Importance Of Guest Blogging In Driving Organic Traffic

Importance of guest blogging in driving Organic Traffic

The importance of good content cannot be undermined when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Gathering more organic traffic to your website includes presenting unique and creative content. Although, the outreach of this quality content should not be limited to your website. This is where Guest Blogging comes into the picture. Posting SEO-optimized content and guest blogging on other websites in your niche can help bring greater organic traffic. 

A benefit of Guest Blogging is that it can also sow seeds of brilliant networking opportunities by upping your website’s credibility game. Initially, this task of approaching different blogs for Guest blogging and providing them with rich content might seem tedious. Down the line, it can pay off in spades, provided you targeted the right websites and blogs for networking. 

Without a clearly defined target audience and a set goal, the whole exercise might go to waste and fail to attract organic traffic to your website. Guest bloggers write for similar sites within their industry for-

  • Attracting traffic back to their website
  • Optimizing their DA or domain authority via external links to high-authority domains
  • Boosting their brand credibility and awareness
  • Making relationships with the peers in their industry

As per the statistics, 76% of editors say they publish 1 to 10 guest posts per week.

In case you are also considering investing in guest blogging, this post will unravel the mystery for you-

What is Guest Blogging? 

Guest Blogging is an SEO technique to promote the content which is written and published through a blog post on a third-party website or blog.

This blog or website generally falls in the guest blogger’s niche and caters to a similar industry. The benefit of Guest blogging is that it gives an impression in an industry that the guest blogger is an expert or well-informed about that field’s nuances. It also adds a lot of value to the source website from where the Guest Blogging has been done. 

The idea behind this exercise of Guest Blogging is that someone who works in the same industry as you but is not connected to you shall provide content on their website only if you have meaningful insights to offer in the domain. This way, the benefits of Guest Blogging meet the ends of both the host website as well as the guest website. 

All the industries have a few specifics that accept Guest Blogging and the most important component of any SEO Course is to build a network with these few websites. These websites add a lot of value to the tangible benefits of Guest Blogging. They have a huge reader base and, thus, help add a lot of value to your guest post and, thus, more traffic to your website.

There are individualistic editorial guidelines for different websites that accept Guest Blogging.  Only meeting these guidelines and delivering high-quality content aids the process of bringing traffic to your website. Some of these also allow the Guest blogger to pot their website credentials and contact info, thus allowing a direct linkage to your home page for the readers. 

Why is Guest Blogging an important SEO tool? 

Any SEO course today shall highlight the importance and benefits of Guest Blogging as a powerful SEO tool. 

A good, well-versed Digital marketing Course shall help you improve your website’s position on different Search Engines. Guest Blogging is an important one among a whole host of other techniques to bring in traffic like link building to keyword optimization. 

The intricacies of this process lead to the undermining of its value in the world of SEO Courses. This is because the practice of getting traffic through Guest Blogging is very difficult. The initial steps of approaching websites are manual and time-consuming. 

Rather, this technique is the most guaranteed way of generating organic traffic. By actually providing high-quality content in the form of Guest Blogging on other websites, you can build backlinks to your own. This increases the visibility of your website and adds a lot of value to your branding. 

Key aspects of high-quality Guest Blogs 

There are a lot of important nuances to providing a high-quality Guest Blogging experience to the host website. 

The most important tip to start with is that one should not treat the exercise of Guest Blogging as a platform to advertise your website. 

According to any Digital Marketing course, the end goal of this practice is adding some value to the industry you are catering to. Thus, it becomes important to keep this in mind. Some quick tips to focus on the good practices of Guest Blogging is as follows:

  • Writing a concise bio of the author 
  • Including high-quality links to your previous work
  • Ask for a response or give support to readers through comments
  • Promoting the Guest Blog on social media platforms 
  • Follow up after Guest Blogging as to how much traffic did it generate. 

How to do guest Blogging- 5 Steps of Guest Blogging

5 Key steps that can help you in guest blogging are-

1) Finding sites that accept guest posts

Different techniques that you can try here-

  • Using Google Search Strings such as Your Keyword “guest post”, Your Keyword “write for us”, etc.
  • Using Google Reverse Image Search in which you first need to find a guest blogger in your niche, then you should grab the URL of their headshot and finally pop that image URL into Google reverse image search to get the list of places they have posted
  • Use Twitter Search by entering a basic guest post search string such as “[keyword]” guest post
  • Reverse engineering the backlinks of your competitor
  • Use to find out the list of best blogs on the web, etc.

2) Make your guest post ready

  • Here you should find out the sites that are good for your guest posts
  • You can choose sites that have an authoritative link profile, in your niche (or a related niche), only  post high-quality content, and can bring you targeted traffic
  • Choose sites that will not bury your link just in an author bio box, plus your sites should also have a good amount of social media followers
  • Find the best-suited guest post topics

3) Send your pitch with the right email template-

Your email template for pitching can-

  • Start with something specific about their sites
  • Introduce yourself using short and sweet sentences
  • Share 3 specific topics to choose from
  • Do soft selling
  • Share your experience and other published work

4) Write your Guest Post

Here you should create your best post, making it-

  • Top-quality
  • Relevant 
  • SEO Optimized
  • Comprehensive
  • Informative 
  • Engaging 
  • Unplagiarized
  • As per the guidelines of publisher sites

5) Follow up

You can do this by actively-

  • Responding to comments
  • Promoting your guest post on Social Media
  • using blog comment opportunities, etc.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

There are a host of benefits to the process of Guest Blogging. If the practice is done keeping in mind these benefits, then the results are full-proof and guaranteed. 

1) Establishes Authority of your Website 

It helps with the process of establishing the authority of your website. People place greater trust in your brand and products if your visibility is on websites they regularly follow. The content has to be high-end, relevant, and valuable in terms of what your website is catering to. It is a great way to tell your audience that you possess expertise in that field, and thus, your website is equally reliable. Thus, the benefits of Guest Blogging are direct and tangible. 

2) Easy way to build organic backlinks 

Any SEO course shall highlight that while working on off-page types of SEO and building backlinks, one of the most important ways to cater to the audience is Guest Blogging. Thus, search engines use the number of links from other websites that point to yours; the higher that number, the better is your rank. 

3) A way to invite organic traffic 

Another important benefit is its ability to serve as a beautiful way to invite Organic traffic to your website. Targeting potential websites that are relevant and fall in a similar niche as yours, it can be made possible that the readers of your blog are coming back to your website. With each high-end backlink, your website’s rank goes up on the SERPs. 

4) Improve brand visibility 

A key to increasing traffic to your website is improving the branding. Along with Social Media Marketing, another important practice that comes in handy according to SEO courses is guest blogging. Thus, the more the blogs, the higher their quality, the greater is the intensity of your website name popping up on different forums and thus bringing in more traffic. It is a great way to increase your brand visibility. It thus becomes important to put in the effort into one’s guest posts. With a lot of premium-quality content, a greater impact can be created.  

5) Network Expansion 

Another benefit of blogging is that this SEO practice helps your website to build a quality network with similar competitors in your niche. Thus, this becomes an important way to make your website recognizable and efficient in your product niche. Not only the readers and the audience but others in your niche are also aware of your credibility, too, with this practice of Guest Blogging. It ends up becoming a great way to build networks and valuable partnerships in the future. 

Wrapping thoughts about Guest Blogging!

The crux of this exercise is that when you write guest blogs for other websites, you need to start from the beginning. 

The website you are Guest Blogging already has a lot of traffic and readers, and thus it becomes easy to streamline traffic for your website. With the right set of keywords, social media strategies, and phrases, reaching out to the audience becomes a piece of cake. 

How effective do you consider guest-blogging for optimizing organic traffic?

If you also want to learn and master guest blogging, SEO Course can help you be a pro-level guest blogger.

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