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Indiana Leveraged Web Analytics For Website Redesigning

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The recent redesign and technology enhancement received by the state of Indiana’s website having insights from accumulated analytical data over years allows them to be on top of cutting edge technological changes of the client migration to mobile devices. Nine years of web analytics data was analysed and structured in 6 months and was then reflected on the website.

indiana website web analytics

Why use Analytics?

Analytics has an important role in assessing the incoming information received from the website and provides clarity on the areas which need attention.

  • Engagement – Number of page views, average visit duration, number of pages per visit, bounce rate and pages from which the user exited the site. Reworking pages which are underperforming helps to reduce bounce rate and exits.
  • To monitor mobile traffic – It’s no secret that mobile traffic is slowing outgrowing desktop traffic. A lot of desktop traffic from companies has gone down and their mobile usage has gone up by 50%. In the last one year, more than 40% of all traffic to has been from smart phones.
  • Traffic Sources – the route through which site visitors are coming from, provides bundles of critical information. Keywords and URL’s linking visitor to the site can also be extracted from these traffic sources.


It has been operating under a common look and feel since 2007 and was the first in the country to accomplish an enterprise like wide deployment of the responsive design technology that has set a standard. Indiana government is the pioneer in adopting new technology from 2015 and implementing a persistent navigation, which is one of the most innovative features of the new Indiana state website.

Persistent navigation is a series of buttons, in groups of ten, on the web page that follows the user as they scroll up or down the homepage.

Indiana website Web Analytics

This feature gives the visitor the ability to navigate through various sections of the page, and sort the categories within (Business & Agriculture, Residents, Government, Education, Taxes & Finance, Visiting & Playing, and Family & Health) without having to move their hand on a smartphone. This persistent navigation is given on the left side of the web page. As the user scrolls down, they can use the buttons to browse through each section of the page. All of the content given in each section is reverted to a consolidated roll-up view of statewide information. Clicking on the right arrow from the navigation bar, gives the options of categories in a fly-out menu allowing the user to instantly filter the content given by to a specific category desired by them with just a simple gesture of a finger or mouse. The gist of it is that all of the portal’s links are accessible from a single page and navigation element. The web site is extremely sensitive to the needs of their user, even providing customizations for the navigation panel. Users can decide whether they want the panel on the left or right side of their screens, as well as directed to a specific category. These selections can also be saved so that these changes are reflected every time the same user comes to the website.

Indiana website web analytics

As a Result

If we go by the numbers, a set of physical search applications aided over 800,000 search enquiries in the month of April. Much of the new work was done upon formerly executed advanced solution, the innovative Indiana website search conducts deep dive enquiries into the state employee directory, state news and events, and the state’s enterprise database. As the user types, the search box immediately begins populating results from these data collections, and provides search suggestions, and finally lists the top three most popular searches. Users can also filter the results instantly by category or by agency name via convenient drop downs. The new changes to the Indiana government website achieved overwhelming response as more than 2,50,000 searches were completed in the first seven days of the website launch.

For this year, the portal continues to leverage up on the success and feedback of, Indiana government’s first personalization portal. The prior version of the website allowed users to create a custom profile with a single-click access to the agencies, services, and features they access on a frequent basis. This year’s additions to the personalization of portals includes clubbing with GovDelivery, the state’s email notification system that allows constituents to self-subscribe to content and topics that are of relevant interest. Other notable features include a customized version of the Travel Advisory application and more than 27 datasets that provide insights into state transparency and local school instantly.


This is the official website of the state of Indiana ( and a service of the Indiana Office of Technology. The program is a joint effort between the Indiana state and Indiana Interactive. Indiana Interactive is the official eGovernment solutions provider for the state of Indiana. It builds and manages interactive government services on behalf of the state and is a wholly owned subsidiary of eGovernment firm NIC (NASDAQ: EGOV).

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