Interview With Mayur Porwal, Senior Manager – Product Development And Social Media

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mayurporwalMayur Porwal is an IT Professional with over 12 years’ rich industry experience in Digital Application Design, Development and Management using key technologies for various domains such as IT, Legal, Education, Recruitment, Business Development and Diplomacy.

Specialties:Requirement Analysis, Project Initiation & Management, Testing, Project Deployment, Troubleshooting, Project Monitoring & Control, Strategic planning, Team management, Competence management and Vendor management. Rich experience of working in various domains such as IT, Legal, Education, Recruitment, Business Development and Diplomacy. Other expertise include Social Media, Cyber Crimes, Cyber Law and Internet Governance.

Digital Vidya: Does the advent of social media change the hierarchies in organizations that contribute to old-fashioned top-down change management?

Mayur: We are moving from the industrial age to the digital age and organizations need to respond to the changing environment (technology) and the popularity of social media. In an ever-changing and competitive world; it is impossible to succeed without timely transformations.

Most organizations think that social media affects only external relationships – just another medium to connect with customers and advertise their products but in reality social media has a huge impact on their internal environment, culture and structure.
Social business demands a very different organizational structure compared to an old-fashioned pyramid structure. Where there is less hierarchy – more engagement, collaboration and inclusive. The role of senior management is that not of a dictator but of a facilitator.

Digital Vidya: As companies try to get employees to participate in social media, what lessons should they learn as to how to go about that organizational change?              

Mayur: First thing first, if as an organization you think that you should be on social media then you need to invest in people and teams. Apart from lack of clear goals – Lack of time and lack of manpower are two major roadblocks.

As an organization – If you are serious about social business then have a dedicated social media team in place – DO NOT load social media responsibility on top of just ‘someone’s current job’! You can have a mix of an internal and external social media team but think before your outsource everything or using just interns.

All departments should work very closely with the social media team. Social media is about TEAMWORK – No leaders required! Instead, organizations should have a social media evangelist in their social media team and make sure the expertise and knowledge is shared across the house.

Organizations should also empower staff with right tools and training to engage with the wider community in order to establish brand and corporate identity.

Last but not the least – Clear social media policies to define boundaries between personal and official social media profiles. Many organizations struggle to define these.

Digital Vidya: What do you see coming next for this whole space in the industry in the long run?

Mayur: Sometimes ‘What’s Next’ is very hard to predict unless you are Google futurist Ray Kurzweil. Earlier this year he said – ‘By the year 2045, humans will be able to upload their entire brains to computers and become digitally immortal’. How would you know that Google is not already working on such future technology? Let me tell you the scary part! Ray Kurzweil is incredibly accurate with his predictions.

So will our Facebook profiles and twitter accounts will continue to exist forever and we will continue to socialize on these channels, even after death? Just imagine the possibilities….Spooky!

There are 3 things to watch out for –

  • Wearable technology (Beyond Smart-phones): Google Glass is just the starting.
  • User-friendly Big Data: A lot is being talked about big data but relatively little progress and knowledge. Soon, more and more marketers will start using it!
  • 3D printing: The technology that will turn digital designs into physical products. Consumers will be able to design / customize their own products. Endless creative possibilities.
Digital Vidya: What is the most important piece of advice that you would like to give to all the marketers?

Mayur: My high-fives (in no particular order) are:

  • Don’t start using social media for your organization, without having a social media policy.
  • Don’t lie or spam your fans and followers / respect others (be sensitive).
  • Don’t share too much / self-promotion (Only talking about your products and services).
  • Always be listening / respond timely.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes and poor grammar.
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