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Indiana Leveraged Web Analytics For Website Redesigning

Indiana Leveraged Web Analytics For Website Redesigning is the official website of the state of Indiana, USA. The website provides information about the State and a host of on-line services to its citizens. is a content rich website with copious amount of content and services.

The state of Indiana recently redesigned this web portal with latest technology and design based upon insights thrown in by nine years of web analytics data. This project was undertaken by the Program, the entity responsible for developing and maintaining the site The Program is a collaboration between Indiana Interactive and the Govt. of Indiana. Indiana Interactive is the official internet solutions provider to the Govt. of Indiana.

The design and development teams based this project on the following three factors: mobility, search and personalisation.


The main menu consists of broad categories- Business and Agricuture, Residents, Government, Education, Taxes and Finance, Visting and Playing and Family and Health as can be seen in the above picture. These are arranged horizontally in the main menu in the traditional fashion when browsed through the desktop. Another toolbar is activity and general-information related- Search, (accessing) on-line services, (accessing) services as different users, News releases, Social Media and Events, Transparency( Statistics), Help and Most visited pages. These are stacked vertically. (Seen on the left hand side of the above picture.)


Web Analytics revealed the increasing use of mobile phones to access the site. So the team adopted the ‘responsive web design technology’ for this website with the ‘mobile first’ strategy. The website was optimised for the mobile phone. This was the first website in the United States to adopt responsive web design technology.

The website has a persistent toolbar always present on the screen that points to important links. This helps the user in easily navigating the website. The user can easily shuffle between pages without having to use the ‘back’ button. The persistent toolbar at the bottom of the page is encircled in the picture below.


Recent data revealed that over 40% traffic on is through mobile devices and in case of certain agencies, even more.


Search was one of the most important activity that users performed during their interaction with As an example, there were 800 000 searches in the month of April 2015 alone. Therefore increasing the effectiveness of the search function was one of the topmost priorities of The ‘Search’ button appears very prominently on every page.

search 1 The landing page displays the search window so that the user can type in the keywords. The search query dives into the state enterprise database and news and events data and returns relevant

There were 250 000 searches within the first seven days of the deployment of the new website. The searches can be refined by further filtering based upon the agency or category.


The state created the personalisation portal ‘‘. The user can create a customised profile with links to frequently used pages. The portal has the same look and feel of This helps the user tremendously as he can arrive at his relevant pages amongst a sea of content and information. In a recent enhancement, the Government has integrated with the email or text subscription service- Gov delivery. See the picture below.


Other features

  • A new ‘IN.history’ video series about the history was introduced during the bicentennial celebrations of the state of Indiana. This was developed by Indiana Interactive. This series posts videos regarding the history of the state of Indiana every month. This makes the website more interesting to the visitor.
  • A very useful video called the ‘Take the tour’ was added to educate the visitor about the new features of the website and to walk through the website. See the top right corner of the main picture.
  • An automatic mailing and texting service called as ‘Gov delivery’ in which the subscribers get emails or text messages from relating to their topics of interest.
  • The statistics page gives complete web analytics data for chosen time periods. See the  picture below.web analytics

The web analytics data like page visits, device data, browser data etc. is available to the public. It can also be downloaded in the form of excel sheet.


Thus we find that this website serves as the official communication channel for the Government of Indiana. It gives various forms to its citizens required for Government compliance. It has various FAQs, Policy documents, registration forms, official search etc. The website has become very user-friendly after the upgradation .



One of the major focus of Governments these days is to provide e-governance. The Government of Indiana has been successful in providing e-governance through its website with latest technology, design and content management. This is proved by the fact that in the month of February 16 alone, the no of page visits are in excess of 61 million, there are more than 9000 subscribers to the personalisation portal and more than 2 million subscribers to Gov delivery.

The Government leveraged web analytics data to upgrade this website. We can conclude that web analytics helped the state of Indiana create not just a website, but a complete e-governance system.

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    AguaWeb   /   Reply

    Design, mobility, search and personalization, the four well mentioned factors of website designing. You have formed your article quite well to make sure the readers understand.

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    Thanks. Glad you liked the content.

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