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Instagram As An Effective Marketing Tool For QSRs

Instagram As An Effective Marketing Tool For QSRs



Since the time Instagram has been acquired by Facebook in 2012, it is rewriting history. This mobile-based social media app which is fueled with photos and short-videos everyday, has given a new dimension to visual marketing.

Being mobile-friendly and easy to navigate, this social media site has more than 400 million active users and around 3.5 billion photo likes every day.

Instagram has proven to be an effective marketing platform for modern generation, offering immense opportunities to businesses to effectively share  short messages and photos with their socially engaged audiences. Through Instagram, businesses narrate their visual brand story and motivate the consumers to generate and share their real-time content in the form of photos and videos, which in turn builds more credibility for the brand.


The visual experience  of the food acts as an anchor to attract the attention of the target audience and create a more long lasting impression in the minds of consumers. This makes restaurant marketers emphasize more on the way the food is presented and portrayed in the photos, rather than just focusing on taste.27DA0B1400000578-3050116-Taking_a_good_food_picture_for_Instagram_requires_thought_planni-a-12_1430212889456

Earlier in order to effectively connect with the customers, brands started creating a dominant place for themselves in the digital space and shared visually appealing photographs of their offerings. With time the trend changed and the marketers started embracing the real pictures of their products posted by their customers on social media sites. These real images clicked by customers were able to garner more publicity and credibility for the brand than the professionally clicked images.

Instagram enhances the brand’s social presence and online community by empowering them to engage with their consumers in a unique and personal way.


Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts and Mc Donald’s are among the few of the popular QSRs who engage with their consumers through Instagram.


For those businesses who still have not jumped into Instagram, here are few reasons which will make you think again and consider Instagram as an advertising tool.

#1 Reach customers on the go

Instagram is widely used by mobile users making them just one click away from the brand. Apart from just viewing the photos, Instagram enables the consumers to instantly post the photos after being clicked with their smartphones.

instagram-keyboard-app-take-pictures-photos-picsIn addition to convenience, Instagram provides a bouquet of photos to the consumers  giving better insight to the products offered by a particular brand.

#2 Promote your brand in a unique way

The visual marketing platform opens up new avenues for the brand to promote their products in every innovative way that can be imagined. The various Instagram features provide a plethora of themes, backgrounds and photo enhancers to make the photos visually appealing in order to attract the relevant target audiences.

#3 Use of Hashtags increases brand visibility

In an ocean of images, hashtags are the most powerful anchor to find relevant images. Hashtags not only gives the brand better visibility but also the convenience to manage the images specific to campaigns.tumblr_inline_o2cjrbnanX1tayze1_540

Hashtags also helps the brand to conduct market research in order to better understand and analyze the latest trends.

#4 Create contests and campaigns to drive consumer engagement

Instagram is a popular platform to run image related campaigns and contests by tagging with a particular hashtag, which makes it easier for the consumers to participate and for brands to search for their campaign pictures.

These campaigns and contests help the brand widen their Instagram followers and influence engagement.



1. Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry was one of the first brands to run advertising on Instagram and build a user base of 9.8 million people with a 32-point increase in brand recall. This renowned ice cream brand has been using Instagram to drive awareness about their new flavors, fun and values.

3-ben-jerrys_583148Ben and Jerry’s Anchorman ice cream campaign, was a 8 day long initiative wherein the brand posted four sponsored images on Instagram featuring their new “Scotchy Scotch Scotch” flavor ice cream in a carton, cone and cloud imagination. They targeted users of age 18-35 years in the U.S managing the frequency of the ad in such a way that on an average it reaches each user only three times. The large number of audiences in Instagram ensured that the ad reaches millions of people in turn influencing 17% of people who saw the ad.


Another campaign called #CaptureEuphoria invited fans to post photos on Instagram with a tag #CaptureEuphoria, depicting their intense feeling of joy. All these tagged images were displayed in Capture Euphoria gallery and the best 20 fan photos were used in Ben and Jerry’s ads, making the fans look like a celebrity.

2. McDonald’s

download (1)In Poland, McDonald’s wanted to raise awareness about campaign “I crave for a Mac”, positioning itself as a brand that satisfies hunger. Working around the thought that “A hungry person imagines food everywhere”, McDonald’s created a series of fun and engaging ads that garnered 57-point increase in brand recall.

3. KFC

Ever since 1970, KFC has managed to lure the Japanese population with its secret recipes integrating fried chicken into their culture. As the brand noticed that its consumer base is growing old, thus KFC Japan created an Instagram campaign aiming to deliver message to the younger generation that “KFC can provide uplifting moments”.

Using creative images, the brand was successful to deliver the message and drove a 44 point uplift in ad recall.

Over the years Instagram has proved to be a valuable marketing tool to connect with the relevant users in a very innovative way. As customers look out for personal experiences with the brand, thus Instagram allows the consumers to generate and share real time content with the brand, enabling the brand to engage and connect with its audience effectively.

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