Interview With Himanshu Goyal, Digital Marketing Course Participant

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0907101Himanshu Goyal is an IT professional with more than 4.5 years experience, working in PeopleSoft Domain, and doing website development as a hobby.

Digital Vidya: What interested you in learning Digital Marketing?

Himanshu: I have developed my own blogs and a few other websites. But I was not able to market them effectively. I got interested in Digital Marketing to market them. There was another reason behind it. I also wanted to become an entrepreneur and I wanted to handle digital marketing in my company.

Digital Vidya: Which course are you participating in at Digital Vidya?

Himanshu: 6 months Digital Marketing Course

Digital Vidya: Why did you choose Digital Vidya’s course?

Himanshu: I chose Digital Vidya firstly because, I really liked the free webinar session happening every week. They were very informative. I thought there will be great information which will be provided during the course. Secondly, Digital Vidya was professional in the way they delivered training by using Citrix. So it motivated me to join Digital Vidya.

Digital Vidya: Please share top 3-5 takeaways from the course you are participating in at Digital Vidya.


  1. There are many ways to search effectively in google. Learn and use them, this helped me getting really close to what I used to search.
  2. How in email marketing, we should not use our primary domain for sending bulk mails, as it reduces the value of our domain.
  3. We should say a thank you message to anybody who had added us on linkedin and build a trust with them.
  4. In Social Media, Quality is more important than quantity.
  5. Optimize our landing page so that any prospect, customer who comes to that page, would like to share his details with us.
Digital Vidya: Please share your experience in learning through an instructor-led, online format.

Himanshu: It’s really great learning like this, you can ask questions when you want and on whatever topic you want. The course leader also makes sure that he answers all questions and also motivates us to ask more questions. Another advantage is, we can practice there itself of whatever he just explained.

Digital Vidya: What do you like most about Digital Vidya’s training program?

Himanshu: The level of cooperation and commitment in making sure that the student is learning during the program.

Digital Vidya: Do you suggest any changes to Digital Vidya, so that the value of its courses can be enhanced further?

Himanshu: Yes

  1. Add more assignments during the course, which has a live impact. For example, help them run a live email campaign and see what was the response. Or live on Social Media or Adwords. It will give a perfect hand on for them.
  2. Improve the sound quality of the recorded video. They are very poor with respect to live training. So if a student has missed the class, then those videos are not that useful.
  3. Add more modules in the course which are taken in free sessions every week.
  4. Create two levels of your course Fresher and Professional. In professional teach more advanced concepts and more live case studies so that a person with basic understanding can learn the advanced industry standard techniques.
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  1. Digital Vidya Editorial Team

    Thanks Himanshu for placing trust in us. Glad to hear about your feedback. We are happy that you could experience what we teach about Digital Marketing in action.

    Your feedback is well taken. Looking forward to sharing this journey to explore the world of Digital Marketing with you.


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