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Indian PM Narendra Modi: A Social Media #SuperStar 

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It is worth mentioning a fact that social media has captured the interest of millions of users. Celebrities, eminent and influential personalities are also a part of this league with regular updates, tweets, selfie updates etc. on several social media platforms. In this league, one of the most anticipated name viz, India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is leading. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been actively seeking interest by staying active on several social media platforms.


Depicted below is one of the tweets that Narendra Modi shared a month ago. This clearly reflects that he is simply and truly a social media #superstar in all forms. Quite interestingly, when it came to signally the relations with Pakistan, instead of calling for a press conference or a television speech, he tweeted.

Besides this, Narendra Modi also conveyed his ‘best wishes’ to Pakistan’s cricket team. Moreover, another Tweet by him relevant to dispatching his foreign secretary to neighboring capitals, including Islamabad stated that ““to further strengthen our ties.”

It is worth mentioning a fact that he is an ardent follower on Twitter as well as on other social media platforms which is evident from the fact that he actively sought interest in the social media services to engage in the diplomacy and built his image, apart from what other global leaders currently posses.


Besides being active on the profound social media channels viz. Facebook, Twitter etc. Narendra Modi is also extremely active on one of China’s micro blogging site Weibo as well. His inaugural post said:

“Hello China! Looking forward to interacting with Chinese friends”

The resultant factor of the same tweet was that by the late evenings of Tuesday Mr. Modi has as many as 33,000 followers on Weibo -the micro blogging site.

On Twitter, the 64-year-old politician’s posts range from serious to playful. In February, a tweet exhorted fellow citizens: “World’s interest in India is rising. We have to rise to the occasion & establish global benchmarks in governance, transparency & taxation.”

There are times that he also quotes certain ballads from Bollywood. Moreover, to promote any campaign for better sanitation, he even tweeted an animated video of himself, wherein he held a broom in his hand and was sweeping the street. The tweet stated “Enjoy :)”

His personal Twitter account (@narendramodi) accounts for more than 12 million followers. He has surpassed the followers number of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan,who has 6.3 million followers. This number is less than that of the followers of Pope Francis who has 6 million followers in English while 9 million followers in the Spanish account.

It is worth mentioning a fact that even Mr. Modi’s aides are being instructed on a regular basis via the official Twitter account @PMOIndia. The government’s overall digital strategy is managed by a network of party officials, volunteers and technology experts.

Image Credits: livemint, scoopnest

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    • 4 years ago

      Neeraj   /   Reply

      Mr. Prime Minister has used Social Media for the sweeping victory for BJP in Loksabha election 2014 and yes, he know how to market brand Modi and brand India. The team behind this all were very cleverly used organic and paid social media to send their message to the mass as well as Internet-using middle class and youngesters…

      Actually if you follow him you can learn a lot from Modi-media…

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