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Pooja Kochar DSC_3482is an MDP in Brand Management from ISB, MBA in Marketing, Bachelors in Mass Media. She has 8.5 years of experience with Tata Consultancy Services of managing Corporate Marketing and Sponsorships and Events. She is the founder of A freelance blogger, photoblogger & vlogger, she writes about lifestyle, travel, fitness and life-hacks.

Digital Vidya: What interested you in learning Social Media Marketing?

Pooja: Social Media is one of the most dominant arm, of the current marketing plan for any global organisation. Even the traditional media vehicles use social media marketing for support, thus emphasising the importance of this medium. My job profile demanded me to step-up and plan for activities that “involved” internal and external media and clients. The vast reach of the medium coupled with its dynamic nature was my biggest motivation to start learning and applying Social Media Marketing tools to enhance the overall brand experience.

Digital Vidya: Which workshop did you participate in Digital Vidya?

Pooja: My very first workshop was in 2010, it was an introduction to social marketing tools. I have also attended several webinars hosted by Digital Vidya, they are quite in sync with the industry requirements.

Digital Vidya: Why did you choose Digital Vidya’s workshop?


Digital Vidya’s workshop revolves around practical examples. The course structure is very focused on “current market trends and case studies”, this makes it very relatable and up to date.

Digital Vidya: What were the major challenges you came across, while leveraging Social Media Marketing in the practical world and how you dealt with them?

Pooja: I use Social Media Marketing tools heavily to promote my blog It is very important to understand your readers and focus on good content, this is the number one challenge for any blogger. In India there are very few opportunities for bloggers to meet and collaborate, this is a major handicap. We should have avenues to stay in touch with brands and influencers. Indiblogger does host a few events but the time gap is very large. Online communities, webinars and forums help us connect virtually. I think Digital Vidya is doing a great job on this front.

Digital Vidya: Which are your favourite Social Media Marketing tools?

Pooja: There is an ocean of information available online, as bloggers its important to streamline relevant content. I use BuzzSumo for online content research, its real time and very efficient. Tagboard is an interesting tool for hashtag management, once registered it shows your image and a small description for anyone searching for the same hashtag, I use this to push my official Instagram account and photoblog (#photoblogHER). PhotoSync  allows you to share photo’s between your mobile device and computer, very basic but extremely important to tweet/blog real time.

Digital Vidya: Please share top 3-5 takeaways from the workshop you participated at Digital Vidya.

Pooja:  The top 3 takeaways from the workshop were:

  • The best way to learn is from each other, we need to have an open mind and take part in the classroom. brainstorming.
  • Live examples and practical knowledge is very valuable.
  • The Webinars conducted by Digital Vidya are a good way to stay connected.
Digital Vidya: Please share your experience in learning from Social Media Marketing workshop conducted by Digital Vidya.

Pooja: The workshops conducted by Digital Vidya follow a pattern of group discussions, guest speakers and practical examples. This structure makes sure that the case studies discussed add value. I got to know about various tools which could be used to promote my blog more effectively. They understand and respect your requirements, which is what professionals attending the course expect from India’s top Digital Marketing Training Company.
They also has a very active blog, with good trend studies. I wish them great success.

Digital Vidya: What do you like most about Digital Vidya’s workshop?

Pooja: I like the fact that Digital Vidya’s workshops and webinars are progressive and balance between the right amount of technical and practical information required by each business vertical.

Digital Vidya: Do you suggest any changes to Digital Vidya so that the value of its workshop can be enhanced further?

Pooja: Digital Vidya has been expanding and growing with each passing year. You have a good mix of industries contributing to the learning methodology via live case studies. I think networking opportunities with industry people via live chats and webinars will add value to the participants even after their course is completed. May be you can have a few interviews/guest speaker interactions put up on YouTube for further reference.

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