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Internet Trends #2015

Internet Trends #2015


More than 40% of the world’s population will start using Internet this year. Web is no more about pages, connections, URLs, and SEO. Today’s web is altogether different than what individuals suspected it’d be. It’s a social web today’s; despite everything it developing. In the year 1995, Netscape (browser company) was the biggest Internet tech. organization for people. In 2005, it was about searching (Google) and desktops (Microsoft); this was the era when Microsoft was a bigger company than Google and Apple. Indeed, even Nokia was greater than Apple then. How the things  have changed!


On the off chance that history is any evidence, is Google’s predominant position unsteady? Most likely. Will Google depend on search alone? No. So don’t be astonished if Google procures Twitter for a very big premium. Bill Gates’ vision was to put one computer in each house. Steve Jobs once rejected tablets.The point is with regards to tech., nobody can anticipate what’s to come.

 Versatile, portable, and versatile:

It’s mobile phones all over. On the off chance that you don’t have a mobile phone strategy for your business yet, you’re on the wrong way. You are definitely doing it wrong.  SEO/SEM alone can’t be enough for your online marketing strategies. Known about local advertisements? Known about InMobi? Likewise, remember, mobile devices != applications so think well before you spend those huge amount of money on extravagant applications. All in all, may be, Flipkart and Myntra have some extremely solid reasons on their choice to close down their sites?

 Messaging keeps on going standard:

WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, Snapchat AND Slack. It’s messaging and networking all around. Messages will keep on turning into a key layer for any application/stage that is being assembled for mobile web. Some contend the fate of search, social, and business is messaging, and it is acceptable that there are high risks of that event.

High schoolers and Millennial will shape the fate of the Internet

So kindly, don’t give careful consideration to those alleged industry “specialists”. (p.s. be that as it may, if it’s not too much trouble be modest in light of the fact that they’ve seen a greater amount of the Internet than you presumably did)


Sharing economy and on-interest administrations keeps on decision. Mobile is evolving everything. Commercial centers like AirBnb and on-interest administrations like Uber, Instacart and so forth despite everything they take the top spots this year regarding the matter of the movers and shakers in tech.

Hi India!

On the off chance that you haven’t seen, there’s been a sudden inflow of VC cash into Indian new businesses as of late. The truth is Internet development in rest of the world is leveling, and the main just nation where it’s developing in high twofold digit percentages is India. It’s developing, however not as quick as it did in China. Today, attributable to the potential, nobody can disregard Indian market and that is the motivation behind why everybody needs to arrive here all of a sudden. It is believed that it is the first run through India and Indian organizations got such a great amount of consideration in Mary Meeker’s report, and tech. group all inclusive. Be that as it may, simply in light of the fact that we are developing in numbers doesn’t mean all is well. Indeed, even with more than 240MM Internet clients in India, just 40MM execute online today. There’s without a doubt potential, however one must know we should be less reckless in our methodologies. Indeed, even with all the development, India’s spending limit is not uniform; there are people who are willing spend and after that there’s who can’t unless there’s a capacity to expand our per capita GDP consistently throughout the following couple of years. In straightforward words, think well before you duplicate and do that “Instacart for India”. It’s an altogether different market and obliges an altogether different methodology.

Highlights #2015

#1 64 percent of individuals are online in the US utilizing a cell phone, up from only 18 percent in 2009

#2 Time spent on vertical screens has seen exponential development to 29 percent in 2015

#3 Teenagers love Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook

#4 87 percent of teenagers say their cell phone never walks out on them, day or night

#4 76 percent of teenagers utilize their cell phone camera to post on online networking, with 6 percent being uncertain what they utilize it for.

#5 Drone popularity has become exponential consistently

#6 Adware grew 136 percent to 410,000 applications before the end of 2014

#7 In 69 percent of security ruptures, the organization did not find the break all alone

#8 Snake People now make up 35 percent of the work power in the USA

#9 25 percent of “on interest” laborers (think Uber, Lyft, Postmates) now utilize one or more stage

#10 Xiaomi is driving cell phone shipments in China, in front of Apple for the present

#11 65 percent of India’s web utilization is on portable

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