How to get high Earning Inbound Marketing Jobs in India

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Do you want to make a career in Online Marketing? – Inbound Marketing Jobs can be one of the best career choices for you.

It is going to offer some exciting opportunities.

Good earning and exciting career growth are also guaranteed.

And for this, you only need to know the right way of approaching towards inbound marketing jobs, and a rewarding career is waiting for you.

In this post, we will decipher all this, so you can find best Inbound Marketing Jobs in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad or anywhere else in India.

Actually, in last two decades, the functioning of businesses has revolutionized- Reason being the advances in technology and the widespread existence of digital marketing.

Businesses now use online mediums to target and convert their audiences, as they can reach to millions of prospects in a matter of little time- And if the right marketing strategy is used, chances of converting a prospect into loyal customers is brighter in the online world.

In all such scenarios, Inbound Marketing is one of the most effective mediums to touch millions of people within less time and ensure conversions.

At lesser financial expenditure, it ensures more effective and productive results.

Another thing that increases the demand for Inbound Marketing Jobs is the ability of Inbound Marketing to target people who are somehow already interested in your products and services. As they are already keen to buy a product that you are offering, you are only required to pull in their attention towards you.

For doing this, there are varieties of Inbound Marketing techniques that an Inbound Marketer needs to be aware.

Below given 5 steps will help you go through those techniques, so you can land a best-suited Inbound Marketing Jobs for you-

5 Steps to get Inbound Marketing Jobs

1. Know the Definition and Key Idiosyncrasies of Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing utilizes pull marketing techniques in the most effective way possible.

Different techniques that are comprised of Inbound Marketing Jobs are content marketing, SEO, social media, Blogging, Video Marketing, emails, events and more. It also plays a pivotal role in creating brand awareness and drawing in more number of clients for an e-business.

While talking about the power of Inbound Marketing, Joshua Gill, Inbound & SEO Marketing Consultant, Inbound Authority says-

“Inbound Marketing is so powerful because you have the power to give the searcher/consumer exactly what answers they are looking for at the precise point that they need it. That builds trust, reputation, and authority in whatever niche you are practicing this form of marketing in.”

Inbound Marketing is very important in shaping up the brand preference and future purchases positively. The inbound marketer would also be responsible for generating inbound links and social shares. Optimizing search engine ranking and letting customers feel valued are the key features of Inbound Marketing Jobs. It will also ensure effective branding, customer engagement, and conversions for e-businesses.

2. Dive Deep into Inbound Marketing Job Description

The job description of Inbound Marketer revolves around a few simple steps that start with Client meetings and then according to specific needs of clients, Inbound Strategy is designed and executed. Other steps that come in the Process are Project Management, Copywriting and Editing, Updating of Web Content and Client Reporting.

In client-meeting, inbound marketers, discuss the analytics of the site.

They tell about the traffic sources and also let clients know about the sections of sites, which receive greater traffic and sections that need more traffics. Roles of content, social media and search engine are discussed in this.

Then, as per the discussions, Inbound Strategy is made. It will include Search engine optimization (SEO) projects, Keyword research and Off-site projects along with Content calendar creation, management, and analytics. This will lead you to the next job i.e. Project Management that is related to assigning the client’s project to different members who should work on projects.

Inbound Marketer would be responsible to check if all the project participants are working towards the objective of campaign or not.

Content creation comes next and it associates with creating new posts and editing existing ones. The content part also deals with writing workflow emails. Inbound marketers guide the writers about the tone of the content and then they check if writers’ work is synchronized with clients’ needs or not.

After doing all this, Inbound Marketer needs to use some techniques for updating web content.

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Content optimization as per inbound strategy, content creation in automation tools, landing page creation, workflow building, blogs’ posting, the addition of new offers, adding new CTA, etc. are used for updating web content. You would be responsible for creating content that can be provided to prospects if they exchange their personal information.

In the end, weekly lead updates and monthly reporting are incorporated in the Inbound Marketing job description.

Providing result driven reports to clients is very important.

Important data and metrics that can update about the lead score and recent conversions also play very crucial parts in inbound jobs.

3. Know what an Inbound Marketing Manager does

In case you want to get top Inbound Marketing Jobs then Inbound Marketing Manager is the post that you can aim for.

You can think to make a career as Inbound Manager, if you are well aware of Search Optimization, Blogging, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Webinars, Live Events, etc.

A few other things that you would be responsible to do are-

Goals & Analytics- Setting business goals and integrating them with befitting inbound strategy and related metrics

Lead Nurturing- Right use of different content strategies to motivate leads to take the favorable actions

Social Media Posting- Use of relevant social media channels and posting of informative and engaging content that suits your business niche

Blog Writing & Posting- Asking writers to create a fixed number of quality posts per month to engage the audience and optimize the ranking of sites

Premium Content- Using white papers, research papers, e-books, sorts of content that uses researches, images, and related details

Keyword Research & SEO- Using right keyword and search optimization strategy for improving the ranking of an e-business

Lead Intelligence- Analyzing where leads are present in the sales funnel and then accordingly, integrating the lead-follow up processes

Inbound ROI- Letting clients know how Inbound Marketing is offering great returns on investments

4. Get Inbound Marketing Certifications that Industry Considers Important

To get the best-suited Inbound Marketing Jobs, it is very important that you have inbound marketing certifications with you.

Therefore, if you consider yourself well adept in all the skills that I have mentioned above, you should participate in the HubSpot exam. HubSpot is one of the pioneers in the Inbound Marketing world, and for participating in their exam; you should enroll in the HubSpot Academy.

To start with, you should go to HubSpot Academy, and click on Get Certified given over there.

Inbound Marketing Jobs

This will let you sign up on a HubSpot account. There, you will also find Inbound Marketing Learning Resources that will help you prepare and pass the exam. If you consider yourself ready for the exam, just attend it. The whole process of going through resources and participating in the exam is absolutely free.

So, get certified and open the door to some awesome Inbound Marketing career opportunities for you.

5. Learn how to get Inbound Marketing Jobs from Home

One amazing thing about Inbound Marketing Jobs is you can get projects to handle from home as well and make good money.

To get freelance Inbound Jobs, you should learn about different online branding and automation skills. You need to follow a few simple steps to get best suited Inbound Marketing Jobs from home.

The very first thing that I would advise you is to start your own blog and start optimizing that to highlight your inbound skills. You should also create an effective presence on Social networks.

Different online portals that you should follow are the Content Marketing Institute,, and Copyblogger. You should also try to master some kinds of Photoshop skills to make yourself more empowered in the inbound marketing world.

Learning and mastering SEO & SMM would also help you in getting better opportunities. Start using Lead Nurturing Tools such as as well.

As mentioned above, HubSpot Inbound Certifications will also help you in the process. Sites that you should follow to find freelance Inbound Jobs are-

  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • Truelancer
  • Peopleperhour, etc.

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Over to you!

I have shared everything that I should share to guide you make an Inbound Marketing Career.

Now, your turn has come, and the very first thing that you should do is check if your inbound skills are well adept to fit with the industry standards or not. You should also try to participate in the inbound certification exam of HubSpot to check your practical dexterity in running successful Inbound Marketing Campaigns.

In the process, if you still face some issues that are halting you from passing the exam then you should enroll yourself in an Inbound Marketing Training that can practically help you master the inbound skills.

You should join Inbound Marketing Training to learn and execute the most relevant Inbound Marketing Strategy that helps e-businesses widen their reach and ensure returns on investments.  The training will help you learn how to attract potential customers into a conversion funnel and convert Prospects to Leads using emails.

You will also practice techniques that convert traffic into leads and nurture leads via Emails.

Want to know if you are ready for Inbound Marketing Jobs or not? – Share your details in comments and our experts will personally guide you.

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