets increase as well.

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