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Inbound Marketing: Basic Concept of Online Marketing

Inbound Marketing: Basic Concept of Online Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

Basic of IM
Marketing is a very important part of any business/ service, to make it available to the people who need it. To reach these customers, marketing is playing the key role. Previously marketing was only concerning with sell of company’s services or product (Outbound Marketing), so they create ads in different formats like TVCs, radio ads, print media and so many other ways.
But now customers are getting smart and educated, they do proper research before buying or taking any service or product .It means previously companies were reaching to the customers by only creating the awareness but now customer reach to the company by their product/ service information. This is reason Inbound Marketing is the most successful way of marketing nowadays.
Inbound Marketing is the marketing targeted on getting searched by customers.
This is the basic concept of Inbound Marketing, attract the target audience by educate them about their need which will be properly satisfy by their products.
In present market, every marketer is talking about creating content, SEO, and social media. Inbound marketing links these pieces together in an organised and significant way.

Main Components of Inbound Marketing Campaign:

3 component of IM
(1) Content – Content creation is the soul of any Inbound Marketing campaign. This is the information that attracts customers to the site or business.
(2) Search Engine Optimization – SEO makes it easier for possible customers to find your content. It is the practice of building the site and inbound links to the site to higher the ranking in search engines, where most of customers begin their buying process.
(3) Social Media – Social media magnifies the impact of the content. When content is circulated across and discussed on social sites, it becomes more faithful and popular, and is more likely to draw capable customers to the website.

Goals of Inbound Marketing Plan:

Here are the 4 main goals of a solid inbound marketing plan.

goals of IM
Goal 1: Generate Qualified Website Traffic (Attract): Content Marketing (Blogging), Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Sharing
When we write relevant content for the answers of our customers’ queries and their main problems, we are on the way to attract more qualified online traffic. When we blog and share those blogs on different social media channels, this establish us as an expert, build awareness, and gain credibility for our brand online.

Goal 2: Convert Website Visitors into Leads (Convert): Call-to-action (CTA) buttons, Landing Pages, Forms
Next goal is turning qualified traffic into qualified leads. For this, we need to use CTA tab means call to action button with our content, which will link to the landing page.
E-books, webinars, free demos, and newsletters are some premium content which can be offer to a customer on behalf of filling a form for lead generation.

Goal 3: Turn Leads into Customers (Close): Email Marketing, Sales Consulting
Most of the people don’t buy any product or service only by find it popular on social media or by reading a blog, even they like it too. They want more n more depth and engagement for this. So lead nurturing come in existence by providing an automated email campaign which includes a series of emails suggesting various offers to keep them engaging with our content and our brand.
In the end, when our sales person gets on the phone with this particular customer, they have a precise idea of customer’s interest and need.

Goal 4: Measure, Analyse, Interpret & Refine (Delight): Marketing Automation Software, A/B Testing, Misc. Analytics Tools
By analytics tools we can find which CTA tab is better in performance and which one need to improvement. Where our marketing plan need to improvement and where it is good in performance.
As inbound marketing links lots of channel of online marketing at a single platform, analysis is a must.

Conclusion: Now market is highly competitive and changing continually. To establish in such conditions, one must adopt inbound marketing as an important marketing strategy. Yes, it’s true that only inbound marketing is not the only way to get success, but it is one of the important and trusted way to connect with the customers. And when we stay in touch with our customers, it builds a trust and helps in branding of our product or service.

IM effectivenessBy using these basic steps or goals of inbound marketing, anyone can create a campaign to attract more target audiences and have more lead generation and high conversion into buying customers.

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