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Importance of Responsive Emails for your business

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If you use your mobile phone to check your emails, you can understand the experience if swinging from awesome to awful. Apart from emails, newsletters sent by organizations can look superb when checked on desktops, but when viewed on smaller screens, they can become extremely unusable with those small fonts, narrow columns and broken layouts, which can largely impact the open and click rates of your emails.

Today, in this post, we will discuss the importance of designing mobile-friendly emails and some neat tips and techniques that can tremendously increase the readability of your emails. Let begin with the importance of optimizing your emails for mobile.

If you are in a practice of sending weekly newsletters, it is likely that a maximum percentage of your subscribers are reading your messages either on smart phones, tablets or similar devices. According to Email Analytics (Aug 2013) – “More email is read on mobile than on a desktop email client.” Stats say that 47% of email is now opened on a mobile device. This report simply states that getting your email newsletter to display optimally on mobile devices is equally essential and important that it can be read on long standing email clients such as Outlook and Gmail. Ignoring this would keep declining your newsletter open rates and further a less optimal reading experience on a small screen will lead to diminished response rates.

In order to ensure that your emails are responsive, it is important to take care of the designing of the emails. While creating a HTML version of your newsletter template, it is essential to create two sketches of wireframes – one for the desktop or email layout and the other of the mobile layout. Here it is important to keep in mind the positioning of your ‘Call to Action’ or CTA. Depending upon your research and studies, you can decide whether it should be immediately visible when the email is opened or do you want the recipient to scroll down to check the same.

However, optimizing your newsletters would not just be sufficient to increase your response rates. When your audience click on your CTA, they are either guided to your landing page or your website. Therefore, here it is important to ensure that your website should be also be responsive, which can help them to get a better view of the subjects that they had been searching for. If your customers click through a non-responsive website, there is a big chance of drop outs. Overall, a responsive website can increase the chances of customers purchasing your products.

The optimization of your emails and website for mobile devices can contribute to impeccable user experience. In the end, it is can simply lead to an increase in click-through and conversion rates.

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