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nithyanandanNithyanandan Ramakrishna, a Literature Graduate and Certified NLP therapist by education started his journey in the professional world with Indian Customs, where he used to pay duties to clear custom goods and realized the importance of duty payments. However, at AOL, which is known for its online software suite started addressing issues, resolving technical blind spots and customer intersection while using their software. The result of which, at the strategic level, it scaled up the ladder operating as a Market Research Analyst, Digital Lead Generation Manager, Digital Marketing Manager and currently a Senior Digital Marketing Manager.

Digital Vidya: How did you get into Digital Marketing?

Nithyanandan: AOL laid the foundation by exposing me to ISP (Internet Service Provider) & ESP (Email Service Provider) level operations. Since, I was already fascinated by technology right from my college days. It just absorbed me further into it and when I joined Strategic Technology and we (Strategic Technology and Me) somehow have great past life intersection point, I guess, and that’s how I’m still not tired looking at technology evolve right from the past 10 years.

Digital Vidya: Why do you think it’s important for entrepreneurs, marketing professionals and students to learn Digital Marketing today?

Nithyanandan: Well, as Marketers; we have two prime duties to perform every day when we get to work.

Firstly, identifying mediums that are currently being used by our target market (audience).

Secondly, to communicate effectively using those mediums.

If my target market (audience) is consuming content from newspapers regularly that would be the medium for me to communicate about my product or service. But the technological shift of accessing internet via mobile devices as in-fact lowered all other mediums compared with time spent and content consumed statistics. So, digital media is one platform where we are noticing that most consumers are spending major time. They are either searching for information, or actively participating on Social Channels. Now, I don’t have a choice but to be present there where my customers are currently present. Hence, harnessing the complete potentiality of digital marketing becomes very important for all entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. See Fig 1.0 & 1.1


Content consumption through digital channels is indeed increasing


Marketers always find a way to communicate messages

Digital Vidya: What kind of Digital Marketing training programs you lead at Digital Vidya? Feel free to share any interesting experiences you’ve had while training at Digital Vidya.

Nithyanandan: The minute you said experiences and feel free to share; my mind quickly brought about a smile on my face and I’ll tell you why.

Recently, I had the privilege to visit a B-School in Coimbatore. Note the term ‘B-School’. My mind pre-populated the standards of Harvard University, Yale University & MIT; because that’s where I take my classes on psychology, to progressively learn more on that subject through videos available from these universities on YouTube.

When I met the class, which was supposedly being gathered to know how digital media could be leveraged in today’s world, I was surprised to know that only 10% in the class knew how to use Google. Now, the rest of my understanding about this B-School is very sensitive, but I’ve given you the gist of what the current status of our learning is. We, at Digital Vidya feel highly responsible to graduate all these fresh minds to shine brighter in the market place with the decent sum of knowledge about digital marketing.


B-School in Coimbatore

At Digital Vidya, I’m responsible to share, teach & give in-hands and on-experience to leverage e-Mail Marketing & Lead Sourcing.

Here’s what the participant shared after their sessions.



Digital Vidya: Please share top 5 takeaways your training participants get out of their participation.

Nithyanandan: Sure, you will love the power of email marketing & you will be empowered with great search skills to find information that’s relevant for you on Google. Here are your five takeaways:

  1. Abilities to identify essentials to start email marketing in an organization, start-up companies, or to setup a firm that offers email marketing as a service to customers.
  2. Executing campaigns through their own setup, 3rd party setup, or through an outsourced service provider.
  3. Higher Cognitive Process and understanding about Deliverability, Content, Creative(s), Automation & Nurturing Platforms.
  4. Sourcing leads or emails via Google & LinkedIn. Hands on experience in identifying email contacts from any given company in just 90 seconds through free tools & techniques.
  5. Harvesting or data mining through a python program. Search 1000 pages on Google in just 13 seconds. Tool shared with every participant.
Digital Vidya: Please share your experience in delivering a course in an instructor-led, online format. Is it really effective & engaging medium?

Nithyanandan: To answer this, I would need some data and comparison. Here’s how it works.

Flow Off-line Online
2 – Days Training Program, 9AM to 6PM (7 hours excluding breaks) 4-modules, 3 hours each x 4 (12 hours excluding breaks)
Time for absorption 2 to 3 hours 1 entire week
Laptops brought in participants 20% of them never bring in their laptops or cannot navigate faster to keep up with the speaker’s pace 100% must have.
Links & Examples Shared and tested by participants 20% cannot open the link due to WiFi issues. 20% of the time missed out due to timing issues. 100% Tested or at least visited and bookmarked for future use.
Interactivity 80% of them don’t ask questions. 80% of them ask questions and clarify doubts.
Recap Day – 1 Highlights shared and completely miss Day-2 recap. All sessions recorded and videos shared for future use.
Slides | Whiteboard activity Slides shared Whiteboard activity Missed. Video Recorded Slides and Whiteboard drawings shared.
Raise hand & Ask Question Yes Yes – Microphone enabled to communicate words, if not interested to use keyboard to type.
Hands on Digital, Exposure 20% hands-on if laptop is brought in. 100% exposure.
Feedback to the trainers 2nd day last 30 mins. After every session.
Email Interactions 10% write back. 80% of them type emails and stay in touch for months.
Digital Vidya: What do you like the most about training at Digital Vidya?

Nithyanandan: Two aspects that always caught my attention; firstly, their passion & dedication displayed by the entire team of Digital Vidya. My favorites are Neha & Mr. Kapil maybe because I get to talk to them the most. Secondly, their continuous efforts to streamline the process of content delivery, only to ensure that the participants go back from the training and implement most of the learning. They always emphasize on the fact as to how many folders of information got transferred into the minds of participants and how many folders of information shared by the trainer.

Digital Vidya: Do you suggest any changes to Digital Vidya, so that the value of its courses can be enhanced further?

Nithyanandan: Personally, I feel the following must be done in-order to improve the effectiveness.

  1. Assessment Test for all participants to gauge their knowledge level.
  2. Bucket Level-1, 2, & 3 into separate batches. Eg. If a novice is being identified, we should hold a completely fresh content, which is only for beginners. If an expert at level 3 signs-up the content should be at Level-3 too. Level-3 participants have questions and they seek insights to solve those.
  3. Final Assessment and then deciding whether or not to graduate them to the next training. Participants who have fallen short of the marks should re-attend training without cost.

These are just my suggestions; I do not know whether it would be feasible from the commercial point of view. You know the Indian market better.

Success Stories from the Participants:

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Nithy is fabulous. I interacted with him, first time, when he was here at our institute. His skills about time management and content delivery are excellent. He has the capacity to absorb attention of participants and navigate with their ability to learn. Here in this interview section, I liked his excellent comparison between offline and online training. I would like to learn from him.

  2. Digital Vidya Editorial Team

    Thanks Nithy for your invaluable contribution in helping us establish Email Marketing training at Digital Vidya. Even we didn’t expect that it will turn out to be one of the most loved sessions of our Digital Marketing course. Your contribution for corporate trainings is equally valuable. We look forward to deepening our engagement in this year!

  3. Thank you Mr. Kapil for everything! I’m delighted to be a part of this Great Team. Keep up the good work!


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