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Internet marketing constantly evolves and if you want to make a marketing plan for the coming year, you require all the latest Internet Marketing Updates. Knowing sources about the most current patterns and how-to articles is must for internet marketers. With everybody moving quick and breaking news, it is important to know the right sources.

In view of that, I have accumulated 22 of what I consider inevitable sources to know latest internet marketing updates. From latest trends to breaking headlines to in depth analysis of online marketing updates, these sources will let you go through the all the latest in internet marketing. Let us delve into those sources-

22 Sources to know latest Internet Marketing Updates

1. Inside AdWords Blog

Internet Marketing Updates

Inside AdWords Blog

The official inside AdWords blog is actually the resource of some of the news sources that break internet-marketing updates. This is the officially sanctioned source to get news about new AdWords highlights. The inside AdWords blog is the news hotspot for PPC advertisers who need to realize what is latest in PPC. You want to know what is going on in online advertising when it happens, then this is your place.

Inside AdWords Blog Internet Marketing Updates 

  1. The importance of site-wide tagging for accurate conversion measurement
  2. The new AdWords experience is now available to everyone
  3. Bring more foot traffic to your business with YouTube and Display ads
  4. Find more of your “star” customers with Universal App Campaigns

2. HubSpot’s Blog

internet marketing updates

HubSpot’s Blog

HubSpot is pioneer in inbound marketing and it has helped more than 10,000 organizations in 56 nations to draw in leads and convert them into loyal customers. It is the best resource to find out a payload of Digital marketing updates and researches sorted out into digestible articles.

Latest HubSpot Internet Marketing Updates are

  1. Snapchat Use Among Influencers Is Down 33% [New Data]
  2. 13 Things to Start, Stop & Keep Doing With Your Email Marketing in 2018
  3. All the Cool New Products (and Massive Shade) You Missed at the #MadebyGoogle Event

3. Search Engine Land

internet marketing updates

Search Engine Land

Search Engine land is one of the best places for those who are in search and needing latest search marketing updates. SEL also hosts the long awaited Search Marketing Expo (SMX) conference each year. It is the top go-to news hotspot for latest trend, breaking headlines and extensive analysis about internet marketing updates. It ought to be in your RSS channel.

Latest Online Marketing Updates Search Engine Land

  1. UPDATED The AdWords 2x budget change: Considering the potential impact
  2. Placed introduces offline attribution for paid search campaigns
  3. Bing Ads launches automated bid strategy to ‘Maximize Clicks’

4. Marketing Profs

internet marketing updates

Marketing Profs

Marketing Profs is one of the best places for modern advertisers who wish to know all the latest internet marketing news and updates through training classes and live conferences to podcasts and free articles on everything from SEO, SMO, SEM to Segmentation and Automation. To find out graphic marketing tips and techniques, you can check out their SlideShare presentations as well.

Marketing Profs Update Internet Marketing

  1. 10 Marketing Hacks to Deliver Work On-Time, Every Time
  2. YouTube Stats, Facts, and Figures [Infographic]
  3. SEO Trends for Publishers: Ranking Factors and AMP Impact

5. Search Engine Watch

internet marketing updates

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch is must-read for Digital Marketers and search professionals. It gives an extensive variety of information about everything that is going ahead in internet marketing. In spite of the fact that Search Engine Watch offers breaking news and useful content, it additionally lets you know about the budding trends and noteworthy how-to articles that will enable you to improve as an internet marketer.

Search Engine Watch Latest Online Marketing Updates

  1. Seven SEO trends to watch in 2018
  2. Pinterest, Google or Bing: Who has the best visual search engine?
  3. ClickZ Intelligence Report: Communications Infrastructure: The Backbone of Digital

6. Mashable

internet marketing updates


The main Internet asset about the Digital Marketing, Mashable offers so many ways to devour its ongoing Digital substance, regardless of whether in video, text, photographic, infographic, or general graphic content. To know what is new in Tech World, subscribing Mashable via RSS or social networks is considered highly useful.

Mashable Online Marketing Updates

  1. Google avoids the wrath of wired headphone lovers, cuts Pixel 2 dongle price
  2. All future iPhones could adopt Apple’s creepy Face ID security
  3. Google’s secret hardware ingredient is AI

7. Search Engine Journal (SEJ)

internet marketing updates

Search Engine Journal (SEJ)

Throughout the years, Search Engine Journal has developed from a little yet committed blog into a various and solid source of updates on internet marketing. With its finger on the best of everything related to SEM, social, content and SEO, SEJ is additionally involved in internet marketing events. It runs the amazing SEJ Summit, and furthermore has the Marketing Nerds podcasts.

SEJ Online Marketing Updates

  1. Snapchat’s New Context Cards Make Snaps Searchable
  2. Google’s YouTube Ads Upgraded With Location Extensions and Store Visits Measurement
  3. Desktop Isn’t Dead: Why Not Everything in SEO Is Mobile-First

8. EMarketer

internet marketing updates


EMarketer gathers a huge number of information from different international Digital Marketing Studies to provide you the most significant bits of knowledge into simple to-peruse graphs, charts and reports on everything related to Internet Marketing Updates. You can subscribe the daily bulletin of eMarketer to access top to bottom reports, important figures and forecasts.

EMarketer Latest Internet Marketing Updates

  1. Worldwide Ad Spending: eMarketer’s Updated Estimates and Forecast for 2016–2021
  2. Global Social Media StatPack: Platforms, Users and Devices
  3. Header Bidding for Ad Buyers: What Brands, Agencies and Buy-Side Platforms Need to Know

9. SEM Post

internet marketing updates

SEM Post

Jennifer Slegg’s SEM Post is constantly one of the primary destinations to break news stories about the Digital Marketing Industry’s top breaking news, and I am certain that even the top Digital Marketing Experts have been gotten the best of by the SEM Post. On the off chance that you need to remain updated on what is happening in internet marketing, make sure to subscribe to the SEM Post’s RSS channel. You should also follow them on Twitter. SEM Post refreshes its feeds several times per day that makes it a standout amongst other sources to stay aware of internet marketing news updates.

SEM Post latest Internet Marketing Updates

  1. Google’s Mobile First Indexing Change: Everything SEOs Need to Know
  2. Removing Low Quality Pages Won’t Result in Sitewide Google Rankings Boost
  3. Google Adds Audience Reviews to Movie & TV Show Knowledge Panels

10. Business 2 Community

Internet Marketing Updates

Business 2 Community

The Business 2 Community blogs are perfect to know internet-marketing updates related to web-based networking media, PR, Branding, Tech and marketing. You can opt for this one to find out knowledge packed articles and webcasts about internet marketing updates 2018.

Business 2 Community latest internet Marketing Updates

  1. Data Quality Is Critical To Your Marketing Success
  2. 3 Major Ways to Make Payments Easier for Your Online Customers
  3. Wild Wild Web: The Potential Dangers of Living Online and How to Deal With Them

11. Moz

internet marketing updates


I feel like each time I specify Moz as a top source for any Digital Marketing Resource I wind up spouting about how awesome they are. Moz is best to know top updates about content, SEM, SEO, and more extensive Internet Marketing Updates. From Rand’s Whiteboard Fridays to Dr. Pete’s adept examination most puzzling riddles related to searches, there is continually something worth reading at Moz. Twitter feed of Rand Fishkin’s Twitter (Moz Originator) has to be under your ‘Must Follow List’.

Moz Internet Marketing News Updates

  1. How to Turn Low-Value Content Into Neatly Organized Opportunities – Next Level
  2. Getting SEO Value from rel=”nofollow” Links – Whiteboard Friday
  3. New Findings Show Google Organic Clicks Shifting to Paid

12. Distilled

internet marketing updates


Distilled is a standout amongst the other hotspots for content marketing along with PPC, SEM, SEO, and Digital Media. Continually overflowing with real knowledge and a sharp eye for latest internet marketing trends, the Distilled blog is fundamental for the advertisers wanting to remain on the ball.

Distilled Internet Marketing News Updates

  1. First Click Free is Dead, but is its Replacement Really any Better for Publishers?
  2. What We Learned in Augus: The Digital Marketing Month in a Minute
  3. Blurring the Line Between CDN and CMS

13. Media Post

internet marketing updates

Media Post

Media Post is a standout amongst the most far reaching digital marketing, online advertising, and social media news sources. In spite of their wide coverage, extending from TV groups to print media to web-based social networking and search marketing, the quality of their internet marketing blogs does not languish over it. Media Post is regularly among the first to break significant updates on internet marketing. Outstanding amongst other all-round news sources you ought to subscribe Media Post to stay updated about internet marketing.

Media Post Online Marketing Updates

  1. Google Releases Latest AdWords Interface To All
  2. Target Links Google Voice Search With Express Delivery Nationwide
  3. Report: More Marketers Seen Boosting Amazon Ad Budgets Compared To Google, FB

14. Small Business Trends

This is one of my favorite internet marketing news sources. It is well known for covering everything from entrepreneurialism, venture capital management to different aspects of digital marketing. Small Business Trends offers an incredible scope of numerous internet marketing news updates that make it an advantageous expansion to your must read list.

Small Business Trend Latest Internet Marketing Updates

  1. Snapchat Adds Context Cards and How Can They Help Your Small Business?
  2. Instagram Stories Boost Your Brand’s Exposure in 8 Steps
  3. Get Quick Feedback from Customers on Instagram Stories with New Polls Features

15. Heidi Cohen’s Blog

internet marketing updates

Heidi Cohen’s Blog

‘Actionable Marketing Guide’ of Heidi Cohen offers helpful and interesting columns on mobile marketing, content promoting, Social Media Marketing and internet marketing news. Each article lets you take some useful takeaways befitting to whatever you’re taking a shot at, and Heidi’s content is incredible to bookmark for future reference.

Heidi Cohen top Online Marketing Updates

  1. How To Use 2018 B2B Content Marketing Trends To Improve Results
  2. Content Marketing World Lessons That Will Make You A Better Marketer
  3. What To Do When Facebook Engagement Declines [Research]

16. Marketo’s Blog

internet marketing updates

Marketo’s Blog

Marketo runs a great marketing blog overflowing with important internet marketing content going from email marketing best practices to marketing automation trends to internet marketing news updates. You can easily explore Marketo’s most shared or most read articles, or follow it on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter for the very best of the internet marketing content.

Marketo’s Online Marketing Updates

  1. Crafting Cart Abandonment Emails that Work
  2. Advanced SEO Analytics Reports that Even Beginner SEOs Can Use
  3. Facebook’s Algorithm: 3 Must-Know Changes

17. SocialTimes

internet marketing updates


Despite being owned and channelized by AdWeek, SocialTimes offers the same quality in its coverage or its incentive to social media marketing updates. Indeed, SocialTimes is one of the absolute best places to get web-based social networking news from an internet marketing point of view, which is quite rare.

Social Times Update Internet Marketing

  1. Instagram: Here’s How to Automatically Share Your Instagram Story to Your Facebook Story
  2. Are We Entering the Era of Millisecond Marketing?
  3. Facebook’s Changes to Gross Impressions, Auto-Refresh Impressions Arrive in Ads Manager

18. ReadWrite

internet marketing updates


ReadWrite is a standout amongst the most preferred online tech news places. You can depend on it for solid news, as well as for analysis and discussion around that news. You can browse it as per your convenience and read cloud, hacking, enterprise, mobile, social media, web news and internet marketing news updates.

Read Write Internet Marketing Updates

  1. How Microsoft helps IoT pros take action to overcome challenges
  2. What open APIs will mean for the future of mobile payments
  3. The Role of AI in Assisting Customer Experience

19. Pam Moore’s Website

internet marketing updates

Pam Moore’s Website

Pam Moore has over 15 years of online networking, advertising and marketing experience. According to Forbes, she is amongst one of the Top 5 Women Influencers in Social Media. Her site provides free marketing content, from intriguing and useful blogs like “22 Tips To Humanize Your Brand On Twitter” to internet marketing products like Networking White Papers and Editorial Calendar template.

Pam Moore’s Latest Online Marketing Updates

  1. Facebook Messenger 101: The Why, What and How of Facebook Messenger for Business
  2. Why, What and How of an Audience First Marketing Strategy and Segmentation
  3. 15 Reasons You Need to Stop Random Acts of Marketing & Social Media (RAMs) Now

20. Copyblogger

internet marketing updates


About content, no one seems better than Copyblogger. In truth, Copyblogger is not as good concerning breaking news related to online marketing updates, however on the other hand, for content advertisers trying to sharpen their art, Copyblogger is a priceless asset, and thusly deserving to get included in this list, as content is going to be the most important factor for the successful internet marketing in 2018.

Copyblogger Internet Marketing Updates

  1. Content Excellence Challenge: The October Prompts
  2. 7 Golden Rules for Hosting Webinars that Engage and Convert
  3. Combine These 5 Research-Based Ingredients for Higher-Quality Content

21. Contently

internet marketing updates



Contently is one of my personal favorites. It not only offers an amazing free portfolio builder for content marketers, writers and journalists who’ve done some kind of switch to their content but it additionally distributes two brilliant newsletters/blogs/bulletins: The Freelancer and The Content Strategist- Both of which are dependably at the highest point of my top sources for latest internet marketing news updates.

Contently Internet Marketing Updates

  1. What Is a Content Audit and Why Do You Need One?
  2. Why Consumers Want Brands to Take a Stand on Social Issues
  3. 2 Reasons Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Change Will Impact Marketers

22. TrendSpottr

internet marketing updates


TrendSpottr is one of the most powerful internet marketing updates providers that are widely known as top-notch predictive analytics service that recognizes latest trends from Twitter, Facebook, web journals, and other information streams. If you are looking for trending blog topics, IRL discussion points or tweets then TrendSpottr is an incredible webpage. The source allows you to scan for any content bucket to perceive what is trending in any particular internet-marketing domain, plus, it lets you read and share the information or you can click over to the first source.

TrendSpottr latest Internet Marketing Updates

  1. Discover trending news and content for 100’s of topics and industries
  2. Twitter will launch a bookmarking tool in the near future
  3. Twitter CEO promises to crack down on hate, violence and harassment with “more aggressive” rules


Aforementioned sources to get internet marketing updates will help you plan and execute successful internet marketing campaigns. Different online marketing updates suggested by these sources are also going to help you make relevant internet marketing plans that guarantee conversions.

Joining Digital Marketing Course is another significant way to not only know latest internet marketing updates but also practically understand how to incorporate those updates into your marketing plans.

Do let me know the source that you will prefer to find internet marketing updates.

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