Interview with Digital Vidyarthi: Deepak Magima, Senior Data Scientist, 4i Apps Solutions

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Hailing from Chennai, Deepak has 3 years of experience in Oracle Fusion as Technical Consultant. He has worked on multiple modules such as Oracle Fusion Financial, Supply chain management and Human Capital Management. Moreover, he has developed multiple BI Publisher reports across different modules and OTBI Analysis and dashboards on many projects. He also has good knowledge in Python, SQL, Tableau & Data Visualization.

What prompted you to learn Data Science & why?

Deepak: I wanted to learn Data Science because it is very interesting and has a huge potential to grow in the future. The demand for Data Scientists has grown rapidly keeping in mind the extending scope of Data Science. This increased my interest in the Data Science domain and after conducting a lot of research in the market, I found Digital Vidya offered everything that I needed.

What are the top benefits of learning Data Science Online from the comfort of your home?

Deepak: Generally, the top benefits of leaning Data Science from an online mode is that the comfort zone is not hampered. The online sessions of Digital Vidya’s Data Science course were very comfortable to learn as we were not supposed to travel anywhere, which reduced transportation costs.  We could easily learn from our own place. Apart from that I also got lifetime access to the course content which helped me in clearing my doubts.

Why did you choose Digital Vidya?

Deepak: Initially, I was in search of a good place to learn Data Science and so researched a lot online. Then I came to know about Digital Vidya and read a lot of reviews about it. It was very convincing for me as they offered good & updated syllabus, flexible timings & online sessions. So finally I chose Digital Vidya to pursue my Data Science track under the guidance of Digital Vidya.

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How smooth was the delivery process?

Deepak: The delivery process was not only smooth but also interactive. There were absolutely no issues about the training. The sessions were highly interactive, focussing to deliver the quality content with utmost precision. All my doubts were solved proactively and the class was very detailed and helpful.

Did the online lab style of teaching where you are asked to work live in the class help you in your understanding?

Deepak: Yes, it was very helpful as we could ask our doubts and clear them on the spot. Generally what happens is that the students are more used to having theoretical knowledge & lack practical aspect. The online lab style of teaching was no less than wonderful experience, as I could easily understand the concepts practically.

What kind of help did you receive in doing your assignments?

Deepak: Digital Vidya has a Q&A platform that is specially designed to take care of all the queries of the students with respect to the assignments. There were times when I used to get stuck in the assignments and used to get immediate help from the delivery team as well as from Q&A in the student portal.

How good was your experience in doing the project?

Deepak: It was very good. The projects were really interesting and very intuitive. It was highly related to what was taught in the class. This broadened my horizon in that particular field as I had both theoretical as well as practical knowledge about it.

Was the placement process organized, did you benefit from it?

Deepak: Digital Vidya has an exceptional placement process & support. They provided an excel sheet which was updated daily with the current job openings across India. I applied to certain companies but haven’t received any positive result. Hoping for the best.

Would you recommend Digital Vidya to your friend?

Deepak: I would recommend Digital Vidya to a friend anytime. In fact, I recommend Digital Vidya to one of my colleagues in the office and he has also joined Digital Vidya and is highly satisfied with it.

Would you like to share a few words about the work we are doing at Digital Vidya?

DeepakDigital Vidya is doing a great job in helping aspirants to achieve their goal of becoming a Data Scientist by providing them with relevant & updated knowledge. Keep doing what you’re doing. 

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