Learn Instagram Influencer Marketing in 7 Simple Steps

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It is always necessary to be at the top of your game when it comes to marketing your products. Keeping tabs on what’s trending and what’s in; is important when it comes to devising online marketing strategies. One such trend that is gaining lots of prevalence is Instagram Influencer Marketing

Actually, when it comes to online marketing, one strategy that can benefit your brand is building a strong presence in social media platforms. This is especially vital if you are a start-up and want to make your name known to the world.

Influencer Marketing Content Delivers 11X Higher ROI than Traditional Forms of Digital Marketing.

Truth to be told there are many marketing policies that you may adopt like investing in Facebook ads or banner ads or even investing in content marketing, but the question is- Are they going to work well for you and bear the desired results?

All these tactics sure do work but one tactic that has been seen to give huge returns on investments in recent times is, getting hold of an Instagram influencer marketing.

It’s been just 7 years when Instagram was launched and already 800 million users are reported to be active in this social media platform in a month.

Moreover, 51% of the Instagram users say that they visit the app at least once a day and 35% have confessed to visiting it multiple times a day.

Instagram was able to capture everyone’s attention as soon as it was launched.instagram influencers

The success story of Instagram is splendid. But let’s use this success story of Instagram to write your own!

Let’s walk you through the process of Instagram Influencer Marketing:

Steps to Learn Instagram Influencer Marketing

1. Understand What Instagram Influencer Marketing is

Instagram Influencer Marketing Source - Internet Marketing School

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram influencers are people who have great knowledge about a subject and have utilized that to build a huge following of people who trust each advice or information that the Instagram Influencers share.

Now, Instagram Influencer Marketing in the simplest terms means to make use of the reach and trust the influencer has to promote your brand.

Why go for Instagram Influencer Marketing?

Well, let’s take a scenario where you view an advertisement on T.V about a moisturizing cream and after some days, your close friend is singing praises about the same cream.

Out of the two, which situation is going to have more impact on you to decide to buy that moisturizing cream? We sure know which one influences us more. This is the same effect that Instagram influencer marketing has

The second advantage that Instagram influencer marketing entails is that when you choose an influencer who works in the same niche as your brand then it instantly gets you the access to your target audience or potential customer.

2. Create Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy

Now that you have decided that getting on with Instagram Influencer Marketing is the right marketing tactic for your brand, you can’t just jump right into it.

You need to do some planning on how you are going to go about it. Basically, you need to create a strategy.

The first thing you should be clear about is- What do you want out of this for your brand?

Having a clear idea about this is going to help you devise how you are going to make the influencer promote your brand so that your influencer can come up with some ideas with the content that will serve the purpose.

Second, you have to decide whether you want a long-term or short-term association with the Instagram Influencer. The short-term association can be for a product launch or for some events.

Whereas, you can go for the long-term association where the influencer will be like an ambassador and post contents pertaining to your brand over several months.

Third, always remember to brief the Instagram Influencer on your brand and what it stands for. It will then be easy for them to come up with the right kind of content.

Choosing Instagram Influencer Agency can also help you in this, as they let you choose the most personalized Influencer Marketing Platform for you.

3. Find the right Instagram Influencers for your Business

When going for Instagram Influencer Marketing, it is imperative to choose the right influencer.

The first thing to consider here is to look for influencers who work in the same area as the product. For example: If your business involves beauty products like makeup then go with the person who gives makeup reviews and recommendations.

The second thing to keep in mind is that not all the influencers are right for your marketing plan.

Many Instagram influencers out there have thousands of followers, but you have to look for the one who matches with the personality of your brand. Reaching too many people is not as important as it is to reach the right people!

Another simple way of finding an Influencer is searching for hashtags# associated with your industry and niche. E.g. if you run a restaurant, search for #foodie.

Instagram influencer marketing -Source- foundr


4. Learn how to Pitch Influencers to Convince them

Don’t be fond of the idea that since you are offering them money or some other perks that they will just jump on the idea of doing work with you.

Influencers mostly share thoughts and ideas about the products they firmly believe in and want to extend that to their followers to reinforce their follower’s trust in them.

The right influencers that can help you achieve your business goals are most often going to be meticulous which bids well for your brand.

Now, the question is how to approach them?

Well, when you want your choice of influencer to work with you, you have to show some sincerity on your part.

Don’t be that casual enough to just drop in a DM announcing that you are going to pay them the money to promote your brand.

It will be more appropriate on your part if you start your message or mail first stating that you appreciate their work and are impressed with what they are doing.

Then go on to discuss what you are interested to have them work with you to market your products and draw out a process that will lead to discussion and finally get them convinced to do the same.

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5. Create Impressive Content for Influencers to Publish

Just getting the right Instagram influencer doesn’t get your job of Instagram Influencer Marketing done.

The most important part of the whole process that will decide the success of this Influencer Marketing Strategy is to create content that is impressive and that persuades people to buy your product.

How you do that?

The first thing you should consider is creating a hashtag that will be posted by all the influencers when they share their pictures or videos with their audience.

In this way, the audience will get to know which brand is behind the awesome pictures of their favourite Instagram idol.

Do not mess with the creative process of the Instagram Influencer- They know how to generate interest in people and engage the audience. There is a reason they have such a huge following. Moreover, they know their audience.

Let them come up with their own ideas to generate good content. Trust their process of creativity for Instagram Influencer Marketing of your product so that it just doesn’t appear to be an ad.

But, be sure to check in if everything is on track and give approval when everything looks good.

Another thing to keep in mind is to follow guidelines that require influencers to disclose when it is an ad or a sponsored content.

Paying heed upon all this will make your Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaign be result driven. You can also take guidance from Instagram Influencer Agency in your initial stage of creating an effective Instagram Influencer Marketing strategy.

6. Track & Monitor your Efforts

After you are done with approaching the influencer, creating the content and posting it- It is now the right time to see how the marketing campaign is actually working.

Without measuring the results, you will not know whether your Instagram Influencer Marketing tactic was a hit or a flop.

Now measuring the results and determining whether it worked or not all depends on what goals you had in mind. To determine how many products were actually sold you probably need to track the influencer’s link.

For brand awareness goals, you can simply employ the Instagram analytics that will let you know about how many people viewed the post, were engaged by it, shared the post or used the hashtags.

7. Know the right Instagram Influencer Marketing Platforms for you

In step-3, we had discussed how important it is to find the right influencer for you- But, doing this can be quite a daunting task if you do not the most effective way of doing it.

That is where the Instagram Influencer Marketing Platforms come.

They help you in Influencer discovery, Campaign Management, Relationship management, Third Party Analytics, Influencer marketplace, Influencer Content Amplification and so on.

Some of the most popular Instagram Influencer Marketing platforms for you are-


Instagram Influencer Marketing

Upfluence Instagram Influencer Platform

(i) This one is one of the most preferred platforms that help in targeting influencers on all of the main social channels including Instagram & blogosphere.

(ii) You can purchase this one at a comparatively low cost than its competitors and it is quite good for small and medium-sized businesses.

(iii) Some of the most famous clients of this one are Microsoft, Ralph Lauren, PayPal & Revfluence.


Instagram Influencer Marketing

Revfluence Instagram Marketing Platform

(iv) This one is going to be highly effective for you in drawing in high profile clients

(v) You can get the best tools for the different stages of your Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaign by using Revfluence.

Different stages that it covers are-

(a) Campaign Creation

(b) Campaign Lifecycle Management

(c) Digital Term Sheets

(d) Product Tracking

(e) Content Collaboration

(f) Trackable Sales Links

(g) Creator Performance Spreadsheet

(h) Campaign Analytics

(i) Payments, etc.


Instagram Influencer Marketing

NeoReach Instagram Marketing Platform

(i) It is quite effective in connecting brands with Instagram Influencers.

(ii) To use it, you would require to pay an annual fee which will be decided as per your specific needs.

(iii) Its campaign management tools will also be quite useful in helping you manage your campaigns.

Start Implementing Influencer Marketing Strategies Now!

After going through all these steps, it is very important for you to start implementing them in the right ways to multifold your profits in the digital marketing space.

Hopefully, by now, you must have understood the concept of Instagram Influencer Marketing, how to find the right influencers & how can Instagram influencer agency can help.

In addition, you yourself can become a Social Media Influencer!

And the only thing you need to do for this is joining a relevant Social Media Marketing Course that covers all the key idiosyncrasies of Instagram Influencer Marketing.

Still having any doubts, or want to know how you can make the right Influencer Marketing Strategy for your business? – Talk to our experts now.

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