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Home-Maker Becomes a Specialist Social Media Marketer [7 Tips Inside]

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Shipli shah guptaSocial Media is fun. But Social Media Marketing is just awesome!

Wouldn’t it be great if you are asked to spend all day every day on Social Media and paid for that?

I would certainly love it. I think you too will, well I doubt anyone won’t!

But, getting such a job is a luxury that not all can afford. That’s for the unprepared though. If you have the talent, will and the training, working on promoting ideas, personalities, brands or opinions on Social Media is not a big ask.

Shilpi who worked as a Consultant Geologist and Asst. Teacher for 7 years cracked up a Social Media Marketer’s position in a span of 6 months. Not only that, she now is a Certified Digital Marketer.

After working as a teacher and a geologist for 7 years, Shilpi took a career sabbatical of another 7 years for her family. During her break, she started writing blogs and articles on different websites. But that was not enough.

She restarted her career as a Freelance Writer in May 2017. That was with the help of Team JobsForHer. After that, she came across an opportunity of Marketing Intern at Fuzia while scrolling her Instagram Feed. And ever since, she is working as a specialist Social Media Marketer.

Shilpi has made an ambitious come back to the working arena and plans to make it even bigger. I caught up with her to get a piece of her ideas and experiences. Talking to her was just as awesome as the exciting work she does.

Let’s get into her story.

Mir: You choose to do Certified Digital Marketing Master’s Course with Digital Vidya, what made you take this decision?

Shilpi Shah: Since I was involved in Social Media Marketing at Fuzia so in order to excel at my work & upgrade my skills, I thought of pursuing the CDMM Course and trust me it was the best decision of my life.

Mir: Why did you choose Digital Vidya’s course?

Shilpi Shah: As I don’t come from an IT background, My husband and I actually researched a lot over the Internet before taking up the course. We finally focused on Digital Vidya due to its online availability and one-on-one classroom interaction. Secondly, Digital Vidya ranked first over Google and had the best reviews so far.

Mir: How has the course contributed to your career growth including new job opportunities?

Shilpi Shah: The CDMM Course has definitely helped me in my career growth as I was immediately offered the role of Digital Marketing Associate at Fuzia. Above all, it has improved my understanding of things in Digital World which is necessary to stay in the competition.

Mir: How did the online format of delivery help your learning? Was it more convenient as you did not have to travel?

Shilpi Shah: Yes, the online format of delivery was very much convenient, not only on the travel part but also due to weekdays/weekend class modules. It became very easy for me to attend all the classes and I did not have to travel much leaving my child behind.

Mir: How has the course helped you in your career?

Shilpi Shah: The CDMM Course has definitely helped me. Apart from the course curriculum, there were case studies and assignments that helped me in getting practical exposure. However, I think real-life problem-solving techniques can only be learned when you start working.

Mir: Digital Vidya offers 100% Placement Assistance, how did the placement team help you find your dream job?

Shilpi Shah: I have work from home restrictions because I have a 6-year-old son. Otherwise, Digital Vidya is updating its Placement site regularly for job assistance which is definitely of great help for freshers as well as professionals.

Mir: What’s your advice to people who delay the process of getting up-skilled?

Shilpi Shah: Invest in yourself whenever and wherever required. It is the need of the hour. One must keep upskilling in order to match up with the new industry standards in this Digital World.

Mir: In order to successfully learn a new skill through a professional course, what is the best way to go about your training?

Shilpi Shah: Research well and choose the best course as per your own understanding/availability/requirement. Don’t follow any advice blindly. Just because things worked well for someone doesn’t mean that it will work for you too.

Mir: For someone who’s looking at a full time or part-time job or an internship, what approach would you advise?

Shilpi Shah: Get a job in the first place rest everything can be learned later on. Secondly, give your 200% even though 100% is sufficient for every task. Bring passion to work!

Mir: Rate your overall experience with Digital Vidya?

Shilpi Shah: Digital Vidya is doing a great job of providing the right knowledge. Team Digital Vidya including the teachers, coordinators, placement support is extremely helpful and understanding. I would rate Digital Vidya an eight out of ten.

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Mir Saeid
A Marketing Communications Specialist with 7+ years of experience in the 'promotions' aspect of Marketing. He designs Digital Marketing Strategies coupled with executing SEO, Content Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, Communications, Branding, Public Relations & Social Media Campaigns. With a British Master's degree in International Business to his credit, he is a strong 360° Marketing Professional.

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  1. That’s really an interesting interview. I have gone through this interview an I amazed that such great views here that she has defined.

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