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Instagram Tips & Tricks For 2015

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instagramInstagram, since its inception wasn’t a massive hit but over the past two-and-a- half years it has created quite a stir in the social media industry with its features, up to date changes, facilities updated with modern technologies and the variety of famboyant filtering options that it has come up with in it. In today’s times, a smart phone without an instagram account of an individual is almost an implausible case. It is not necessary one has to be messianic about photography and stuffs related to it, but, Instagram is a favourite social media platform among maximum social media users across the globe. Youngsters and celebs, precisely. It is needless to say that these days wherever we go, whatever we get to put our hands on, we make it a point to make the moment photographed and upload it on various social media platforms. Instagram and Facebook are the most chosen platforms in this circumstance. Users of Instagram are called ‘igers’ in short and mostly hashtagged ‘#igers of ….(say the name of a particular city where one resides)’.

2015 is the year, Instagram has come up with some cool and awesome tips and tricks for its users to make Instagram more user friendly and No.1 photography-centric smart phone application provider. Some of which has been discussed below. Have a look :


Keep your Instagram account safe,making it private

Instagram addresses this issue with an option that helps user to keep their account private. What it’ll do is that it will leave you in charge of the people who’ll then be allowed to follow you. But as we know, when our account is not private, practically any possible person can start following us. So, making your account private would be the best deal if you don’t wish random people to follow you and stalk your profile.

You can keep your datas saved whilst using Instagram

A good solution to these issues is the option, option of using less data that Instagram provides. For this, you’ll need to go to the options menu and then tap on Cellular Data use.Tapping on cellular data use will provide you the option that says “Use Less Data”. Tap on this option for efficient data usage.

Add hashtags post each photo uploads

Instagram does not allow us to edit what we have written in our posts like Facebook does, so instead of worrying over the hashtag that you missed, what you can do is that you can post those required hashtags in a comment below your post. They’ll work in the same way as your hashtag in the description works.

Geo-tagging in Instagram

It is rare that we forget the place where we clicked a picture, but if you have people asking you the same again and again, then what you can do is that you can geo-tag the images that you post. Geo-tagging is nothing but a way to tag the picture with the place where you clicked it.For this, whenever you share a photo, just select the option that says “Add to Photo Map”, and your image will be saved to the photo map and you and others will then be able to see the place where your picture was clicked.

Remove a tag on Instagram

Removing a tag in Instagram with ease is quite flexible now. Instagram has a solution to cope up with this issue as well, but for this, you would first need to go to the image that you are tagged in. Once you have opened the image, tap on 3 dot button symbol (symbolizing options) on the bottom right, upon clicking, you’ll see an option that says Photo Options, click on it and you’ll see further options. Now at the last stage, you’ll need to look for the option that says Remove Tag, press it to straightaway remove the tag from that photo.

Using photo editor in Instagram

Instagram can also be used as a photo editor; all you need to do is put your phone on flight mode and then click pictures using Instagram, edit them and publish them. An error will come up saying that the upload failed, but in your gallery you’ll be able to find the edited images.

Put your Instagram photos as a poster

You can get your Instagram photos printed on a poster, all you need to do is to visit “” , and click on Connect with Instagram.Upon clicking on Connect with Instagram and then upon authenticating, you’ll be asked to select the users whose pictures you would want to have on a poster. Clicking on any of the users would display all the pictures posted by that user in a specified time frame. Now you’ll be asked to select the images from the images provided on the screen, so that they can be added to your poster. If you don’t select any image, all the images presented to you on the page will appear on the poster.

Instagram collage : A combination of multiple pictures from Instagram

Users at Instagram must have seen the craze that people have with making collages, and thus they came up with another app called “Layout”. This app allows you to put a number of pictures in a single image, or in other words, allows you to make a collage. Just download this app to let the magic unfold.First of all you would need to select the images, next up you’ll need to decide a layout for them, and finally you would be given the option to make edits namely mirror, replace and flip. You can then share the picture wherever you want.

Best content on Instagram

Discovering the best content on Instagram is a new addition in the app.An app which does the above mentioned thing like a charm is “Huntgram”. As of now, Huntgram is available only for iOS. What it does is that it helps you to tailor fit your Instagram feed according to the country, category, hashtag and many other preferences. You can also look for the most influential users on Instagram using this application. Its publisher mentions that Huntgram is an application that can help you find what you want in a fast and easy manner, and it is quite evident from the description that the words of publisher are what this app stands by.

That’s all about Instagram Tips & Tricks 2015.

Image Credits : thewire, nycwebdude

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