Importance Of Pop-up Forms – Do They Really Work?

by | Oct 13, 2013 | Social Media Marketing

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How do you react to a pop-up box that appears over a blog post that you are reading?

Pop-ups can really work wonders and there are many readers that sign up for free offers. Since, they can work so well, therefore they are practically irresistible for the web publishers.

However, the trouble is that pop-ups have a one large downside and it is important that you face it directly before to decide whether or not you should implement it on your site.

Today, in this blog post, we will discuss the benefits and risks of pop-ups

Benefits associated with integrating pop-ups in your site

When used smartly, such as giving away useful freebies, free reports and useful tips and suggestions, pop-ups can help to accelerate the number of opt-ins that you get in your email list.

This can further increase your conversion rates as a large number of people are seeing your offers and they can’t help but notice your opt-in box as you have placed it infront of their faces.

Implementing a pop-up form to your website is like creating a shortcut to build your opt-in. You can simply add one to your site and leverage the benefits that it has to offer.

Dark side of pop-ups

Although, there are certain benefits of implementing pop-ups, but at the same time it is also important to understand that they can also impact your business in a negative manner.

There might be instances when pop-ups really push people’s buttons and might get under their skin. This can further drive people away from your website as people visited your page to read content and not be blocked from it by an offer that they might not even understand.

Moreover, if pop-ups don’t work properly, they can interfere with your site’s functionality. If this is the case, people might get even more frustrated as they will need to close their browser completely to get back to what they are doing.

There are examples and case studies of organizations that have leveraged pop-ups to grow their opt-ins, but at the same time also started receiving complaints from people about the regular ads that they receive whenever they are in the middle of some interesting content.

Options for increasing pop-in rates without risking your relationship with readers

Don’t be disappointed as there are certain options available through which you can increase your opt-in rates without risking your relationship with readers and prospects. Some of them are:

  • Use a delayed pop-up: Most of the pop-up software available allow you to customize when a pop-up will appear. You can create a kind of pop-up which only appears when the reader has read your content for a few minutes.
  • Use prominent sign-up forms: Use opt-in forms for your website that really stand out. You can either use a large box in the left side of the page or create a sign-up box in the footer of each of your post.
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