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What is Influencer Marketing?

We are all aware of certain individuals over the social media who enjoy a massive fandom. These individuals are noted for all their activities on the social networking sites. Every little detail gains extravagant attention. The pages they like, the people they follow, the people tagged in their posts- literally, everything they talk about over the social media is shaped up by them as they desire. What do we call such individual? ‘Influencers’ is the word.

Influencer Marketing

influencing minds through influencer marketing

Pictorial representation of influencer marketing

The brands and companies have found an excellent, cost-effective way of promoting themselves on the social media. This is by asking/ paying/ collaborating with influencers on the social media to post in favor of the brand. This is done with the help of an appreciation post, check-in, reviews, shoutouts, etc. Thus, we can simply define influencer marketing as marketing through the word of mouth of the social media influencers for the promotion of a brand/ company. Influencer marketing is aimed at influencing the audiences i.e. the followers of the influencer. An influencer’s followers are most likely to adhere to what the influencer provokes them to do. Thus, the marketers find relative influencers in the field to promote the brand, product or service through them.

How do you know who is the right influencer for your brand?

After you have decided that you want to pick influencer marketing for your brand, you need to choose wisely who will be that influencer who can provide your brand with a favorable promotion. There are certain points that must be considered in order to choose the right influencer for your brand.

  • The image of the influencer must go well with the brand.

  • The audience of the brand and the followers of the influencer must either be same or look alike audiences.

  • The influencer you choose must be powerful enough to impact the decision making of the buyers.

Traditional vs Digital – Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is an old concept which has prevailed in the traditional advertisements for ages. With the Digital era at its highs and digital ads overshadowing the traditional ads, the concept of influencer marketing has infused into the digital promotions as well. The advertisers have always used the influencers to promote the brand and persuade the buyers such that they prefer their products over the competitors. We have all seen several ads where a celebrity, sportsperson, etc.’s goodwill is being used to influence the buyers. However, the term given to it is a brand endorsement, though, the base concept is the same.

traditional influencer marketing

Brand endorsements by celebrities

The ads on our television are clear enough examples of  Influencer Marketing India. The brands choose celebrities in accordance with the audience of their own brand and the success graph of the celebrity. These things are considered because these factors influence the target audience.

We have seen how traditional advertisements made use of Influencer marketing. Now let’s take a look at the digital use of influencer marketing. The new media is actively exploiting influencer marketing for brand promotion. Just like an influencer was chosen for advertisements to promote a product or brand. Similarly, an influencer promotes the product/service over the social media channel.

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The traveling couple of Instagram- Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen

Considering the example of Instagram I can quote from personal experience, there are a lot of individuals who gain a huge following on the social media platform and thus gain the power of influencing minds with their posts. It is very likely that people follow only those individuals, whose updates they want and who they find inspiring. Thus, when such an individual, who is been followed by many, posts a favorable post for a brand, a wide percentage of the followers will be redirected to that brand’s page. This is why we call them influencers.

The Business Insider published a story on the couple who travels the world and earns up to $ 9000 for a single post of Instagram. Jack Morris with Doyoutravel as his Instagram handle and Lauren Bullen with Gypsea_lust as her Instagram handle, are living their dream lives at the young age of 26 and 24, respectively. This couple with millions of followers on Instagram charges nothing less than $ 3000 for a single post. Inspiring ! isn’t it?

They met in Fiji and instantly fell for the shared passion. They have been traveling ever since. They travel and get paid for promoting hotels, places, companies, etc. A major promotion is done for their sponsorers on Instagram, proportionate to the money paid or spent on the trip. This looks like the sweetest barter system ever. Take a look at their Instagram handle.

influencer marketing source

Jack Morris (Do you travel) – Instagram Influencer

influencer marketing

Lauren Bullen (gypsea_lust)- Instagram Influencer

They are doing what they love and are earning a 6 figure sum for it. This is the blessing of the paradigm shift in the communication industry, the changing trends of influencer marketing followed by the digital evolution. There are several people who still refuse to accept the power of the social media. As a matter of fact, it must be understood that social media has become an essential part of our lives. Today, every individual has an access to the social media. Thus, digital influencer marketing, for example, Instagram Influencer Marketing is much more impactful than you can imagine it to be.

YouTube Influencer Marketing

The youth is actively participating in the paradigm shift of the mass communication. There was a time when written content was considered to be the most powerful content. Here, we are today, where videos seem to have completely overshadowed the boring texts. Thus, the video age is witnessing several Vloggers who are influencing minds with the videos they post.

The brands who are well versed with the power of videos definitely include YouTube influence marketing in their promotional strategy. YouTube influencer marketing is done with the help of Youtubers who have a good number of subscribers. Such Youtubers are asked to give reference to the company for the promotional purpose. The Youtuber is picked according to the genre they work on. The relativity of the genre of the youtube channel with the company’s target audience.

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What are the tools for influencer marketing?

By now, we are well versed with the concept of influencer marketing. We know that influencer marketing is an indirect form of promotion, where the brands collaborate with local influencers to market their product/ services through word of mouth (here, via social media). Well, now how to find the perfect influencer who fits in well with all the parameters you have decided as per your influencer marketing strategy.

Here you go! we have prepared a list of the best tools for influencer marketing to ease your task.

1. FollowerWonk

tool for finding influencer marketers

Follower Wonk – find influencers on Twitter

Follower Wonk is a very effective and easy to use, tool by Moz. This tool enables you to find the influencers on Twitter. All you have to do is select the required parameters as per your influencer marketing strategy. The parameters may include location, keyword, followers, following, the number of tweets, etc. Using this tool, you can simply make a list of the relevant influencers you would like to get in touch with and further narrow down the list by cross-checking with the check-list.

2.  BuzzSumo

tool for influencer marketing

BuzzSumo- tool for influencer and top finding

BuzzSumo is a tool which brings together the two most important tasks i. e. sharing analytics and finding the influencer . It is very easy to use. You can begin your search using a keyword. BuzzSumo will show you the most popular write-ups related to that keyword along with who wrote it. This makes it so easy for you to pick the most appropriate influencer according to the search ranking of their blogs.

The different requirements can be easily selected with the help of the filters which are infused to bifurcate different categories from each other like blogger, journalist, agencies, etc.

It is especially helpful for the content marketers as the tool allows them to easily find out which topic is performing well and who is behind it. Accordingly, they can select the desired influencer with a following of the audience similar to as required by the searcher.

For instance, if a PR agent is searching for a food blogger specifically, she can simply select the food blogger category, review the most popular blogs and accordingly pick the influencers she wants to associate with.

3. Trendspottr for Instagram

tool for influencer marketing

Trendspottr- influencer finder for Instagram

This tool shows the most popular pictures, videos, tags, and topics at a particular point on Instagram. Trendspottr paves way for the researcher to get in touch with the influencer very easily. You get a list of the most popular trending tags on the site. When you use the popular hashtags in your Instagram posts you will immediately see the results in terms of likes, comments and follows. The Instagram search uses hashtags to display relevant results.

4. StreamView for Instagram

StreamView is another influencer marketing tool which helps you find the list of the most influential people who are sharing and posting in a local area. You can search the influencers by simply searching for the tags, by location or by people. The tool helps you find a list of the local influencers whom you can contact. You can get in touch with these influencers for social media promotions.

Since these influencers operate locally, the local audiences can be impacted very well with the help of these influencers. You can ask them to promote on multiple social networking sites to reach your audience which is following them.

5. UTM Parameters

Tool for influencer marketing

Short text codes used by UTM parameters tool

This analysis parameter works with the help of short text codes which are added to the  URL of the blog. When the same link is being used by the influencers on their own channel for the purpose of promotion. These short text codes enable you to check the traffic earned from one particular post.

This metric instrument is particularly helpful in judging the leads generated through the promotional posts by an influencer. The overall performance of the promotional posts can be monitored and analyzed with the help of UTM Parameters.

6. Facebook’s Pixel

Facebook ad analysis tools

Facebook pixel- influencer marketing tool

Facebook’s Pixel is a free feature of Facebook to measure the conversions from a Facebook ad. This tool enables us to build an audience and retarget it time and again. If the influencer marketing strategy of a company includes Facebook ads, the company may additionally use pixel’s remarketing feature to widen the horizons of the influencer. Thus, getting a better end result.

7. Kred

Imagine how tedious it would have been to measure the influence of an influencer if Kred didn’t exist. But thanks to the software engineers who developed Kred. This tool enables us to measure the influence of any social personality, on any medias using various metrics.

Say, if you are planning to get in touch with an influencer who supposedly has a huge following on Twitter. You can simply find the influence and outreach level. The influence of an individual on a particular platform is measured by calculating the points for the number of tweets, posts, follows, mentions, retweets (posted by the influencer) etc. on a particular media.

The outreach level is measured by analyzing the frequency of retweets (other’s tweets), replies, mentioning other people, etc.

8. Twtrland

tool for influencer marketing

Twtrland – tool for finding influencers on Twitter

Twtrland is an amazing tool that helps you to get insights of the influencers who are already in touch with you. With the help of this tool, you can segregate the influencers in various categories such as Celebrities, Power Users, Casual and Novice. Twtrland is an app which saves you from the naive decision of targeting the followers of popular celebrities. Instead, provide you with a list of influencers who share the target audience with you. 

Twtrland has some incredibly amazing demographic features that help you pick the influencers based on relevance. This tool helps you to analyze the type of people who follow a particular influencer. Thus, you can accordingly decide if the following of the influencer is the kind of audience, you want to target. This demographic bifurcation increases your chances of choosing the right audience.

9. Right Relevance Pro

influencer marketer finder tool

Right Relevance Pro- find the right influencer

This app does the ranking of the industry influencers for you. Thus, from the list, you can choose the relevant influencers who would be useful from the promotion point of view. These industry influencers have built a trust over the years which can be used to widen your reach as they promote your business through an engaging piece of content. The content can be anything from a few phrases combined, a video, an image or plain text. Here, the promotion uses the goodwill to influence the audiences.

10. PeerIndex

tool for influencer marketing

PeerIndex – Find industry influencers

PeerIndex is a tool owned by Brandwatch that follows the philosophy that mere followers and likes cannot determine the influence of an individual’s presence on the social media. PeerIndex believes that the influence of an individual’s presence on the social media. PeerIndex believes that the influence of an influencer should be measured with the help of a context. A context that is relevant in determining the number of sales (conversions), the power of building a conversation with the posts. This is the phenomena on which PeerIndex is based.

Another point considered by this tools while finding an influencer is analyzing an influencer’s expertise on a particular topic. For example, a person who is an expert in finances must not be chosen to promote furniture. That would be as lame as a warning on a cigarette box.

To conclude

Digital influencer marketing has infused into our daily lives with such an ease that even though we are subject to the promotions we have become very accepting of it. Digital influencer marketing is especially useful to the marketers due to the increase in the online shopping. This creates a relevancy between the digital influencer marketing and digital stores.

Thus, the stores that operate online find influencer marketing to be a convenient and cost-effective option. All they have to do is collaborate/ get in touch with the social media influencers and ask them to upload a promotional post on their profiles or pages. Since the influencer is chosen in consideration with his followers in order to reach the target audience. The post of the follower works as a word of mouth promotion for the company. Thus, to conclude it would be quite appropriate to state that if the plan is laid according to the factors influencing marketing strategy, it is capable of generating a big number of leads.

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