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Instagram’s Video Count Feature Would Boost Video Marketing Campaigns

Instagram’s Video Count Feature Would Boost Video Marketing Campaigns

Currently, marketers have shifted their focus on online advertising because the expenses incurred for conducting a campaign is much lesser than the conventional media vehicles. Competition is an external factor that cannot be controlled overnight. However, making a note on how consumers access and use information can help a marketer to design campaigns accordingly. Most of the time, prospects love to spend time on those online platforms that offer them the opportunity of interacting through pictures and videos. Among all such platforms, Instagram is heading the way with around 200,000 advertisers running their campaigns every month. The number is likely to increase as Instagram has announced the inclusion of video counts.

Instagram Would Launch Video Count Feature

Currently, Instagram has 400 million users worldwide approximately. In the hope of tapping targeted customers, you may have opened an account on this social media platform. You may also try to figure out whether anyone has associated himself or herself with your brand story. Instagram has announced that it would display the view count under the video where you see the number of likes.

What Has Instagram to Say About View Count?

According to Instagram, views act as feedbacks for videos. The view count feature has already been included in social media platforms like Vine and YouTube. For the past six months, viewers spend approximately 40% of their time on watching videos on Instagram.

Instagram officials are having the opinion that incorporating the view count feature is important as this helps in analyzing the intentions of the viewers. View count also helps marketers to understand how viewers engage with videos.

The Impact of Video Advertising Would Increase

The move to include view counts on Instagram would dominate video advertising. Instagram suggested that every part of the video watched would drive value. Currently, the change is becoming noticeable when Instagram announced that it would Android and iOS device users to switch between accounts. This kind of capability makes businesses and marketing campaign developers to use Instagram easily for fulfilling their business goals.

The plan of introducing view count feature would attract branded contents, which viewers like to go through most of the time that result in purchase making decision. This way, marketers can gain more Instagram likes.

The Effect on Video Marketing with the Rising Mobile Usage

Video has recently become a huge area of focus for Instagram. The company claims that viewers spend substantial time on watching videos every day. YouTube also claims that viewers spend hundreds of millions of hours in watching videos a day. However, YouTube does not reveal specific statistics on video usage.

At the same time, ad spends on videos is expected to touch $9.59 billion this year in the US. This would be a growth of 28.5% with the rise in mobile usage. Instagram is expected to generate $1.48 billion revenue from mobile advertising. Instagram would represent 20.1% of total mobile ad revenues of Facebook. YouTube generated $4.28 billion from the mobile ads in 2014.

Facebook is putting its best efforts for boosting views on its platform. Facebook has added number of new features like live streaming to compete with Twitter-owned Periscope. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook said that content creators would earn a revenue share from video views.

The new view count feature on Instagram would be available over next couple of weeks. The count feature would appear close to the area where you see a number of likes. You would be able to view the number of likes on your videos by clicking the “views” option. According to Instagram, keeping an eye on video updates would allow businesses to design robust marketing campaigns.

Author Bio – Charlie Brown is a content marketing specialist. He designs marketing strategies for his clients where they get more Instagram likes and followers.

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