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India 2014: Elections in Digital Age by Significant Leaders at India Internet Day, 2014

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TiE Delhi – NCR successfully announced another edition of the India Internet Day, 2014 with once again an opportunity  for internet players to explore a platform where a discussion and debate was conducted on internet industry and its impact.

Out of all, one of the most awaited session was India 2014: Elections in Digital Ages where the speakers discussed the significance of the elections in the Digital Age and how it will impact the country in the year 2014.

Some of the key speakers were:

  • Arvind Gupta, IT Head, BJP, with his vast knowledge and experience heads the IT segment of one of the renowned political party BJP and contributing as an asset for the same.
  • Ankur Srivastav, AAP, who is one of the most dedicated volunteers of the Aam Admi Party who helped in bringing the voice of AAP among the youth with the help of his know how in the digital world.
  • Sanjay Jha, INC,
  • Amrita Tripathi, Senior New Anchor, CNN – IBN, India, is one of the leading media professionals who successfully covered almost all the big news stories and helped CNN – IBN in reaching the heights of success.

This session took the whole of the event to another level where the country’s future through Social Media was the main portion of the discussion. Hence, some of the key elements and statements in this session were:

Arvind Gupta, IT Head, BJP:

  • This is my 20th year as Tie Member.
  • Party’s DNA use technology.
  • When rally happens on the road a lakh people see it live on webcast.
  • Overall, it is message amplifier.
  • Its just not one way communication. It is important to know what people feel.
  • It is opening up where political parties have to realize that party get active in Social Media.
  • We have a massive follower base on social media.
  • “We should talk about nicer things in debate”, in response to Sanjay Jha
  • Manifesto will be declared on Monday.
  • We tried online voting, but not been hugely successful but its is a good idea and should be implemented in future.

Ankur Srivastav, AAP:

  • Have over 400 candidates spread across the country.
  • Crowd Sourcing what we call ‘Swaraj’ came into our manifesto.
  • We get emails saying that this is the solution which we have found for AAP.
  • You can not control Social Media and that is the beauty of Social Media. The Nation is celebrating!
  • 2019 is going to be much more exciting election in terms of Social Media.
  • I don’t think parties will go away and will become no party democracy.
  • I see ideologies from different parties emerging into one cohesive ideology in future.

Sanjay Jha, INC, Congress:

  • Whenever BJP present charge sheet somebody from BJP get arrested!
  • Social Media is a platform which nobody can ignore it.
  • I have generally been told by a lot of people that “I am termed to be one of the most hated man on Twitter.”
  • If you look into the reality of India, India is complex as if you go to remote areas like UP, AP etc.
  • The crux  of the matter if you look at India’s cast it is a traditional form of reaching people is through Maha Sabha etc.
  • I really wanted to look into the manifesto of BJP.
  • As a political party, its about engaging with people.
  • Panchayti Raj is one of the most powerful.

To conclude, Social Media brought a really impressive, informative and heated discussion among the leaders of three major parties of the country.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Where traditional media fails, there is the scope for social media to succeed. Now it has been proved that it is because of engagement activities of social media, which has turned democracy into transactional, socially functional and happening phenomenon in India. The credit definitely goes to all social media experts, associated with different political platforms.

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