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Is Digital Brand Engagement an Alternative to Advertising?

Is Digital Brand Engagement an Alternative to Advertising?


Brand is the unique identity given to a product or a product line and branding is the process of creation of such unique identity which can create an impression on the mind of the customer. It is essential to create a brand because day by day more and more products are flooding the market and one has to do something distinctive to stand out instead of being lost among the others. A good brand is the one which forms an outstanding impression on the people. In the digital era, new tools have been developed for promotion of a brand. Digital brand engagement is an effective new age tool for the creation of a successful brand. It is the presence of the brand on digital media and its active participation on online platforms. It helps in making people aware of the brand as well as communicating with people.

Why Brand Engagement?

Once a brand is created, the next step is to promote it and make people aware of its existence. Advertising is one way but it has its own demerits. Marketers today have to understand that they no longer can impose a message on people. Communication has evolved with time and today effective communication is the one where both the parties actively participate. Branding therefore requires conversation. The old business model of pushing messages and product is a thing of the past. Driving brand impression is not enough. Establishing connection and providing experience is what attaches the customer to the brand which can be effectively done by brand engagement.

The ‘Go-Digital’ hype



The digital revolution has transformed everything in the 21st century. Now the marketing scenario is very different from the past. The customer is well informed these days, all thanks to the internet. Also everyone today has an online presence be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social platform.  So, what can be a better medium to engage with your customers than the internet? Interaction is possible in every way online thus making digital brand engagement ideal.

Merits of Digital Brand Engagement

Digital brand engagement is an effective method to initiate connection with the prospects. It provides all the benefits of a two way communication. It also brings into account the factor of personalisation with the brand. Advertising is merely a method of creating awareness of existence. It is a form of one way communication and marketers can only convey their messages to the prospects, the end user cannot talk back. Some more strong points of digital brand engagement over advertising are:

Attracting attention

You can keep shouting messages at people and get no response. On the other hand, have an active conversation with them and Bingo!!! You get what you actually wanted – their attention.

Inspiration versus Interruption

Customers want brands to inspire them today. Advertising is mostly seen as a form of interruption being the advertisements during the commercial break while watching television or the advertisement video which pops up before almost every YouTube view. Thus, engagement can be a mode of inspiration rather than interruption.

The investment factor

It is a known fact that mass media advertising carries excessive costs. Although digital advertising is a bit cheaper, it also leads to wastage of resources at times. Brand engagement is ideal as it incurs a comparatively lower cost.

Building relationships

Brand engagement allows brands to build relationship with the customers. It creates an emotional attachment within the people for the brand. Advertising lacks interaction so it cannot be used to build relationships with people.

Gaining trust and enhancing brand reputation

 Releasing advertisements does not guarantee customers the best products and services, providing experience does.


Brands can get suggestions on improvement via social media platforms. Customers can share their reason of dissatisfaction and brands can work to remove the grievances. Engagement therefore also works to retain customers after attaining them.

Can digital brand engagement actually replace advertising?



Looking over the aspects listed above, digital brand engagement turns out to be a winner but advertising is still used by organisations for creating awareness. In real-time, both should be used in collaboration with each other and the prime focus of the business should be association with people. Digital advertising can be used to create awareness on social media platforms. Once people have this knowledge, the brand can start exchange dialogue with them.  Therefore, digital brand engagement is an efficacious tool which can be used by the new age marketers to provide their prospects as well as customers a better brand experience thereby creating a successful brand.

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