10 Interview Questions for Email Marketing to Crack Job Interviews

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If you are going for an Email Marketing Job Interview then knowing the most likely Interview Questions for Email Marketing that your interviewer might ask is must to be on top to crack it.

This blog comprises some of the most important and latest Email Marketing Interview Questions and Answers right from basics to advanced level, so, let us unleash the treasure of Email Marketing via below given 10 questions-

10 Interview Questions for Email Marketing

1. Describe what is Email Marketing?

This is one of the most common Interview Questions for Email Marketing, and you should answer it without complicating your answer and adding so many specific details.

Email marketing can be understood as the use of Emails to develop relationships with potential customers and/or clients. It is a way to reach consumers by using direct electronic mail to generate leads and ensure conversions.

  • Email Marketing uses direct email to target those who are interested in your business
  • You can also define Email Marketing as an act of sending a commercial message, generally to a group of target audiences via Email
  • In more general sense, any email that you send to a potential or current customer is a part of Email Marketing Campaign

2. How Many Emails Should I Send To My Customers?

If you want to keep your name in front of someone, sending emails once a month would be fine. Some of the ‘Interview Questions for Email Marketing Guides’ suggest that going with two-three times a month will leave enough time in between emails that will stop you from being a nuisance and you can target your potential customer as per their convenience.

  • Be that as it may, choosing four times a month option would offer you weekly consistency
  • You can also increase the frequency of sending emails but you ought to have a tight check over open and unsubscribe rates
  • If you see a decline in your engagement, you have to decrease your mail sending frequency

3. What are The Best Time and Day to Send Emails?

The most general answer to such Email Marketing Interview Questions is early mornings and weekends. However, you should also be aware that those days and times are responsible for most numbers of unsubscribes and bounces as well.

  • Therefore, to be on safe side, you can try Wednesday afternoons
  • However, every person, email lists and recipients vary and you should try to use different days and times to find out the time that works best for your target audience

4. What is Email Deliverability?

Interview Questions for Email Marketing generally include so many questions related Email Marketing metrics and deliverability is one of the most important metrics that is guaranteed to come in your interview session.

  • Email deliverability rate (or acceptance rate) can be understood as success rate of getting an email delivered to the email address of your target audience
  • Formula to calculate Email Deliverability- Number of Emails Delivered/ Number of Emails Sent

5. How can you Grow Email Subscriber List?

The jury members or the hiring managers who ask Interview Questions for Email Marketing always want to know how you can help the company grow Email Subscriber List, because the success of Email Marketing is directly proportional to the Email list that you create. Some of the best techniques to grow Email Subscriber List are-

  • Create remarkable email content
  • Encourage your current email subscribers to share and forward your emails
  • Reinvigorate a stale email list with an opt-in campaign.
  • Create a new lead gen offer — like a free eBook or whitepaper — and require visitors to provide their email address in order to download it
  • Use your Social Media Page to promote different offers
  • Link to offers that capture email signups throughout your website
  • Collect email addresses at offline events like trade shows and import them into your database, etc.

6. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Email Marketing?

Advantages of Email Marketing-

  • Wider audience base to target
  • Internet users regularly check emails
  • If planned immaculately returns on investment can be quite huge
  • Email is the most basic and popular service of internet and thus most people are familiar with it.

Disadvantages of Email Marketing

  • Filtering lets extensive number of emails become undelivered
  • Spamming may cause legal action and can also cause inconvenience to target customers
  • Have to be accurately planned because even a nominal factor can let an Email become undelivered or filtered out

7. What are the different types of Email Marketing Campaigns?

Most of the Interview Questions for Email Marketing will also be covered in this question, as below given four types of Email Marketing Campaigns are important as separate questions as well. So, let us delve into those types and understand them in detail-


Interview Questions for Email Marketing


  • It can be understood as regularly distributed email campaign that updates your target customers about one main topic
  • One of the most common Interview Questions for Email Marketing related to Newsletters are when you should use it and the answer is- When you wish to stay in touch with your existing customers, then Newsletter is best suited Email Type
  • Newsletters are very good in driving people back to your site

Marketing Offer

Interview Questions for Email Marketing

Marketing Offer

  • You should use Marketing offer when you wish to drive direct responses
  • It is very good for displaying your latest stocks and targeting people to make a purchase
  • Marketing Offer Email Campaigns are the best fit if your campaign offers a discount or any special promotion of your products or services
  • It includes a direct CTA for people to click-through to your site


Interview Questions for Email Marketing


  • These Mails are used to make an announcement about a new product, feature, or service
  • It is quite useful in letting your current customers up to date about all your new launches

Event Invitation

Interview Questions for Email Marketing

Event Invitation

  • Even Invitation should be used for enhancing awareness of your event
  • These emails are sent to encourage your existing and potential customer to attend an event

8. Define following Metrics-

Open Rates, Click-through Rates, Unsubscribe Rate, Hard Bounces, Soft Bounces, Complaint or Abuse Rate, Forward Rate, and Churn Rate.

This question incorporates eight separate Interview Questions for Email Marketing as well. All these separately are also quite popular Email Marketing Interview Questions. Let us understand each of these-

Open Rates

  • It refers to number of people in an Email List who opened your email message
  • Normally open rate is expressed as a percentage, and 30% open rate would mean that of every 10 emails delivered to the inbox, 3 were actually opened
  • One of the most common Interview Questions for Email Marketing related to open rate is ‘What’s a good open rate’ and the answer depends on your industry, however, 20-to-30 percent or more open rate is considered good

Click-through Rates

  • If anyone clicks on any of the links in your email then that would be counted as a click
  • Click-through rate is measured as a percentage and it can be understood as the number of recipients out of one hundred who clicked somewhere on your email
  • Your CTR would be 30% if 30 out of 100 people clicked on your link

Unsubscribe Rate

  • How many people unsubscribed from your emails is known as unsubscribes
  • It is number of people out of 100 who unsubscribed from the email message you sent

Hard Bounces

  • Hard bounces occur when you send an email to an email address that no longer exists
  • Most of the major ISPs such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail monitor hard bounces closely and that is why you should never ignore hard bounces
  • It is advisable to remove people from your list after even one hard bounce

Soft Bounces

  • When you send an email to an inbox that is full then soft bounce occurs
  • When the related person deletes some of the emails, your email will be visible in their inbox

Complaint or Abuse Rate

  • This tells you about the subscribers who actually labeled your email message as spam
  • It is advisable to not let your complaint rate get over 0.05 percent. The average complaint rate is approximately .02 percent, but it varies with different industries
  • To reduce complaint rates, you should never hide the unsubscribe link. You need to always be nice to your subscribers even if they are leaving

Forward Rate

  • This metric brings smile to the face of Email Marketer as it tells about how often people open, read, and then liked your email message so much that they shared it with someone else
  • Forward rates are also known as “referral rates” or “share rates”
  • Having Social Media Sharing Button in your Email Message would help you increase your Forward Rate

Churn Rate

  • This one tells about the frequency through which your list is growing after the unsubscribes, hard bounce and complaints
  • The average churn rate is approximately 25 percent per year that tells you that Email lists are losing 25% of their subscribers per year. To keep your list same and equally effective, you need to add 25% new subscriber to your list

9. What is CAN-SPAM Act?

It can be understood as a law that sets the rules for commercial email. CAN-SPAM Act-

  • Establishes requirements for commercial messages
  • Gives recipients the right to stop you from emailing them
  • Spells out tough penalties for violations

10. What should be your checklists before sending an Email?

Below given are the checklists you need to go through before sending an Email-

  • Know what is purpose of your email
  • What kind of response you want from the receiver
  • Check the list of supporting documentation you should attach to your communication
  • Does your subject line successfully summarize your email message
  • Check SPAM Score and then accordingly modify your content

Are you ready for your Email Marketing Interview Now?

The aforestated list of Interview Questions for Email Marketing covers the most important Email Marketing Interview Questions and Answers for 2018.

However, the level of questions varies as per the years of expertise and kind of job profile you have applied for.

Therefore, it is advisable to join Email Marketing Course to master all kinds of Interview Questions for Email Marketing Job Interviews.

Good Luck!

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