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Improve Your ROI From PPC Campaigns With 5 SEM Tips

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Pay per click ads are something that the businesses are getting more and more aware of but are also getting interested in investing in it. This blog will help you in making your PPC ads, even better and result-oriented and work like magnets that attract the clicks in no time. Here we go!

1. Observe Your Location

Do not waste your money by not targeting the customers by a specific location. The geo-targeting feature is active on giant search engines today and you will be wise to use it optimally. So, if you have a product or service on offer specifically for the people of Nagaland, do not include Goa in your advertisement and save your money.

2. Long Tail Keywords

It is not necessary to use only one word keywords, but you can rather use long tail keywords so as to maximise your ROI. There would not be any bad effect on the bid of the ad, but you will instead gain from this experiment. For example, instead of using a keyword say ‘mobile’ you can use ‘mobile phone with 10 megapixel camera’ to invite more clicks.

3. A/B testing Is Good

In A/B testing only a single feature is changed and the results are observed keeping all the other features intact. It is mandatory to perform A/B testing for your PPC campaigns in a periodic fashion. You should not be lazy in doing A/B testing for any of the 2 PPC campaigns. An investment in this test will surely give the good results with no strings attached.

4. Timing Matters

Observe the timings at which your ad is clicked the highest number of times. You can simply choose to post your ad at that time and save your money. You can make specific arrangements so as to increase the visibility of your ad at a particularly favorable time frame.

5. Keywords Creation

Use your creativity to generate keywords having a human touch. What it means is that use your tools to generate keywords, but not in a very professional manner. Use your intelligence and observation to understand your target customers and their way of thinking before fixing up the keywords for a PPC campaign.

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