Inflexion Point Used Inbound Marketing To Achieve 50% Increase In Sales

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IPSP_Quote_LogoAbout Inflexion Point

Inflexion Point is a UK based company. It deals in B2B sales as well as extends its expert help in improving marketing performance.

Business Objective(s) of Inflexion Point

The company wanted to take control of its online presence, professional image and the website. It had understood the importance of these vital parameters that play a key role in boosting up online sales.

Approaches/ Strategies Adopted By Inflexion Point

The main strategies adopted by the company are content marketing and marketing analytics. The company was able to leverage the CMS i.e. Content Management System and manage its content easily and efficiently. It was able to launch fresh marketing campaigns in the shortest possible time with effective usage and maintenance of landing pages.

With the help of marketing analytics, the company was able to monitor ROI from various campaigns as well as the source of the leads. It kept a track on the origin of the traffic as well the leads. The marketing analytics helped it to understand various pitfalls and mend them well in time.


The company witnessed a robust growth in web traffic, lead generation and finally the sales. Some of the major results it obtained are as below

  • There was 400% hike in web traffic generated organically. This was a 5-times increase since 2010
  • Garnered 50% customers form inbound marketing
  • Achieved 34% increase in conversion rate on landing pages


Inbound marketing is a stable marketing type which brings in the desired results slowly and steadily. Inbound marketing consists of many marketing types and it is for the experts to decide which type to be used and in what proportion. It is true that one needs to be very patient while employing and testing inbound marketing strategies but he can be sure that the end result will be good enough to feel proud and have a loud laugh at the end.

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