Interview with Ruchi Bhatia, IBM, University Branding Specialist

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Ruchi Bhatia started her career in 2000 in Sales and Marketing. Later, she moved to HR. In her last role, Ruchi managed Employer Branding for IBM India as Employer Branding Lead. Her role was very interesting at the intersection of HR and Marketing.

IBM leveraged Digital Media Marketing to create IBM India Employer Brand on Social Media.

How does Digital Media benefit an organization for its HR function? Share all possible HR objectives which can be fulfilled or benefited through Digital Media.

Ruchi Bhatia: Every company today is talking of Digital Transformation. And HR as a function cannot be left behind. Digital has touched upon and impacted – Recruitment, Learning, Employee Engagement, Health Wellness Programs and almost every touch point with employees in a typical Employee Life Cycle.

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How does it feel to be recognized with valuable titles in the digital and social media industry such as ‘Top 100 HR Influencers to follow on Twitter’?

Ruchi Bhatia: It feels really good. I feel honoured. I also feel the responsibility to serve the HR Community with a sense of purpose and passion towards HR Profession.

In your opinion, how is Social Recruitment different from the regular Recruitment Process?

Ruchi Bhatia: 

Social Recruitment leverages the power of Digital and Social Media Marketing platforms for Candidate Attraction and Engagement.

Regular Recruitment process still relies on convention screening and selection methods through CV. I think Belong is doing a really good job in talent identification, and leveraging the power of Social Media for Talent Mapping and Identification and thus transforming Social Recruitment. Many recruiters use LinkedIn to find talented candidates from the market for their hiring needs. LinkedIn has truly catalyzed Social Recruitment.

Share 3 successful examples/case studies of Digital Media for HR.

Ruchi Bhatia: 

IBM is a good example how we use Content Marketing for Overall Branding of IBM on Digital Media

Another good case study is that of Loreal digital spending story.

Furthermore, Dell’s case study is worth mentioning where it saved million dollars by leveraging Twitter for online customer management and sales. 

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According to you what are the top 3 reasons/challenges for HR professionals in leveraging Digital Media?

Ruchi Bhatia: HR is a profession where compliance and control take precedence over anything else. HR needs to embrace Digital Mindset and leverage the power of newer technologies, adopt technology and  apply it to solve HR and business problems.

Share the names of 3 influencers you look up to when it comes to Digital Media for HR industry.

Ruchi Bhatia: I follow Gautam Ghosh, he curates best articles and latest trends for HR Professionals. I really admire writings by Abhijit Bhaduri. And I follow Josh Bersin for his Thought Leadership in HR.

How do you see Digital Media for Human Resources evolve in future? What are the top 3 trends that you foresee for 2017-18?

Ruchi Bhatia: In future, Digital Media will be imperative to do HR. Many companies are seeking expertise of Digital Marketing professionals in the area of Talent and Employer Branding especially.

In future, HR will rely and draw a lot from Marketing professionals. Marketing deals with external customers while HR deals with Internal customers i.e. employees.

What is your advice for newbies, who are looking at building career in HR industry for becoming competent in leveraging Digital Media?

Ruchi Bhatia: Newbies in HR need to have curious and open mindset. Be open to Learning and building new skills and Reinventing and Reimagine HR to solve business challenges.

How do you stay updated on the latest trends in Digital Media for HR? Which are the resources (i.e. blogs/websites/apps) you visit regularly?

Ruchi Bhatia: I am a voracious reader. I read articles by PeopleMatters, HRMarketer, SHRM.  Essentially , Twitter and Flipboard are the two apps which provide feed of HR articles, newest trends, latest insights and deliver to my smartphone everyday, everyhour.

Would you like to share few words about the work we are doing at Digital Vidya?

Ruchi Bhatia:  

Digital Vidya is really doing a great job in empowering professionals with new age skills, in the area of Digital Marketing. I remember I was invited to do a TwitterChat with B-School students in 2010, at that time, I advised students to build skills in the area of Digital Marketing as it will be relevant for many decades to come. Digital Vidya imparts skills that is the need of the hour and modern workplaces require professionals with these skills and Digital mindset.

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