Increnta Used Inbound Marketing To Gain 170% Increase In Web Traffic In 6 Months

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About Increnta

Increnta is a well established digital marketing agency in Spain. It has offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Colombia and Italy. Increnta is a new style interactive agency. For the last 10 years they worked with their clients to build their businesses on the internet. They focused to promote clients by publishing branded content through different social media platforms. Their motive was to increase client’s online presence through digital advertising. They always believed in 100% customer satisfaction. To achieve this they developed new strategies and a new approach. This quality made  Increnta different than its other competitors.

Increnta’s Business Objective

The objective of the company was to capture maximum numbers of clients by providing them world class service. The company believed that online presence through different social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter, etc. would definitely  improve brand value, customer acquisition, and ROI. The main motive of the company was to work with clients to grow their business online with the help of digital marketing.

Approach Adopted by Increnta

The marketing team of Increnta was spending lots of time for social media. They used different software tools for different purposes. For example, WordPress for blogging, Google analytics for web analysis, Hootsuite for social media, etc.  As these tools didn’t integrate with each other, it was difficult for team members  to track results of different software. It was bit time consuming. Though they were doing hard work for the campaign , they were not able to get the expected result. It was getting difficult for the team to execute effective digital marketing campaigns and demonstrate results to their clients. As digital marketing was changing rapidly and new competitions emerged in the Spanish market company knew that they had to develop new strategies and new business model. Increnta believed that an inbound marketing approach would help to grow their brand awareness and develop a reliable customer acquisition strategy. They had confidence, that acquiring this strategy they could increase revenue growth, retain more clients and expand into other Spanish-speaking markets as well.

“HubSpot has inspired us to approach marketing in a new way. A methodology to follow and step by step process allows us to have a clear vision of what we want to achieve, and ultimately reach those goals.”

To solve this problem marketing team decide to implement Hubspot in their overall process. The marketing team of Increnta worked with their Inbound Marketing Consultant at HubSpot to create a coherent strategy. They developed a new strategy which was based on inbound marketing. Initially they focused to create an inbound marketing campaign to convert web visitors into potential clients. They learned how to use HubSpot’s campaign tool for their different campaign elements such as an effective landing page, offers, lead generation etc.

The marketing team of Increnta used HubSpot’s blogging tool to write blogs which were focused on inbound marketing. The main aim behind blogging is to increase relevant traffic and build SEO authority. Every blog is embedded with proper call-to-action whose purpose was to guide prospects so that they could visit their new landing page. They used HubSpot’s CTA tool for creating CTA’s. To gain more exposure Increnta promoted their landing page and campaign blog posts across HubSpot’s social media channels. For this, they took help from HunSpot’s Social Inbox service. The marketing team of Increnta segmented customers on the basis of their behavior and they were added to lead nurturing workflow. They used HubSpot’s workflow tool to guide visitors through their sales funnel. It was based on visitor’s actions. As this multi-channel campaign was managed by HubSpot, it saved a lot of time of the Increnta team as compared to the previous process. With the help of HubSpot’s campaign tool marketing team could easily analyze their overall campaign success along with each element details. For example, they could easily identify total social messages, lead generation, pay-per-click, total number of visitors, etc.

By implementing inbound marketing tactic along with the HubSpot, the company started getting tangible results within 6 months. After starting the use of HubSpot for its client Increnta could share more detailed performance metrics. For any interactive agency detailed sharing of performance metrics was the key success factor. HubSpot not only saved their time, but it improved their ability for customers a return on investments. Now they could easily convince prospects by demonstrating  benefits of hiring a single agency to strategically align their company’s online presence to their marketing activities. They could easily do  this with the help of HubSpot’s integrated all-in-one software. This was much easier for the marketing team of Increnta than their previous scattered marketing process. This helped them to create a more target specific campaign and built a long term customer relationship.

The result achieved by Increnta

With the HubSpot, the team developed the proper approach and offerings to expand into new Spanish market. After hard working for six months they were getting positive results. They started offering three different products which were based on inbound marketing services. They have found that within six months since starting to use HubSpot more than 30% of new business was coming from inbound marketing efforts

“HubSpot’s helped us find the most accurate ways to target these new offerings, and we are excited about the next 6 months.”

There blog traffic was increased by 2.3 times  and web traffic was increased by 170%. Their leads were increased by 3 times as compared to previous one.

The company shared credit with their all hard working employees, along with the inbound marketing experts and HubSpot marketing tool.


For any company it is essential to stay updated with the latest technology and marketing trends. Only having quality service or product is just not enough in today’s digital market. One should think one step ahead to lead the competition. Marketing become more user specific in these days and that is the concept of inbound marketing. HubSpot did exactly the same to stay ahead in competition. They achieved tangible result of acquiring inbound marketing tactics and HubSpot marketing tool. It is very important to use the correct tactics with correct marketing tool.

Image Credit: increnta

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