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icon175x175Gone are the days when sunset meant people had to return home. In the 21st century, people love to hang out all day, especially in a happening city like Delhi. People throng  the city’s swanky restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, popular discotheques, bistros and recreation spots, regardless of whether it’s the weekend or not.  When it comes to raising a toast, Delhiites don’t let an opportunity slip by.

The picture isn’t all rosy! Some people tend to make last-minute plans, some are not aware of the events happening around them and others may back down because of money constraints. The panacea?  Instabounce.

About Instabounce

Instabounce or the ‘hang out guide’ is an app created by Harman Sawhney this year. It provides a list of selected last-minute events for everyone at discounted prices and sometimes free of cost too. There is a wide array of events to cater to all possible types of choices that people may have. Its USP is last minute bookings. Events happening only in Delhi, for instance wine tasting events, music concerts, cultural festivals, parties etc. are chosen by the app. It bridges the gap between the event organizers and spontaneous planners. The app recently won funding worth Rs. 10 lakh at the Entrepreneurship Summit held in IIT, Bombay. The competition included over 200 startups, out of which 10 were chosen for the prize. Instabounce presented itself in front of investors at the event and won the above mentioned funding. It was also shortlisted for the Google Android Apps Expo 2015, held in Bangalore on 28th February.

The Advent of Instabounce

Harman Sawhney liked organizing parties in his school and continued doing so in college. He did small jobs like table reservations to understand event management better. He has been involved with the industry for the past five years. Over the years, he realized that most people book tickets and make reservations for events at the last minute, but there is no efficient way to do so. This is what motivated him to develop a nightlife portal. Sawhney has been involved with events like the Sunburn festival and has worked with musicians like Hardwell, AfroJack and David Guetta.  After working in the event management industry for a long time, I realized that there is a social disconnect between the event organizers and customers. Organizers, more often than not, are in trouble to fill the last minute organized parties and customers are unable to find the desired events around the town”, he says. “So we came up with the idea of Instabounce, to make a bridge between the two” adds the 23 year old engineer from Amity.

 How It Works


screen568x568Instabounce has partnered with 35-40 event organizers in Delhi whose events are listed on the portal. There are three simple steps to use the app: Browse, Book and Bounce. The user needs to log in first. He can then browse through a list of exciting events in the category of food, wine, comedy, clubbing, karaoke etc., happening that night. Details of the selected event are displayed and user confirmation is needed to make the reservation for the same. After the booking is completed, an e-ticket of the event is generated and the user needs to make the payment(if any) at the venue. The user is now ready to bounce!

Statistics and Revenue

There have been more than 15,000 downloads of the app and over 500 events have been partnered with. Around 2900 reservations were made in the first month of launch and 90 per cent 5 star reviews have been received till date. The company is witnessing a 15-20 per cent monthly rise in revenue. While it is still utilizing the money it won from the IIT-Bombay competition, the funds also come from the commission that the event organizers are charged with. The commission is decided on the basis of the number of users who make bookings via the app. The three member team makes more than 4000 bookings a month. Users are not charged any money for using the app.

Future Scope

Harman believes that the app has immense scope of improvement. He wants to make it more personalized for users by giving suggestions based on their likes and dislikes along with those of places visited and recommended by their friends. All this would be incorporated in the second version of the app. Instabounce wants to expand its base and will do so by launching the app in Mumbai in about a month and a half. Plans to spread to other cities are also in the pipeline. The founder adds, “The idea is to create an ecosystem for event creators, artists and users alike.” Since Instabounce caters to only nightlife events, it hasn’t faced much competition yet.

The future of Instabounce depends on how effectively it meets its goals and how well it stands out for the users.

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