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Inbound Marketing Leads Has Highest % Of Conversion Rate

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Winning the customers’ mind is half the battle won. This is exactly what happens in an Inbound Marketing scenario. If proper lead nurturing is done, the lead conversion from ‘Prospects to Customers’ percentage will be higher with a proper follow up. The customer has done the ground work for a specific info on a product / service and does some research on the same before taking a final decision. This made the customer search for the website or links or reviews or ratings or articles or feedback given on various platforms to gather more information which will lead to satisfying his buying needs. There is no need to start a fresh sales pitch as the customer is aware about his expectations.

Ex – Take a typical example of calling “Just Dial Services” for a hotel stay. The customer service executive asks for the budget range, takes our contact info and tries to SMS / Email the details as per our query. Meanwhile, this HOT LEAD with the contact details is passed to the hoteliers who are registered with Just Dial. Immediately, we get a few calls from a minimum of 6-7 hotels in that particular area, quoting our call to ‘Justdial’. From the info given by these hotels, we can choose to decide based on the tariff / location / services offered by the hotels. This process makes our job smoother and easier in finalizing the hotel in the best possible time with the available resources.  Here in this case, Justdial which acts as a mediator between the clients and the customers.

These leads are all inbound hot leads for the hotels. Action time on the lead should be fast because the Customer wants to decide within a specific period of time. Follow up can be done through email, call or an SMS with the hotel details. These leads are treated on a top priority basis as the conversion ratio will be high and generate good revenue too. If the customer is happy with the expectations, he will be a repeated customer in the hotel too. The cost of acquisition per customer will be low when compared to any other outbound marketing channel.

This process should be like a consulting approach for these hot leads by asking relevant questions about their search query to give them a good solution. This makes the follow up more effective. The sale might not happen immediately, but can convert over a period of time.  Therefore, a proper tracking system should be in place to capitalize.

As per the Pareto Rule, 80% of the business comes from the 20% of the customers. Referrals bring in lot of potential hot leads as they hear about the product / service from their friends or relatives who bring in a loyalty and credibility towards the brand. Our buying behavior is generally influenced by the people around us and affects our decision making process.

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    • 5 years ago

      kiran   /   Reply

      agree, in bound marketing is best for conversion but it requires lot of experience and expertise

    • 5 years ago

      Tarun   /   Reply

      Very rightly said. Inbound marketing is creating stronger impact on consumer minds in the present times. Consumers no longer like just to be “led” by the marketers in the selection of a product/ service, they want to be “assisted” by them. With the customers demanding more and more customization in the products and purchasing becoming more emotional, inbound marketing will keep going in a big way in turning visitors to leads to customers to finally promoters of the brand.

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Winning customers’ mind means drawing their attention only. Ultimately the product/service has to win the confidence of the customer. Even if ‘the potential customer’ does not become a customer, at least he/she may refer to others. That is also a success. Hence, inbound strategies may not merely work for achieving ‘higher conversion rates’ but ‘creating maximum references from those who visit the page first time’. Its more than just ‘calls made’ and ‘sales made’.

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