How To Become An Internet Marketing Manager

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Companies hire Internet Marketing Managers for the management of all the digital platforms and associated professionals.  To simply put, managers manage the whole processing of a system and so does an Internet Marketing Manager, but on the web.

From digital marketing executives, SEOers, Analytics and SEM experts to Content Marketer, Copywriter and Inbound Marketers, everyone comes under the radar of an Internet Marketing Manager- Who channelizes them as per their core competencies for ensuring the success of company’s business objectives.

If you opt for this job profile, you would be required to have the immaculate amalgamation of- good knowledge of the web, Digital Marketing Landscape, and result-driven business acumen.

Creating brand awareness, increasing lead generation, optimizing customer engagement, automating conversions and ensuring optimum sales and revenues are the responsibilities of an Internet Marketing Manager.

The digital media ad spend is expected to generate 50%, or $291 billion, by 2020.

This statistic ensures that internet marketing has become remarkably popular & has proved its worth by providing growth options for businesses and career options to individuals.

With more and more businesses inclining towards internet marketing, more internet marketing managers are required in the industry.

So, let us begin with the Internet Marketing Manager Job Description

Internet Marketing Manager Job Description

Internet Marketing Managers create and implement Digital Marketing strategies to optimize sales and revenues for a company. They are well aware of different aspects of launching a Digital Marketing campaign that includes design, advertising, analytics, awareness, and transactions.

To be an Internet Marketing Manager you need to know how to deal with media buying, SEO and social networking for maintaining a customer base and targeting new customers. You should also keep an eye out for the new Internet Marketing trends and opportunities.

Let us now understand the qualifications required to be Internet Marketing Manager and move ahead with the Internet Marketing Manager Job Description.

(i) Internet Marketing Manager Requirements & Qualifications

  • Master or Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communication, Business Administration and related field
  • More than 5 years of experience in marketing along with 3+ years of Internet Marketing Experience
  • Proper knowledge of e-commerce, SEM, PPC, SEO, Inbound, and Content Marketing, plus, having the knowledge of media editing software and automation tools would for sure be an advantage
  • Should have a working knowledge of web design techniques, content management, and latest internet Marketing Practices
  • He or she should also have the ability to develop and execute result-driven sales and marketing strategies along with immaculate written and verbal communication abilities
  • A successful Internet Marketing Manager should also be familiar with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

If you have the aforestated qualifications, you will be asked to manage the following duties and responsibilities-

(ii) Internet Marketing Manager Duties & Responsibilities

  • Managing company website and overseeing immaculate channelization of all the digital channels that incorporate all images, content, tools, design, updates, and user experience in a cohesive manner
  • Managing day-to-day posts, messaging, and providing customer services by answering questions and concerns when necessary
  • Establishing and monitoring ROI and KPIs, plus, doing result-driven report analysis of the site and social traffic are also the responsibilities of Internet Marketing Manager
  • An Internet Marketing Manager is also responsible for creating, maintaining and implementing Digital Marketing Campaigns and Editorial Calendars
  • Running campaigns via effective, engaging and cohesive brand messaging, plus, overseeing company blogs, social media, e-newsletters also come under the responsibilities of Internet Marketing Managers

All these responsibilities are related to different sections of digital marketing. That is why; the role of an Internet Marketing Manager is as wide as the complete Digital Marketing landscape is.

Below given section will help you understand different skills you ought to incorporate to be a successful Internet Marketing Manager-

Important Role Of Internet Marketing Manager

Internet Marketing Manager is one of the most promising job profiles that is trending these days. With the rapid evolution and use of Internet Marketing, not only businesses but also professionals are making their way towards it. By understanding the need of the hour let us understand the role of Internet Marketing Manager.

1. Data Analysis & Search Engine Marketing

In this Big Data time, it is a must for an Internet Marketing Manager to have the skills to do result-driven data analysis. Fruitful SEM campaigns are also directly proportional to your ability to do data analysis.

Internet Marketing Manager

Data Analysis Process

  • You should know how to use data analytics that can complement your internet marketing goals. How much data you handle is not important here, but what you can do with the available data translates your capability
  • An Internet Marketing Manager needs to manage the Analytics Expert of the company and to efficiently manage their task, you should know how data processing happens
  • Data analysis revolves around different sources via which data is collected, monitored, reviewed, and analyzed to take insights and use that into profit-driven actions
  • Having knowledge of data mining, text analytics, business intelligence, data visualizations would help you do your job more efficiently

The next thing that comes to the skill set of Internet Marketing Managers is the ability to implement & measure Search Engine Marketing, which resolves around below given two strategies-

  • Unpaid SEM which is mostly SEO and includes content, blog and site optimization for ensuring better organic results
  • Paid SEM, which deals with Pay per Click advertising via Google AdWords

SEM experts do these jobs for the company, but Internet Marketing Managers should also know the best skills and their implementation to channelize the process more efficiently and earn authority to rank high in SERPs. An Internet Marketing Manager well versed with SEM and Analytics can enjoy better career growth and great packages.

2. Knowledge of Social Media Marketing & Paid Social Advertising

Social Media is omnipresent and it is a must for Internet Marketing Managers to know the idiosyncrasies of Social Media Marketing. They should know different social networks and SMM tools that can optimize and automate the awareness and branding of a company.

The Internet marketing manager should know the befitting queries for every Social Channel, as this would help them find out the right Social strategy for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and other Social Networks.

In addition to all this, knowing about Paid Social Media Advertising is also very important for Internet Marketing Managers.

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Social Media Ads help marketers use paid content on any Social Media Channels. From promoted Tweet, boosted Facebook post to a full-scale Ad campaign on LinkedIn and other Social networks, different kinds of Social Media Ads are available that SMM experts would run but Internet Marketing Manager needs to govern.

Internet Marketing Manager

Role of Paid Social Media Ads

Different Types of Social Media Ads are-

(i) Types of Facebook Ads

  • Photo Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel
  • Slideshow
  • Canvas

(ii) Instagram Ad Types

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Carousel

(iii) LinkedIn Ad Types

  • Display Ads
  • Sponsored InMail
  • Sponsored content
  • Text Ads
  • Dynamic Ads

(iv) Ad Types on Twitter

  • Promoted Tweets
  • Promoted Account
  • Promoted Trends

(v) Snapchat Ad Types

  • Snap Ads
  • Sponsored Geofilters (for larger companies) or on-demand Geofilters (for smaller brands)
  • Sponsored lenses

(vi) Pinterest Ad types

  • Awareness campaigns
  • Engagement campaigns
  • Traffic campaigns

3. Knowledge of Content Marketing & Email Marketing

Though there could be Content Marketing Manager and Email Marketing Manager in a company, it is important for an Internet Marketing Manager to know the right implementation of Content and Email Marketing. Let us start with content marketing-

Internet Marketing Manager

Content Marketing

  • Content being the base of most of the Internet Marketing Strategies, knowing the right content marketing plan for a particular kind of Campaign is very important to make its conversion-driven
  • You should know how to use articles, blogs, e-books, infographics, pictures, and other kinds of content to let them work as lead magnets
  • Content Marketing is the tool utilized by Internet Marketing Managers for boosting SEO, optimizing traffic, and increasing conversions

Internet Marketing Managers should know how to gauge the performance of Email Marketing campaigns to break down bounce rates and increase open rates, ensure niche targeting, and boost conversions.

Internet Marketing Manager

Email Marketing

  • Ensuring the channelization of Emails in the database via the Right Email Marketing Platform and Email Automation Tool is ensured by Internet Marketing Managers
  • Integrating Emails and Social Networks is also important for better brand awareness. Using the right types of Email Marketing campaigns will help you ensure the best deals from your email list

Some of the Email Marketing Platforms that an Internet Marketing Manager should know are-

  • Mail Chimp
  • Aweber
  • iContact

4. Know Visual Advertising & Viral Internet Marketing Campaigns

As per Facebook analytics, visual posts ensure better engagement compared to text content. This is also true for other Social and Digital Marketing channels. A Tweet with a picture ensures better ‘impressions’ compared to a tweet without any visual supplement.

Visual advertising increases engagement by a great difference and an Internet Marketing Manager should always try to master it. It also helps in running Viral Internet Marketing Campaigns.

Inspiring, an interesting and engaging substance with effective visual advertising helps marketers run Viral Internet Marketing campaigns. You can see the impact of such campaigns in the viral content of TVF, AIB, or Buzzfeed who have taken the whole concept to another level.

Internet Marketing Manager

Viral Campaign Tips

  • Using periodic Video, response seeking campaigns, blog entry or picture that can be converted into web sensation help managers run viral campaigns
  • You should try to pay heed to the strategies of the publishers who run viral campaigns on the web, as this will guide you understand different types of engaging ideas and strategies

5. Use Mobile Marketing & Know The latest Internet Marketing Tools & Platforms

Internet Marketing Manager

Power of Mobile Marketing

Because we live in the time of Smartphones, it is a must for Internet Marketing Managers to include mobile marketing strategies for ensuring effective targeting and conversions.

Letting your site be responsive and mobile-friendly, plus, using the right mobile applications is the key responsibilities of an Internet Marketing Manager.

Having the knowledge and applicability of below-given Internet Marketing Tools is also the important role of Internet Marketing Manager.

Important Tools for Internet Marketing Managers

  • Hootsuite
  • Tweetdeck
  • Buffer
  • Canva
  • Facebook Insights
  • Google Investigation
  • Twitter analytics

Knowing about different Digital Marketing platforms would also help managers run their task more efficiently. Some of the Internet Marketing Platforms provided by Teradata that Internet Marketing Managers should use are Planning and Spend Manager, Workflow, and Collaboration Manager, Marketing Asset Manager, etc.

Master your Skills & Get Certified!

Once you have the aforestated skills, you can master your craft by joining Digital Marketing Training i.e. CDMM.

The training is also quite beneficial for SEM experts, SEOers and Digital Marketing Executives who want to become Managers.

Enrolling in this course also helps you be a certified Internet Marketing Manager.

Available Certifications for Internet Marketing Managers are-

  1. Facebook Marketing Master Certification
  2. Content Marketing Certification
  3. Certification (Vskills)
  4. Google Certifications
  5. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

Being certified in Internet Marketing will help you make a rewarding career as an Internet Marketing Manager.

Want to master any specific skill mentioned in this post? – Update us in comments and we will suggest you the right training and certification for you.

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  1. Dolly Singh

    Yes, Internet marketing is really valuable and thanks for sharing such important information.

    • Niharika Mahendra

      Hi Dolly,

      Thanks for appreciating our efforts.

  2. Nitin Garg

    Hi Satyendra Sir,

    I agree with your views about Social Media that one should know different social networks and SMM tools that can optimize and automate the awareness and branding of a company. Sir, I have one query associated with it.
    Is there is any free tool that I can use so that I can check my competitors in Social Media?
    If yes, then please tell me.

    Your respond to my query will be highly appreciable. Thank You.

    • Niharika Mahendra

      Hi Nitin,

      Thanks for the appreciation.

      To conduct Competitor’s Analysis in Social Media, you can use the following tools:

      1. Hootsuite
      2. SEMRush
      3. BuzzSumo
      4. Ahrefs

      Hope this helps.


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