Interview With Moneka Khurana, Strategic Consultant And Trainer

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Moneka (1)Moneka Khurana holds over 13 years + of experience in digital marketing with proven track record, adept at strategy, setting up digital practices & training. Handled diverse assignments ranging from product launches on digital platforms, incubation of new services, ongoing 360 campaigns, annual strategy, e-commerce, lead generation and several others across categories such as FMCG, Automobiles, IT, Durables, finance. Brands ranging from P&G, JKHC, L’Oreal, Tata Motors, Intel, Eureka Forbes, HDFC Life , Colgate etc.

Digital Vidya: Does the advent of Social Media change the hierarchies in organizations that contribute to old-fashioned top-down change management?

Moneka: The advent of social media changes the level of access available at the top level more than changing the hierarchy. It also puts more pressure on the management to ensure a quick resolution and revert to the issues being flagged by customers.

Digital Vidya: As companies try to get employees to participate in social media, what lessons should they learn as to how to go about that organizational change?

Moneka: Companies need to train their teams to manage social media interactions effectively. Moreso there needs to be a compulsive social media policy/blueprint for internal employees to ensure high level of comfort with the platform as well as to experience it end to end to be equipped to manage conversations/issues raised by consumers via social platforms.

There are also clear dos and donts to not panic and react to every conversation in a haste. Hence a call needs to also be taken in terms of which query should be handled there and then and which one should be taken offline.

Digital Vidya: What do you see coming next for this whole space in the industry in the long run?

Moneka: I see call centres being trained and diverted to manage more and more social interactions. Also websites will have to reside on social platforms versus independently.

Top management will have to be the face to drive interactions on Twitter and to drive point of view as industry leaders.
Digital Vidya: What is the most important piece of advice that you would like to give to all the marketers?

Moneka: Most important piece of advice would be to think social media first and making it the nucleus whilst devising marketing programmes. It has to drive conversations, virality and engagement for it to be a successful campaign.

Dedicated investments will have to be made to create rich and sticky content exclusively for social media in the form of videos, images and text factoring in best practices/creativity and engagement. A TVC is not good enough to drive views and engagement on social platforms.

Hire specialised talent to do justice to the space as its advertising partners cannot double up for social media and deliver the needed value.

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