Influitive Leveraged Email Marketing To Increase The Open Rate By 25%

by | Jun 9, 2014 | Case Studies, Email Marketing

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indexAbout  Influitive: A leading advocate marketing expert that has helped B2B companies and marketers to build advocate communities that invite customers, partners and employees to support campaigns, refer new leads, provide positive product reviews, recommendations, testimonials etc. They have successfully helped many companies through their specifically designed advocate marketing softwares.

Influitive’s Business Objectives:  Influitive wanted to launch a new product (advocate marketing software) through an email marketing campaign that had the objective of creating buzz among its customer base.

Strategy / Approaches Adopted By Influitive: Influitive Marketing Team worked on an email campaign that they wanted to be different from other previous campaigns. They adopted the following methodology to achieve the business objective for the product launch:

  • The team worked on an email copy that emphasized on the product features. The email showed a catchy header image that was a representation of the product feature,comparing the referral program to building friendly relationship. Also the email contained a link directed to a landing page which showed the same image, but a broad explanation of the new product.
  • The team came up with a subject line, an out of the box analogy comparing the product feature to a personal thing which everyone can relate to. The idea was to bring about a successful customer engagement.
  • Finally the team decided to segment the customer database. The initial email was sent to customers whom they had already engaged with. Based on the success rate and the outcome, mails were sent to the remaining segment.

Results Achieved By Influitive: The product launch email campaign was a big success with 25% increase in open rate. This was a huge turn over for Influitive since previous email campaigns had all seen a drop in open rates year after year.

Learnings:  Influitive Team learned that to best engage the customers through an email campaign, it was essential to add creative elements as well as connect with customers on a personal level.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    In the case studies, it is desirable that the location, year of establishment of the agency or company, founder and portfolios will be mentioned in the opening paragraph.


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