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Internet Population In India Hits 74 Million, Is 3rd Largest In World – #FutureInFocus

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Internet population in India hits 74 million and is now the 3rd largest in the world after China and Unites States. India added 17.6 million users at the rate of 31% over the past year to surpass Japan and with 75% of its internet users under the age of 35; India has the youngest online population among BRIC countries.

Though Indian females comprise only 39% of the Indian Internet Population but surprisingly, Indian women between the ages of 35-44 are the heaviest internet users, across all age and gender groups in India. These are some of the interesting facts from the comScore’s ‘2013 India Digital Future in Focus’ report.

Some other highlights of the report are:

  • Online Retail is on the rise: 60% of web users in India visit online retail sites.
  • Social networking still captures majority of screen time: Facebook continues to be the number one social network with a 28% increase in traffic and a reach of 86%.
  • Entertainment and online video continues to grow: YouTube continues to be the top video property with more than 55% share.


India is now the 4th largest audience of searchers in the World. Unique searchers in India grew by 28% during last 12 months; Worldwide, the number of unique searchers grew by only 6% over the same time period.

90% of searches happen on Google with an average time spent of 34 minutes on these sites. India’s average search per searcher is 95, which is well below the worldwide average of 120 searches per searcher.

Social Networking

Social Networking continues to dominate screen time of internet users in India, 86% of web user access social networking sites. Though, total unique visitors are higher for Google sites but average time spent on Facebook is higher by 30%.Facebook leads this domain with increase of 28% in no. of visitors in last one year.  Linkedin acquires no. 2 spot, followed by TwitterPinterest is emerging as fastest growing network with a growth rate of 589% in last 12 months.

Online Retail

Indian online retail market is still behind when compared to BRIC shows highest growth rate of 156% followed by, where the per-user engagement (average time spent) is the highest. Apparel and computer software categories have the highest reach in retail category followed by comparison shopping and consumer electronics.

Online Video and Entertainment

74% of internet users in India visited an entertainment site; an increase of 27% compared to last year. 56% of all videos viewed were on YouTube. Video viewing on Facebook grew by 182%. T-series and Sony are the top You-Tube channels in terms of no. of unique visitors but average time spent is much higher on StarPlus.

News / Information and Travel

Like online retail, Indian online news and information market is also behind, when compared to its BRIC peers.  Yahoo!-ABC News Network and The Times of India were most visited news sites but average time spent is highest on The Economic Times website. 40% of unique visitors on Times of India and NDTVsites come from outside India.

Unlike online news market, the average time spent by Indians on online travel sites is highest, when compared to its BRIC peers. Indian railway sites continue to dominate this segment with highest visiting and per-user engagement followed by MakeMyTrip. No. of unique visitors on Yatra online fell by 49% and for grew by 125%, highest in the category.

Sports and Real Estate

Sports Sites reach only a quarter of the Indian internet users and average time spent on sports sites is below global average. As one might expect cricket is the top content consumed on sports sites in India and ESPN is top site in terms of unique visitors and average time spent.

Average time spent on real estate sites by web users India is 17 minutes is the top site in this category leading on both unique visitors and per-user engagement followed by Substantial visitor to Indian real estate sites also comes from other countries; which indicates interest in investment by NRI’s.

Access: On the go

Consumption habits reveal that personal communication devices like mobiles and tablets are now the preferred choice for accessing internet and to stay up to date on social media, news and email including. Weather updates, blogs and music content is increasingly accessed ‘on the go’.

Source: (India Digital Future in Focus 2013)

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