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Improve Your Google Adwords Clicks Through These 5 Tips

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There are various ways in which one can run a PPC campaign. The main motive of any PPC campaign is to get good number of clicks by relevant and potential customers, so as to get enough number of sales and conversion on the business. By merely focusing on increasing the CTR can be detrimental to the campaign as it can lead to wastage of marketing budget. Hence, it is important to ensure that the increase in click through rate is on account of genuine and interested customers. Discussed below are some of the tips one can keep in mind to improve click through rate of any Google adword campaign.

Use Specific Numbers And Use Funky Characters

The headline of any advertisement plays a very crucial role in making one’s ad visible in search results. It mainly consists of 25 characters, which can be used to create an impressive headline. A strong and impressive headline is a must to make a strong statement of one’s advertisement. There are more than one ways in which one can create an attractive headline. For example, if the advertisement is focusing on generic keywords, then one should opt for descriptive headlines. In this case, the description of the advertisement should comprise of details about the product offering. Similarly, for ads focusing on brand name, one must ensure to include the name of the brand in the headline. This can help one to get to the top position in the searches when the name of the brand is used in any search. One can also use specific numbers in the advertisement to make sure the advertisement gets noticed. For example, if the exact figure for discount is 8.24%, then use 8.24% instead of 8%. Being specific can lead to more number of clicks, thereby increasing the click through rate. In addition to this, one can also use funky characters in the advertisement, like #, $, %, etc. which can make the advertisement text stand out and also help save the limited real estate inventory.

Use A Call-To-Action

Many marketers make a common mistake of not putting a “call to action” at the end of the ad text. A call to action basically acts as a guide and suggests the next step to the customer who has shown interest in the product offering. In this manner, the customers are helped with some guidance as to what needs to be done once they click on the ad and land on the website. However, this is easier said than done and one should have very clear clarity of what is the ultimate goal of the ad. Is it to increase leads, generate downloads, or increase one’s sales revenue? Once there is good clarity on what needs to be the final outcome, the marketer can then direct the customer with the next steps. This will lead to an automatic increase in the number of visitors visiting the website. One needs to also remember that the content on the landing page should be perfectly matching the details given on the advertisement and the call to action, so as to ensure that the consumer is not left dissatisfied.

Include The Benefit

It is always good for any PPC campaign to have the benefit included in the ad text. For example, in the ad text below, the benefit is mentioned in the ad which says that a life insurance quote can be obtained in 2 minutes. Here, the benefit is the easy and quick access to the quote on clicking the advertisement. This way, one can entice the consumer to click on the advertisement by mentioning the advantage or benefit of clicking on the ad.

ad text

Include A Phone Number And Address

Google provides a lot of support to the marketers in the form of providing platform features. These features can be used to provide the requested information easily and quickly to the online audiences. To name a few of these features are Location details, sitelink, call extensions, etc. The marketers can include these pointers to make a successful PPC campaign.

What kind of details are online consumers looking for when they come online to make searches? – is a question that one needs to think about before creating an advertisement. Some of the points can be as follows:

  • How to find you
  • Which product or service is being sold
  • How to get more details about you
  • How to contact your team

On giving these details in one’s ad, one can make the search process of an online consumer more satisfying and enjoyable.

Remove Risk

Any consumer will make an online purchase only if he feels secure about making the payment online. This can be done by providing convincing details to the consumers like 100% guarantee, easy return policy, easy exchange policy, etc. Basis such facilities provided to the consumer, he can make a purchase in a more relaxed fashion and will look forward to more such online shopping experiences in the future.

In addition to the above, it always helps for one to know of the feedback of a product given by someone who has used it. Keeping this in mind, it is always good to mention the number of reviews received about the product in the advertisement. In future, the consumer will feel at ease to go ahead with any online purchase after going through these reviews – be it good or bad.

In this manner, one can try out various other ways of improving one’s click through rate for any PPC campaign. It is important to understand that there is no one rule for running any successful PPC campaign. One needs to keep monitoring and trying out various methods to succeed.

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